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--- 27/09/2011 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Marcel, Samir, Thomas, Pat

excused: Lola

unexcused: Finlay

1.2 - Others

Tom Vymazal (PP-CZ)


Meeting opened at 19.34 CEST by Pat

Meeting chaired by Pat

Secretary for this meeting is Tom Vymazal, Pat

Quorum not established with 4 out of 6 board members present.

Streaming started: [No]

Recording started: [Yes]

Postal votes: [No]


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.


  • created Doodle to finish the full preliminary report again, only Thomas participated, no one came to the meeting called, Thomas excused himself because of private reasons that had come up just few hours before the meeting
  • initiated a project of making a copy of so called Kretschmann-O-Meter by the PP-CZ; K-O-M is a project of the PP Stuttgart
  • replied to a candidate to the US Congress who contacted the co-chairmen
  • attended the Election Party of the PP Berlin, where I gave an interview for PressTV
  • organized a visit of Brno Pirates to Vienna, where we attended the PP Vienna regular meeting and participated in their stream
  • analyzed and commented the official translation of the PPI HQ incorporation deeds
  • checked the correction of the mistakes in the Statutes


  • Loads of contacts with new PP's + Various other mail work.
  • Planned another trip to PP Serbia, end of November for various events.
  • Need help on planning a .CZ visit prior to or after Serbia visit
  • Received new prospects for a Open Data event. ( Still working on it. )
  • Still having bad health :/
  • Request a separate meeting for PPHQ discussion + Planning a visit to Brussels.

Lola: Not present due to bunnies. ( They have eaten the ethernet cable )


  • had hardly time these weeks due to studies, moving out and elections; next weeks will be better hopefully
  • recieved PPI HQ statutes proposal by notary, forwarded to board, could not reach notary yet (see issue #4)
  • several small tasks (message board for Latvia, added to PP list, etc)

Marcel: Q: Which list is it, regarding the one? Is it the one with the observer members?

Pat: It's not the one of observer members (in the about section); they have been added to the observer members there months ago.

Marcel: Thanks, that's what I have been concerned about.

Finlay: <not present>


  • attended the Election Party in Berlin, Interview with "Der Freitag" still due.
  • been in contact with "PP-GR", interested pirates from Italy, Croatia etc.
  • asked other PPs to think about hosting the GA in 2012, e.g. Brazil, UK, Australia etc.
  • will try to attend GA of PP-FR
  • tried to gather information about a SIP switchboard for the PPI and the board members. One volunteer is found who might set it up for us
  • am in contact with a certain group to push PPs in the USA, task force is needed
  • talked about financing of PPI with Treasurer of PP-DE, no conclusion by now
  • Proposal: Travel costs scheme should be established by the time financing is secure (flights to Brussels already in the past should be included)


Point: I have to point out that there has been an agreement before that all the PPs would try to include a 5% annual donation to the PPI into their respective statutes. It would be an interesting thing to point this out at the next GA.

Point: Regarding SIP: I'd like to point out that I managed to get a SIP server for PPI before that didn't cost anything, but nobody was using it so we had it turned off. But if there arose a sudden new interest in SIP, I'd be glad to get it set-up again.

Q: You said you had some contacts to Croatia, Balkan parties are cooperating heavily ... Are the Croatian pirates a second group or not ? PP in the Balkans, including Croatia are collaborating nicely. I'd like to hook them up with blaeks/Alexander Blagojevic. since he is doing the coordination. We should avoid having 2 pp's in one country at all costs.

Thomas: Concerning the travel costs, I think we need a way to refund them as we're elected officials and it can hardly be the intent, that we have to pay all travel expenses out of our own pockets.

Marcel: I agree, I consider the travels to foreign countries very useful, but at the moment I'm pulling the money for travelling out of my own pocket and that's not good.

Samir: So do I. And then there are some events, I cannot attend because I don't have the money for the travels. That is a loss for PPI.

Marcel: I completely agree.

Thomas: Pat, will you work on a proposal for the refund then, in the case we need it?

Pat: Yes, you've told me earlier this week about this. I'm willing to draft a proposal on a travel expense regulation.

=== 3.2 - confirmation Slovenian Pirate Party (due date reached) === [19:59]

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #4, due date 2011-08-23.

From Redmine: Lola (till August 23rd) > Find Jerry's snail mail address and assert that he's not on holidays (so that the signed letter doesn't get sent back to Samir)

Pat: It's about the paper and it has to be done when we're in Brussels.

Report by Lola: <not present> => postponed

REDMINE: Set "followed by" of the task with PPI HQ creation task

3.3 - Contact PP Ireland initiative (due date reached)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #14, due date 2011-06-06.

Report by Finlay:

Substitute report: One member of PP-Ireland had contacted the board. Further initiative is given. Marcel and Thomas asked Dieter Klein to do so as he marries to Ireland. Contact data are exchanged.

