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Minutes PPI BOARD MEETING- to be formated
--- 19/03/2011 19:00h CET ---
Mumble: Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Good luck to the new board!

Record of the meeting

Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2]


2.1 - Members of the PPI board

SamirAllioui, Thomas, Pat, Finlay, Lola, Paul

2.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 19:10 by Samir Allioui
meeting chaired by Samir Allioui
Secretary for this meeting Lola Voronina
Quorum established with 6 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [No] (no response from Steffen)
Recording started: [Yes]
Postal votes: [No]
Meeting closed at 21:08 by Samir Allioui

4 - APPROVAL ON THE MINUTES - not discussed


5.1 - Board meetings rules of procedure (proposed by Thomas)

Previous rules of procedure To be accepted or changed

Alternative: Check the pad revisions. Accepted: Thomas, Pat, Finlay, Lola, Paul Change: Samir

5.2 - weekday and time for regular meetings of the board

Sunday, 20h CET (proposed by Marcel)
Objections from Paul and Thomas, Lola
Fridays, 20h CET (proposed by Paul) in favour: Thomas
Saturdays, ??h CET (proposed by Samir) in favour:

Monday ( Samir, Paul, Pat, Thomas, Lola, Finlay is in favor ) Tuesday ( Samir, Pat is in favor ) Wednesday ( Samir, Thomas, Lola is in favor ) Thursday ( Samir, Pat, Lola, Finlay is in favor ) Friday ( Samir, Pat, Paul, Thomas is in favor ) Saturday ( Samir, Pat is in favor ) Sunday ( Samir, Pat is in favor ) Monday 6 out of 6 Everybody presended at the meeting accepts meeting on Mondays.

5.3 - Action plan and work distribution (proposed by Thomas)

Tasks will be distributed among the board members according to the business plan: (previous board) - current board:

The current leaders do not wish to randomly plan what feels right. A proper, coherent communication strategy, human resources assesment etc. Has to be made prior to creating a plan. Part of this will include extensive interviews with the board members. We propose to continue PPI operations as they are for the time being.

Continue as proposed by Thomas but not making it final: Yes: Thomas, Samir, Paul, Lola, Finlay No: Pat Accepted: 5 of 6 members present Person responsible: Samir ( Timeframe ONE week. )

5.4 - PPI Conference - 1st aftermath (proposed by Thomas)

  • Status of the minutes
  • Change of statutes
  • Letter from Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia
  • Confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party
Letter from Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia

Samir proposed that the Co-Chairmen will write an official response to the letter.

Break: 18:47-18:52

Confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party

Samir had a quick chat with them. The letter can be sent after the formal transition, because they are signatory as well. No objections. Change of statutes and status of the minutes Thomas doesn't know who is in charge of change of statutes and asks if anybody has any information. Samir recieved an consolidated version of the statutes and the draft of the minutes of the day 1. This is a part of the formal transition. Everything can't be finished at the moment due to the fact that there was no formal transition from the last board Lola will contact Jakub, a member of the old board and will address this issue

Status of the minutes

Responsible for finishing: Samir + old PPI board Time frame: 1 week

Change of statutes

Samir recieved an updated document and would like to formally thank Jakub (CZ pirates) Responsible for finishing: Samir + old PPI board Time frame: 1 week Thomas would like to have the draft forwarded Samir can't make a formal document yet, due to missing the corporate identity (again a transition issue)

Confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party

Responsible for finishing: Samir + old PPI board Time frame: 1 week

Letter from Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia

Samir proposed that the Co-Chairmen write a response to the letter Responsible for finishing: Samir + Marcel Time frame: 1 week extra note: Samir was contacted by Andrew Norton who also addressed issues from pirates oversea and which will be included in the response letter. Andrew Norton offered to write a formal protocol to avoid those problems in the future.

Confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party

The Slovenian pirates asked for a confirmation of their presence which they really need, but the old board members should be a co-signatory there as well. Responsible for finishing: Samir + old PPI board Time frame: 1 week

5.5 PPI signet (licensing) (proposed by Patrick)

see email 2011-03-19 11:47 am CET

The PPI signet was taken down from wikimedia commons (Wikipedia) as no license was stated. As I'm the creator of the current PPI signet (note: this only applies to this graphical form, not the idea itself!) I'd like to discuss which license should be applied to it today or in an upcoming board meeting.
I see two viable options for licensing:
1) The really pirate solution: cc0 license for everyone
2) The not so pirate solution: some cc-NC license for everyone, but sth like an adapted cc0 license for the PPI headquartes (so they may do whatever they want and choose to change the license for everyone later on as well). This enables PPI the possibility to have an exclusive right to produce commercial merchandise with the signet.
Proposal by samir: (P) 2010 - Pirate License "Do what you want because a pirate is free license". And make PR if refused.
No one opposes to vote on Samir's proposal first.
Samir's proposal:
YES: Pat, Samir, Thomas, Paul, Lola, Finlay
6 of 6
Pat will upload the signet to wikimedia commons along with the note of the license and a link to this minutes
Responsible for finishing: Pat
Time frame: 1 week

5.6 - Status quo of taskforces (proposed by Thomas)

  • - PPI ACTA task force
  • - PPI Censor task force
  • - PPI Conference and event planning task force
  • - PPI Legal task force
  • - PPI New Parties task force
  • - PPI PP-EU task force
  • - PPI Tech task force
  • - PPI Translation and text production task force
  • - PPI Statutes task force

Thomas: We should find out about all taskforces; especially the conference & event planning TF, as this one is really needed.
Samir: This is again a transition issue, but I'd like to note that we also should avoid to overload the current board with task forces.
Thomas: I would suggest to all board members that they might think about leading one of the task forces.
Samir: I and Marcel, the Co-Chairmen agreed that we would like to invite certain pirates (e.g. all board member candidates of the 2011 conference) and ask them whether they're interested in taking over some of those task forces.

