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Name (abreviation): Piratska Partija Srbije (PPSR)
Country: Serbia
Status: active
Founded: Fri 02/01/2008
Registered: pending
Foundingplace: Smederevo
Slogan: Istupi iz sistema! Ne pravi kompromis!
(Step out of the system! Do not compromize!)
Chairman: Aleksandar Blagojević
Vice-President: pending
Treasurer : pending
Secretary General: pending
Political Secretary: pending
International Coordinator: Aleksandar Blagojević
Members: 1600 [approx] (04.June.2010)
Percentage of women: 28% Percent (04.June.2010)
Campaign finance: 2500€ (2008-2010)
Subdivision: Pirati Beograd, Pirati Kraljevo, Pirati Subotica, Pirati Sabac, Pirati Smederevo, Pirati Jagodina, Pirati Niš
Headquarters: Belgrade
phone: +381 64 30 29 662

The Piratska Partija Srbije (official abbrevation: PPSR) is the pirate party of Serbia (Србија).


Strong viral campaign in mid 2010. induced by major computer magazine cover [Svet Kompjutera] promotes the idea and informing the public about the basic alternative solutions considering patent system law and file sharing. There is a great effort of PPSR members in education of Serbian public related to importance of knowledge exchange and preservation of p2p networks along with other p2p solutions. Strong Internet promotion and insurance of civil liberties of people involved.


Democratic dialogues of members and successive leadership on different matters of several members. Strong coordination with Pirate Party International Board, as Aleksandar Blagojevic is PPI boardmember.


Over 1600 people involved in Party issues so far and early start of media promotion in September 2009. Unofficial promotion on EXIT festival in Novi Sad done in July 2009. First press release in October 2009 newspapers DANAS[1]. Major computer magazine "Svet Kompjutera"[2] published interview with PPSR leader, at the same time honoring pirate movement with the cover picture:) First approaches to non government and government organizations made at the end of 2009 by lobbying Pirate principles.


1. 10000 active pirates in Serbia by the end of 2010.

2. Pull out the electronic gathering of signatures to establish a official party.

3. Establishing the co-operational dialogue with legislators and the government in order to preserve net neutrality, free speech and protection of privacy.


Detailed PPSR political program is in development stage. Basic principles are already promoted along with the "localization" of pirate ideas to Serbian environment.

Serbian Pirate Manifest 1.0

There are common misconceptions among the public about the institution of pirates as well as the hackers. The Pirates are not those "urban entrepreneurs" selling disk copies in the streets for 150 dinars and using the money to buy daily doses of alcohol, new car seat covers or spoilers for their Golfs. The Pirates are not those tech-support guys who sell black market hardware equipment and ask how-to questions in the open forums in order to solve their "business" problems and end up selling the hardware to those even dumber than themselves. The Pirates are not the ones hacking someone else's wi-fi and then selling it to their neighbours.

The Pirates simply spend each day distributing materials and intelligently and interactively communicating with their surroundings. The exchange, playing and interactive communication are processes that shape the Pirates brain, not beer or Volkswagen.

Serbian Pirate Party is a wish for this country to be ready for new things brought on by the digital era and the limitless exchange of information.

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