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--- 10/05/2010---


3.1 - Support mail for PP-Czech (proposed by Jerry)

The mail can be found here:


4.1 - ACTA Taskforce (proposed by Jerry)

We need a taskforce leader for ACTA. We also need to forward the information about the adACTA Day to the national pirate parties.

4.2 - Action plan/taskforces update (proposed by Jerry)

I created a Wiki page for every taskforce. Every taskforce leader should make sure his Wiki page is up to date and coordinate the taskforce. I would like to sent out a mail with a short summary of all the taskforces and their objectives to the national parties and call for help.

4.3 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

We have to decide on this week's Pirate Party of the week and sent out the questions. My proposal ist Australia, according to the ordering rules laid down in the Wiki (

4.4 - Change of Rules of Procedure (proposed by Jakub)

The rules of procedure should be changed as follows: 1) In §4(3) the word "chairmen" is replaced by the word "chairman". 2) In §3(1) the first sentence shall be replaced by the following sentence: "The meetings are public unless one third of the members of the Board vote in favor of a non-public meeting."
Explanation: The first is probably just a spelling mistake, the second is in contradiction with Art. VIII, par. 7 of the Statutes.


5.1 - PPI Headquarters Update (proposed by Jerry)

I will quickly update the board on the current state of events concerning the PPI HQ.

5.2 - Contact Data Update (proposed by Jerry)

Bogo could you update us on the status of collecting reliable contact data of the national parties?