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--- 28/03/2011 19:30h CEST ---
Mumble: Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2]


Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Paul, Samir, Pat, Lola, Marcel
excused: Finlay,



Meeting opened at 19:30 CEST by Samir
meeting chaired by Thomas
Secretary for this meeting Pat
Quorum established with 6 of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [Yes]
Recording started: [Yes]
Postal votes: [No]
Meeting closed at 21:26 CEST by Thomas



YES: ThomasG, Paul, Lola
NO: -
ABSTENTIONS: Pat, Samir ( Due to not having the proper mandate for voting on this ), Marcel

Will be put on the agenda again after the meetup with the old board and after all boards members listened to the old


  • Postal votes "YES/NO" should be "NO"
  • The proceedings were not discussed at all, so that should be mentioned in the minutes
  • The break was at 18:47 not 18:42 ...
  • The order of 3.4 (PPI aftermath) was not in the order of the actual discussion

Pat: The minutes will be updated accordingly by me and Lola


YES: Samir, Paul, Pat, Thomas, Lola, Marcel
NO: -

Motivation Samir: Voted yes due to mutations in this pad. ( Courtesy of Marcel )


Action plan and work distribution (proposed by Thomas)

Tasks will be distributed among the board members according to the business plan: (previous board) - current board:

Report by Samir:

I've written a lot of points in 3.2 and I would skip to that, because discussing this would jump to conclusions Paul, Lola, Marcel, Pat: I think we should wait till we had the transition > Item postponed

PPI Conference - 2nd aftermath (proposed by Thomas)

joined meeting with the old board, 29/03/2011, 21:00 h


status of the minutes
Report by Samir:

Bastian: The minutes have been sent to the board by mail of the second day Thomas thanks again in name of the board to Bastian Thomas: Samir, Lola do you know the status of the minutes of the first day Lola: I haven't recieved anything concerning the first day. We will discuss this at the transition tomorrow

change of statutes
Report by Samir:

Jakub (CZ) has updated the statutes and put them into the wiki I didn't have the proper material yet to check whether this is correct The current form is just plain text, we should format this again I will check that till next board meeting

Letter from Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia
Report by Samir and Marcel:

Samir: A formal letter has not been sent due to the fact that I prefer a holistic approach as this is a problem which encompasses more aspects. We have recieved the letter these days. The authors are currently working with Andrew Norton to accomplish a solution at the moment.

confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party

The Slovenian pirates asked for a confirmation of their presence which they really need, but the old board members should be a co-signatory there as well.

Report by Samir:

I had several chats with their leader and we need the old Co-Chairmen to sign the letter as well. So this will be discussed in the meeting tomorrow. Thomas: Have you prepared the letter by now? Samir: I'm going to create the letter after the transition.

Proposal: A Full preliminary report send out after transfer with old board. ( Mostly transition data, bundled, handing it over "in person", not via mass push, preferably during contact data checkups ) Responsible:

B intermediary report send out after ratifcation at the next or following board meeting. C Management Plan ( Including proper organizational ( type and ) structure - One Month or 6 weeks. D Roadmap One Month or 6 weeks. E Financial Plan: 6 to 8 weeks. F: Privacy versus Transparency policy : 6 weeks. G: Scientific Institute Options : 2 Months. H: PPI Board Transition Protocol : Done one month before the next conference.

Samir: About (A): We take all transitional material which we will get tomorrow, bundle it and send it out to all influential pirates to establish a constructive dialog and updating our contact list as well. If all parties are aware of this content as well, then they are also better able to help establishing PPI. Thomas: This is not the first transition I'm doing and I think this is a process which may not be encompassed by these items. Samir: That's why I also wrote that these are preliminary reports. About (B) : this is concerning the notes of the open space conference. Thomas: There is actually a meetup of the people that were responsible for the Open Space conference. Samir: That's not done by a board member, so I think it's not up to them. What I propose is that we include thinking about the connections and tasks involved. siolux8 asks who is sponsoring the open space conferences Thomas: AFAIK it was sponsored by those who organized it ... I think we should carry on with the topic. Samir: Explains the items C-H in brief. These are all things that should be done soon Thomas: Who will be responsible for those items if we decide in favour of it? Samir: For each item a primary person shall be responsible and if needed a second person. Paul: I think we should postpone this decision about the responsibilites later on when the transition has been done Thomas: Who is in favour of

