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Please make sure to sign up on the international Mailinglist to be informed about important updates on international issues.
The most recent information when/what/where can be found on, note that that page ommit the whole saturday, where we'll have workshops at the Semperdepot near the Academy of Fine Arts and the meet&greet on friday 12:00-14:00 @ Metalab.

Following an Idea in the Forum planning is under way for a international pirate party workshop in Vienna / Austria from June, 8. to June 10. 2007. The event would be conducted by Rick Falkvinge - founder of the pirate party movement and current chairman of the Swedish pirate party. The goal is to have at least one person of each European pirate party attending.

As most people probably won't/can't afford getting a hotel room we'll be providing free accommodation for our international guests.


The goal is to initialize/coordinate our efforts for the 2009 European elections.

We'll discuss whether, why and how the international pirates should opt for brussels in 2009. We'll have opportunities to talk to sceptic FLOSS groups, panicked data security people, etc.

We'll have workshops to coordinate international pirateparty efforts and exchange knowledge.

Besides those workshops, there'll be an open, public panel discussion.

As one permanent result we plan to compile a list of 100 reasons and 50 wishes why pirateparties need to get seats in the European parliament by 2009.


The international conference - Pirate Summit (Workshops) & Next Step Politics!? - Pirates to Brussels in 2009!?" (Lectures, Panel discussions) is organized by / kindly supported by Transforming Freedom (most notably Andreas Leo Findeisen, without whom this wouldn't be possible), Metalab, monochrom, teichenberg and Quartier für Digitale Kultur (QDK).


We'll have audio records and a video team. The Austrian TV station Okto might dedicate some time to us.


International Workshop June 8th-10th Vienna, Austria

The workshops will be held in conference rooms in the academy of fine arts and MQ Vienna. The finishing public discussion panel on Sunday will be held in a 300 people hall in the academy of fine arts.


As most people probably won't/can't afford getting a hotel room we'll be providing free accommodation for our international guests. You'll get a place to sleep + food at one of several friendly people's places (mostly Metalab members). Not too fancy, but well worth it.

Ask Florian for details.


Pirate Parties

Guests for the public panel


  • We will have an Audio & Video team to record audio & video streams
  • We'll discuss the possibility of a followup meeting (hopefully with better financial support for everyone somehow)