5.7 - Next meeting date (proposed by Pat)

Thomas: We already decided about monday.
Samir: I and Marcel would like to have 2 mandatory meetings per month, every 2 weeks. On the other weeks non-mandatory meetings.
Thomas: About the non-mandatory meetings - I think they are not the most important point here. What's more important is a good flow of information between board members.
Samir: I think 2 mandatory meetings are needed to keep the workflow at tempo.
Thomas: More important then non-mandatory meetings is the continues flow of information. If the information is to be fetched by members of the board in non mandatory meetings they become mandatory. Day by day information offered by those who receive information is much for useful.
If these information are given beforehand non mandatory meeting might even become fruitful. <-
Samir: According to books more meetings also increase team spirit. Furthermore I want the PPI board to be more available to the members of PPI.
Proposal Samir (1): 2 mandatory meetings a month, the rest are non-mandatory/informal weekends (these are informal)
Proposal Thomas(2): 2 mandatory meetings a month, no decision on non mandatory meetings as it makes them more formal, even though they're not intended to be
Voting in favour of (1):Samir,
Voting in favour of (2): Thomas, Paul, Finlay, Pat, Lola
Next formal meeting: Monday, 28th March 2011
Samir might be not be present due to other PPI duties.
( Conference talks )
Lola had to leave due to work duties
Is 19:00 CET okay for everyone?

agreed Thomas, Samir, Pat, Paul, Finlay

( 28th of March )
Paul won't be present on the 11th of April due to other political duties


6.1 - Contact Data (proposed by Thomas) pwd to be set

Thomas asks everyone of the PPI board to enter their personal contact data in the provided pad The data will be accessible to all board members Samir: Please also copy to PPI backend

6.2 - New members (proposed by Samir)

Founder of IMMI ( Icelandic Modern Media Initiative ) as they are non partisan.

Samir talked to the IMMI and they're interested in becoming an observer member of PPI The General Assembly needs to vote on this
We should keep a note about this interest
Formal contact: Samir

Pirate Party of Lower Saxony - will be asking for observer membership, decided today at the general assembly

Thomas talked about the Pirate Party of Lower Saxony and they're also interested as an observer member. They will file a request.
Formal contact: Thomas
Samir: I want to recall that we should talk to other organizations
Paul: I'm meeting in the following days the International League of Human Rights and Reporters Without Borders regarding the MENA countries

7 - Agenda@ Adress for agenda items forwarding.

Samir: I would like to request an agenda@ address for sending in agenda items for PPI board meetings
Paul: I would propose that we set up the pad of the agenda of the next meeting public so that anyone can add a point
Thomas: Why not write them to board@ directly?
Samir: Because it would make the list longer of our emails
Pat: I'm in favour of it, as I recall that we had problems when I was in the coreteam to keep up with all items proposed and sometimes forgot. If you want the agenda address can still forward all of it to your personal mail box.
The board agrees on setting up the agenda@ address.
Responsible for finishing: Pat
Time frame: 1 week (should be done this evening)

8 - Communication guidelines & Interviews

Samir: I had some chats with Marcel. I would like to state that I will have extensive interviews with everyone (PPI board members and if see fit also national board members) which should be used for SWOT analysises and strategies (roadmap, objectives, etc). I would like to ask everyone to help out with this. Marcel and I will do the hard work. A joint communication strategy might also help us to avoid certain problems in the future.
Pat and Thomas asked certain clarification questions.
Thomas: I would like to have decision on this issue.
Vote on collecting data to create communication strategy and full assesment of PPI and its members as stated out above
YES: Samir Allioui, Pat
NO: Thomas
ABSTENTION: Paul, Finlay

(Samir: Marcel was okay with the general idea, but can't vote at the moment)
Paul: I'm not against the general idea, but not in the current form as stated out on the pad, because it could lead to intrusive analysis
Samir: The vote did not pass, I will rephrase it for the next meeting and also write out a concept which will address privacy concerns
Pat: I'm not in favour of mentioning names, but I think it would be necessary to mention which national board member was in favour of what, because national board members are accountable to their members
Samir: I'm not entirely sure about the accountability thing, because by law they are not accountable to their national members and these are the exactly the types of items that should come forward from making the assessment
Pat: The point is that I want to have the data transparent in some way, so that it's not made up
Samir: We might use code numbers for the participants, even though it's a risk for data mining
Samir: If there are no objections I would like to close the meeting and state that the next meeting will take place on this mumble server on 28th of March 19:00

I would also ask the CAO not only to upload the minutes, but also publish them on the pp-leaders@ list

Meeting closed at 21:08 CET.