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Minutes of General Assembly meeting from 12/04/14

Minutes kept by Tony and Justus


accredited: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UK

Portugal at 14:08, Norway at 12:45

Observer members present: Sweden, Lower Saxony, Pirates Without Borders

Pat opening the conference at 11:31, laying out delayed votes due to remore delegations handing the microphone to Anton, who intruduces himself, asks at 11:33 to pass the agenda as is, no votes against.


1st item on the list: Motion by PPNL MOP-1 no binding decisione for absent members by default

Gijs explains the motion

Gregory makes statement on behalf of PPI-Board: says they anounced the GA but apologiyes if they didn#t clearly communicate

Next statement by Denis Simonet as a delegate of PPCH and asks how many pirates are present.

Anton: 21 PPs are present

Denis: more or less as other years

Anton first introduces Keeper of Minutes, Keeper of Votes (Josef, Daniel), ..

First motion voting: at 11:39

First break due to internet connection problem for remotes: 11.43 till 12:01

First round of voting declared void because of unclearness, Voting on MOP-1 again at 12:03

Results at 12:07

Yes: 5 No: 8 Abstain: 7,5


Motion MOP-2

Gijs again explains the motion (decisions taken today can be ammended at the next GA)

Voting commences at 12:08; too many votes casted, repeated at 12:10, repeated at 12:19 to record each country's vote

Results at 12:23

Yes: 2 (NL, BR) No: 10 (Rest) Abstain: 6,5 (AU, CZ, SL, PL, CAT, BY, TR)

22 parties accredidated

Catalonya and Poland ask for votes to be noted for each individual country

PP Brazil wants to express it's strong support of this motion for transparacy and accountability reasons

Gregory says that if no one objects a procedural motion it is automatically the case

nobody objects > motion passes, we will record how every country votes for each vote

Motion MOP-2



Moving to MOP-3a: Gijs: Next GA within 6 months (possibly online)

Denis added MOP-3c: Long term decision: How often do we want to have an online GA

Clarifying on MOP-3c: Since it is a change to the Statutes it will be voted as MOP-4

Voting for MOP3a and b: we will vote first on whether we want en extraordinary ga, and then we will vote for online vs offline (as proposed by Gijs)

voting for extra ga at 12:37: 6.5 for 9 against 6 abst. motion fails (mop3 a and b)

Results at 12:40

Yes: 6.5 (CAT, HR, FR, GR, NL, PL, RO) No: 9 (Rest) Abstain: 6 (AU, BY, BR, EE, SL, TR)

Admitance of new Members

Moving to admitance of new members

PP-NO applies for ordinary membership: Anders gives a short intoduction

Next Costa Rica, the alleged 2nd PP of Greece also applied but failed to meet the deadline, the application will thus be voted at the next GA

norway is accepted as member of PPI. statement by anders.

norway gets a vote at 12:45, no votes against, 2 abstencions (AUS, TR) :)

Costa Rica:

Discussion: Gregory speaks out in favour since they seemed serious when he was in contact with them, they may be confused about the process, hence the lack of data. The remote delegate for Brazil notes that there is not enough data

Denis suggests to move this application (due to the lack of data) to the next GA (online or offline)

Slovenia and Croatia oppose the procedural motion presented by Denis, thus we go to a vote

Vote on predural motion started at 12:53

motion passed: 12.5 (rest) for, 5 (HR, DE, JA, KZ, SL) against 5 (AUS, BY, IT, TR, UK) abs

GA halted at 12:54 due to stream being down - Stream up again 1 min later, continued

Vote on the alleged 2nd PP of Greece at the next GA as reported then


Gregory reports as co-Chairman:

A mixed year for PPI, apologies for not submitting it in writing ... (too fast for these minute keepers :-( ) He will write his report and send it to us until the next of this week

statement by Zbigniew: Finds it critical that not all talks are recorded and available, not too downplay the achievements, but to encourage better publicity work in the future

report by thomas gaul: Talked with PPUK about the issues they see, want to move forward with the issues that PPUK named: Link to PPUK report: [1]

Lunch break starting soon

There is a lay auditor report published in the wiki by Pat, please use the break to take a look at it in order to speed things up Link:

Lunch break at 13:09 until 13:50

Economic report: Gregory intervenes and asks the budget to be put on the screen. Gregory report the budget of the last year. link: PPI Budget 2014/2015

Report read by Pat for the lay audit report. (link in row 163)

14.08 break to fix the live stream - 14:17 cont.

From now on Portugal is also registered and voting

statement by Tyinisia that participation in meetings where money is reimbursed to the board should be decided by the ga.