YES: Thomas, Paul, Samir, Lola, Pat, Marcel
NO: -

> Postponed till next meeting

PPI signet (licensing) (proposed by Patrick)

the letter to wikipedia has been sent.
Report by Pat:
As the PPI board has been informed by mail, the logo has been uploaded again to Wikimedia Commons with the decided license. A mail has been sent to OTRS ( as well with CC to the PPI board. It has been linked within the Wikipedia article "Pirate Parties International" as well. Furthermore I updated 2 uploads in wikis of pirate parties which I knew of.

Samir is talking to lawyers about the "Pirate License".
Request for help ( Competent peers only. )

Samir: Saying a pirate license can be fun of course, but I want to create a kind of subgroup with legal trained people. Do you know anyone, please redirect them to me. Paul: Not from my side, but I talked with someone from the French Wikipedia and they thought there should be no problem with it. Samir: It's not really the same as the "Do what the fuck you want license" as it could be relicensed.

Court of Arbitration(proposed by Thomas)

secure forwarding of snail mail at the registered office

Thomas: This is a proposal for secure forwarding of snail mail. Samir: We already planed to do this is in Brusels, but at the moment Jurgen has already done a lot of work for PPI concerning snail mail and he's also a member of the COA. Thomas: Samir and Marcel will you take care of this? Samir: It will cost money which we don't currently have.

Paul has to leave at this point due to other duties

Status quo of taskforces (proposed by Thomas)

Talk about status postponed for joint meeting with the previous board
  • - PPI ACTA task force
  • - PPI Censor task force
  • - PPI Conference and event planning task force
  • - PPI Legal task force
  • - PPI New Parties task force
  • - PPI PP-EU task force
  • - PPI Tech task force
  • - PPI Translation and text production task force
  • - PPI Statutes task force

Thomas asks to postpone this till after the transition meeting. All board members in favour.

Contact to other NGOs (proposed by Thomas)

Reporters without Borders
International leaque of human rights
Proposal Samir: Only contact NGO's you already have _good_ contact with.
Contact other NGO's once the joint communication strategy is deployed.

Thomas: Samir you wrote a proposal concerning this. Could you please explain the "joint communication strategy" Samir: It's basically an agreement concerning how we agree on communicating to the outside. I want to have this codified to avoid conflicts. Pat: I agree on that point, as I recall certain situations from the Coreteam where such a document would have lead to less problems. Thomas: Can we agree that we postpone to contact other NGOs till we decided on a joint communication strategy?

Proposal Samir: Only contact NGOs you have already good contact with; other NGOs after the joint communication strategy is deployed

Proposal Thomas: Postpone to contact NGOs till we decided on a joint communication strategy

Discussion between Thomas, Samir and Pat concerning how to vote on this. Pat proposes to vote first on the addendum, then on the main question concerning the poposed joint communication strategy. In case we disfavour the joint communication strategy the addendum poll is void as well and the board members are free to communicate as they see fit (i.e. not bound by a codified agreement).

Break from 20:29 CEST till 20:36

Addendum Poll: In case we agree on a joint communication strategy, can we contact NGOs beforehand which we have good contact with? (resuming existing GOOD contacts, not establishing new contacts)

YES: Pat, Samir, Lola, Marcel, Thomas
NO: -

> accepted

Thomas: What I see missing at the moment is a codified joint communication strategy. I'd like to see a finished version first. Samir: I'm actually responsible for codifying the joint communication strategy. Pat: I want to see it ratified of course.

