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--- 17/05/2010---


3.1 - German Pirate Party accepts PPI membership (proposed by Jerry)

This weekend the national congress of the Pirate Party accepted PP-Germany's membership in the PPI.

3.2 - Pirate without borders will apply for PPI membership (proposed by Jerry)

This weekend the congress of the Pirate without borders accepted to apply for observer membership in the PPI. I propose that the board proposes to apply for membership in the PWB to the next Assembly.

3.3 - Pirate Party of the Week (proposed by Jerry)

As discussed in the last meeting, this week's Pirate Party of the week comes from Australia.


4.1 - Taskforces: work in forum or mailinglists (proposed by Jerry)

Before sending out the call for help mail, we should decide whether we use the forum or mailinglists for the taskforce work. I propose to use the forum and createa section for each taskforce. That way the discussions are archived and more transparent and we don't have to add people manually to the taskforces.

4.2 - Taskforces announcement and call for help (proposed by Jerry)

We have to sent out the message for the national parties advertising the taskforces and asking for help:
Note to board members: please write your summary and update the Wiki page for the meeting so we can vote on the final version!

4.3 - Board meetings (proposed by Jerry)

Aleksandar cannot participate in PPI board meetings at Mondays 20h00. We should find another time to meet:


5.1 - Contact Date (proposed by Jerry)

Bogo should give us an update on his task to collect reliable contact data from every Pirate Party.