Q by UK whether their work has been taken into account for the lay auditor#s report. Pat: Did not see it unfortunately, if any of the proposed measures should be altered or left off the table according to the UKs account please say so


Motion to stand MOP5: Change financial year

passes 13.5 for, 0 against 9 abs kazakhstan didnt vote


Voting on MOP 6 (quarterly report) starts at 14:25

Passes at 14:26 17.5 for 0 against 4 abs

MOP 6a quarterly lay auditor report at 14.28 Passes :) at 14.30 19.5 for 0 against 3 abs, kz is out

Problems with the stream again 14.30

MOP 4 (membership fees)

Board MOP for Membership fees at PPI

Proposal by estonia to scale by number of members

Statement by slovenia: they should be no fee

Statement by justus: if we want to keep trying to influence global organiyations such as wipo, we need a budget

q by Gijs: when would this system be introduced and if there can be built in limits to the % of budget paid by one party

gregory: you can feel free to submit motions

Gijs: should also not surpass a % of party#s income

gregory: should not be a problem since usuallz succesful parties have income with their successes.

question by PL: how would this be formally constructed? if eventually if the bank account in control by the board or a sepparate organiyation?

Ans by Pat: the construction of PPI sets the persons of PPI HQ and the ellected board of PPI as the same persons.

q by pl: is this done automatically?

gregory: it is done automagically. by former decision of the ga

Pat: members can still ask their fee to be waived or lessened if they cant pay

Paul: brussels say they are opposed to a fee. donations should be voluntary

Koen: based on membership numbers, who determines this membership numbers? Doesnt think he can convince the PP BE

CAT: membership is not a good measure. membership requirements difer for each party. pp cat doesnt have an obligatory ffee

Cristian PP RO: we are discussing first the PP EE proposal. At this point PPI hasnt proven to be a viable organiyation. Good things have been done, but we still havent reach our target. We should not have fees until we have a financial sound organiation

Masa: Agrees with Cristain. PP HZ has 200-250 euros so it would have been impossible for them. It should be on a volunatrilz basis. They already have to pay 300 for PPEU which would total 500 for fees only.

Gijs: It is difficult to convince the PP NL board but on the other hand what can the PPI board do without means. We need results to convince our board.

Anders: Proposes that the parties that dont have the resources file for an exemption.

Jens: Today we dont have a paragraph in the statutes that say that members that dont pay their fees will not be able to participate. THinks Gregorys draft is a good proposal and it is also a chicken and egg problem that we need to solve.

PP-EE proposes that we pass the budget and use the money to hire professionals to fix our problems.

PPUK: wouldnt accept a fee decision as long as processes arent in place. If proposes were in palce then thez could accept the proposal.

Justus: Proposes non binding Straw poll for the parties that would agree if in e.g. one zear the account was done right.

Kjell: Lets start with a smaller amount to prove things are working, and then increase the ammount. Start with a tenth of the proposal.

Jens: urges that we shold still approe the budget so we can do things

Robotica: PPI is like robin hood. Thinks calculation should be immediatelz corrected with the PPEE motion. Payment should be like a dponation and not obligatory.

Lots of motions:

(list incomplete, order also uncomplete

  • Proposal by PPRO to postpone the agreement until we are an accountable legal organisation functioning according to the law
  • Proposal by PPCH as tabled
  • Proposal by PPBE 1/10th of the Swiss proposal
  • Proposal by PPIT no fees, suggested voluntary donations instead
  • Proposal by PPEE no fees for parties smaller then 1000 members
  • Proposal by PPNO make the fee smaller for small parties
  • Proposal by PPHR Make it 50 cent per member for small parties

Fees are in the statutes, set at 0€

vote order suggested by Anton, aproved by no one complaining against it:

No break, because people have to leave soon.

delay or not 9.5 in favour, 12 opposed, 2 abstentions Result: we discuss the hight of the fees now (15:22) discuss whether we want to discuss the original proposed (HDI) fees (no) or 1/10 (yes) 8.5 in favour, 7 oppose, 8 abstaining, motion to discuss 1/10 of original proposal Norwegian Proposal withdrawn Croatian Proposal withdrawn (PPHR 50cents for smaller parties) Motion by PPEE: parties with less than 500 members will choose their membership fee 10 in favour, 2.5 oppose, 11 abstensions Proposal by Italy withdrawn (voluntary fees), retabled by Greece Have voluntary membership fees for all (not just small) parties 6.5 pro, 13 negative, 4 abstensions Final vote on wheter we want fees at all (based on what we decided for so far) Result: 12 yes, 9.5 no, 2 Abstensions: Result: we will have fees Final result: There will be membership fees, 1/10th of the original proposal, parties with less than 500 members can pay as much as they want (but a minimum of more than 0€), there are no penalties for not paying, observer membership is also not associated with any costs, the first fees are due for the next financial year (which begins tomorrow)

Break now, back at 16:07

Question when the payment is due: Tomorrow


Gregory introduced the proposal

Jens: we should hear a report from the former CoA before deciding.