Main Poll: Shall we establish a joint communication strategy for communication with NGOs and not contact them till we have decided on the joint communication strategy? (but also including the decision from the addendum poll above)

YES: Pat, Marcel, Thomas
NO: -
ABSTENTION: Samir ("due to rendundancy"), Lola

> not agreed on

Mailinglist for a PP that need it.(proposed by Samir)

As requested by a PP in the MENA region

During the vote there's a discussion which servers were actually intended for the setup which leads to the change of several votes. Samir says that the request was quite specific and he forwards it to the other board members.

YES: Pat, Thomas, Lola,Samir
NO: -
ABSTENTION: Marcel ( is hosted here as well. )

> accepted

Responsible: Samir will ask Rick next week

"Free Bradley Manning" (proposed by Thomas)

Thomas: We will have a contact here. Please spread the message: Week of actions between May 21th - 29th, organised on www-basis

Setup of a a task management system (proposed by Pat)

I had good experience by working with a task management system in our regional board.
Proposal: Redmine will be setup and used for managing tasks in the PPI; this adheres especially to tasks assigned at PPI board meetings.
Responsibilty: Pat
Time frame: 2 weeks
YES: Samir, Thomas, Pat, Lola
NO: -

> accepted

Weekday and time for regular meetings of the board (proposed by Marcel)

Marcel: Monday is the very worst option for me. I can't make it on regular basis.

Thomas proposes to setup a Doodle to find a convenient date.

Responsibilty: Pat
Time frame: 1 day for setup, 1 week for decision

YES:Samir, Thomas, Pat, Lola, Marcel NO: - Abstention: -

> accepted


Contact Data (proposed by Thomas)
repetitive report

Thomas: Please actively collaborate!

New members

no news

Agenda@ Adress for agenda items forwarding.

Report by Pat:
As the PPI board has been informed by mail the address agenda@pp-international has been setup; it should be promoted now to all member organizations. The address is a mail group. Therefor the agenda items can also be forwarded to individual mail accounts or even mailing lists.
There's a separate mailbox for collecting all items by default (whose address should not be promoted).

Thomas: Who will take care of that? Samir: This is why I proposed "A" to "H" in item ... Thomas: I will do that if none else wants to. Samir: I would like to push this information on a regular basis after every board meeting for the very least. Thomas: why not?

> agreed by all present board members

Break 21:11 CEST till 21:13

Communication guidelines & Interviews

new proposal by Samir:

After intermediary report.

Samir: This has to be postponed at the moment (as it's after point B).

PPI rights definition.

Revoke & Grant.

Samir: I would like to see all access removed from everyone that get no access to it. Thomas: The other way is to ask the old board. Samir: Okay, so I'm postponing this till after the transition.

A discussion between Thomas and Samir takes place at which time and under what circumstances rights can be granted or revoked, also in reference of politeness and yet non-existing communication concepts. The question arises whether Lola made transition agreements with the old board.


Appointing a person responsible for IT infrastructure

a Setting up a CMS system. b Setting up a ERP system.

Samir & Thomas: For the moment postponed as well. Pat: I'd like to mention that Gregory (DE) and Johan (SE) managed to restore the old Drupal and Forum installation this evening on . If the backdoor is still there, I will remove it this evening. Samir offers his help as well.

Appointing a communications officer / Social Media Nerd

a: Creation of a "push" list and suitable software.

current social media coordinator: Steffen Ortmann

Samir: I think he blocked me from the PPI-Twitter, so I might suggest firing him. Thomas: That's not so clear. Samir: Okay, then we should find out who it was. We also should inform the COA about this.

== Furthermore: Yale/Shell/Shareconf Samir: I did a interview with Yale University. I was contacted by Shell for a presentation. I will be in Serbia for share conferences and might do guest college at the uni and hackerspace. them too.

Pat: I ask all board members to describe their proposals as clear as possible, namely who should do how and what till when, as this will spare us a lot of time. Thomas: I'd suggest to change the rules of procedure in this sense in the future.

Meeting closed at 21:26 CEST