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How to join the Pirate Parties International (PPI)

We are happy that you are interested in joining the PPI. This page is describing the application process.


PPI is an open Organization, that is accepting new membership requests.

From the Statutes Section III - Membership

(1) Membership in the Pirate Parties International is open to Parties and other organizations.

This includes Parties:

  • Officially registered
  • unregistered
  • regional sub divisions (if they are there own legal entities)

Organization may be such as:

  • youth organization
  • student organization
  • women organization
  • professional union
  • foundation
  • ...

Individuals are not allowed to hold full PPI Membership however individual supporting membership is available. Become an Individual Member of PPI

Membership / Application Fees

Statutes Section XVI - Affiliation Fees:

(1) The amount of the fee is  determined annually by the General 
(2) The affiliation fees and contributions shall be fixed in relation to the 
finances and membership of parties.

Note: The determination of fees has to be made by General Assembly with a two third majority of the votes cast.
Note2: The current affiliation fees regulation can be found at Affiliation_fees

Application process

(3)Requests for Membership shall be submitted in writing to the Board 
at least four weeks before the meeting of the General Assembly. They 
shall include contact information and a statement on the adoption of 
the statutes and internal regulations of the Pirate Parties International, in 
addition to a copy of the statutes and by-laws and the political program 
of the applicant and information on the background and organization 
of said applicant. The Board will transmit the application to all Members 
at least two weeks before the meeting of the General Assembly.

So, if you want to apply for PPI Membership you need to submit following:

  • Contact information, especially such as:
    • named coordinator
    • generic "info" email
    • press contact
  • statutes of your organization
  • by-laws
  • program
  • background Information:
    • any legal registration documents
    • founding date
    • board composition
    • membership count
    • list of subsidiaries
    • logo
  • statement on the adoption of the PPI's Statutes
  • (optional) a presentation (slides or video) of your application

submit this to board (at) pp (minus) international (point) net

if you have any questions in the process, you can contact the co-chairmen (at) pp (minus) international (point) net

If possible please provide an English translation of the submitted documents.