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1) Agenda:

  • create the new pad, copy paste the text from the meeting before and clean it up
  • open Redmine "PPI board member tasks", find all the task which "due date" is the date of the next board meeting or earlier and include them to the "Reports"
  • add the other points that should be discussed at the meeting
  • send the agenda to the board asking board members to add their points. 1 day before the meeting - send it to PP-General ML and few hours before to post the invitations on PPI social media.
  • Check e-mail address, that's where our members sent the agenda proposals from time to time.

2) Redmine

  • After the meeting update Redmine accordingly to meeting minutes

3) Minutes

  • Publish the minutes on Wiki:
  • Upload the recordings (ATM I can't tell you where, because MyPirates is still down and I'm not in favor of and link to them
  • Send the links to the minutes to our members on PP-General ML and social media