Pat: The timetable included a report by the CoA but hasn't received a report so far.

Maxime is present: The CoA hasnt ruled on anything this year. There was a request a few days go but he personally felt there was a conflict of interest for him on this matter.

Voting for the motion starts Result: 12.5 yes 6 no 5 abs: motion rejected because it failed to gain more than 2/3 of the votes cast (see line 320)

Yes: Rest No: DE, IT, JP, KZ, RU, CH Abs: BY, BE, PL, RO, UK


SAP-2 for transforming te Board to a Board of Representaives

Gregory introduced the proposal.

Voting starts for proposal SAP-2. Result: 8 yes 9 no 6.5 abs motion falls

Yes: AUS, BY, BR, HR, JP, SL, NO, PT No: Rest Abs: CAT, IT, PL, RO, TN, TR, UK


We move to the election of officers of PPI.

Justus: there is a motion by PP-PT to find out if ABS count as cast votes or not. Since it would affect the result of SAP-1. In the past ABS did not count as cast votes.

Statutes mention ABS are not taken into account therefore SAP-1 passed.

CAT: When will the motion for yearly online GA be dealt with:

Anton: At the end of meeting, since it was introduced after the start of the meeting.

Moving finally to the elections of the officers of PPI.

Candidates for the Char are presenting themselves.

Gregory presents himself

Gijs presents Patrick

Robotica presents Marco

Koen presents himself

Masa presents herself

16:45 Ballots are cast for approval voting for the Co chairs of PPI.

Koen (12.5 votes) and Masa (18.5) are elected as co chairs of PPI. Next was Gregory with 9, Marco with 7.5 and Patrick with 3

Thomas introduces Denis

INtroductions for Board members started.

Thomas introduces Denis

Thomas introduces himself

Bastian himself, willing to be treasurer


Stathis introduced by Antonios Motakis

To be clarified if Tomasz or Zbigniew still want to run. Since they didnt say someting officiallz before leaving we have to assume they are still running.

Min Chiaki presents herself.


Chemseddine is presented by Tynisian guy.

Gregory presents himself again. Says he would like to support the new board.

Casting votes for board members.

We have the results 17.32 3 board members elected: Thomas (15.5) Anders (13) Gregory (12) elected followed by Stathis (10.5) Chemseddine (10)

Discussion on the RoP for the 2nd round.

Anton suggest we change the Rop to make a simple and fast vote. We are running out of time.

The NL proposal is to do approval voting by show of hands. It was opposed by Meelis

Voting procedes as per RoP with aproval voting with ballot

One elected: Bastian with 12.5 votes followed by stathis with 10.5 votes

NL asks to add Stathis to their ballot and asks the GA to approve the motion.

Anton asks if there is an objection to change the RoP to allow this request.

Norway oposes. Solutions are being discussed. (3rd round) It is proposed to usethe previous ballots and let everyone change their votes if they so wish, or vote the same way.

Noone objects and ballots are being recast. Results are in at 18.10. Stathis has been elected with XX votes

Vote for alternate board members

Baptiste introduces Yasin

votes are cast

ballot counting is underway

results at 18.27

4 persons are elected: Marco (17.5) Min (14) Chemseddine (14) Yasin (17)

Vote for CoA is underway. 6 candidates (paste later here)

Bradley Hall 11,5 elected Andrew Norton 7 not elected Kjell 15 elected Gjis 14 elected Vasilis 14 elected Henrique Peer 9 elected

Results are in at 18.41 6 abstentions. Aproval is by 17.5, Elected are Bradley, Kjell, Gijs, Vasilis, Henrique

Moving to vote for lay auditors Justus presents Pat Justus presents himself Meelis presents himself

Ballots are being cast

Results are in at 18.53 All are elected.

Pat is in a plane and cant accept before tomorrow


18.54 Vote on motion proposed during the GA by PPCH on having at least one online extraordinary GA every year Gregory presents the motion

Statement by Thomas

Statemtnt by PPRU: we already have an online system and we propose to move it to the e-democracy system.

Voting for delaying the decision to the edec system 19.00 Results: 14 yes 3.5 no 5 abs passed Will be discussed on the edec system.

Thomas gives closing statemtent on behalf of the board.

Justus gives statement thanking thte board and organiyers.

GA closed by Anton on 19.02