Redmine: Set to 90% and as waiting for feedback

3.4 - PPI rights definition (IT) (due date reached)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Task progress is being tracked in:

Redmine task #57: Spreadsheet creation

Redmine task #58: Write all assets

Redmine task #59: Criteria setting

Redmine task #60: Asking for competences (child of #25)

Spreadsheet creation, due date 2011-06-21

Report by Thomas: Created it and lost it :( My fault. - And I forgot about it in the meantime. I am forgetful :)

Write all assets, due date 2011-06-21

Report by Samir:

Criteria setting, due date 2011-06-21

Report by Samir:

Asking for competences (child of #25), due date 2011-06-21

Report by Samir:

REDMINE: Set "followed by" of the task with PPI HQ creation task

3.5 - Write a job description for a new IT manager applications (due date reached)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #66, due date 07/07/2011

From Redmine:

Thomas to write 'job description' for applications for IT manager. May not be done for the next fortnight. Ask for volunteers via pp-leaders, etc

Report by Thomas: it slipped my mind. Do you remember who helped you?

Pat: Let me see, just a second. <looking in his mailbox> I found it: It's Christoph Schönfeld from the local party of Tübingen in Germany who is their treasurer.

Thomas: Shall we ask him whether he wants to take over?

Pat: I don't disagree, but he would probably want to present himself to the board.

Samir: Get him on board now! - We need all the hands we can get.

Marcel: Let's not waste time with it now. Let's continue with other points.

Thomas will ask him on his own.

Note from 20:21 CEST: Thomas asked Christoph who is willing to help out and Thomas will arrange that Christoph gets the necessary access rights.

3.6 - pi2pi.{us,org,net,mobi,info,biz} (due date reached)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #91, due date 08/16/2011

From Redmine:

pass the issue to Collentine

Report by Thomas: Ups, not on my mind. Slipped totally, maybe I have done it. Should have asked him in Berlin.

Tom Vymazal: Just make sure you do it before Collentine leaves for China which will be when he gets the money for it.

Postponed to the next board meeting.

3.7 - Streaming (due date reached)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #53, due date 09/07/2011

From Redmine:

No one has the privileges to do streaming. Investigate further!

Report by Finlay: <not present>

Pat: I am willing to take this task over under the condition someone tells me what kind of streaming we are looking for.

Marcel: Do we really need the streaming? The previous board did it, but do WE need it. Taking into account that anyone can join this meeting given it's a free protocol with no limitations, I do not think we have to stream it anywhere else.


<Thomas left for a moment>

Pat: The only advantage to streaming is annonymous participation.

Marcel: Then they can listen to the recording, if they want to talk, they have to join mumble anyway. I suggest to drop this issue completely.

Pat: Proposition: Drop the streaming line from the minutes template and close the task in Redmine altogether.


Yes: Pat, Thomas, Marcel


Abstention: Samir

Result: Not accepted

Samir: Perhaps it is wished upon members and we're just not aware of it; hence I abstain. ( I only vote when i can make an informed decision. I"m not informed, hence abstention. )

Thomas: Currently there's no solution at the moment until we got a SIP server. Hence I would like to scrap it from the minutes.

Marcel: The streaming has not been working for 6 months and there have been no complaints up to now; I assume we discuss a problem that does not exist at all.

Thomas: If there's no technical solution I don't know how to set it up then. In discussion Samir suggests a poll on the pp-leaders list. Pat is willing to do this poll. Consensus amongst present board members.

REDMINE: assign task to Pat; note: poll will be done on pp-leaders list

4 - Statutes of PPI HQ (Pat)

The statutes proposal translation has been sent. What are the comments of the board members?

Pat: Marcel, may you recap the comments you had up to now?

Marcel: I have to look it up.

Samir: I think we need an out-of-board-meeting for this.

Thomas: I see it the same.

Marcel: I don't object on a separate meeting on this topic.

Pat: Can we arrange a date now? It is sometimes difficult to do a Doodle poll.

Marcel: I am prepared to agree upon a date anytime.

Pat: This question is mainly for Samir and Thomas.

Thomas: Shall we propose a date today?

Samir: That would be clever.

Thomas suggests the 5th of October.

Samir is checking his agenda.

Samir: That's fine for me.

Marcel: 5th of October is fine for me but I will be on-call at that moment.

Samir: We won't probably finish it at once anyway.

Thomas: I propose to start that meeting at 18:00 CEST

Marcel: That is fine for me.

Pat: I have to check my time schedule.

Samir asks the board if it's okay for him to invite ... to join the board meeting.

Thomas would also like to invite a German Lawyer (PP-Member) with knowledge in Belgium law.

Samir: Hopefully incompatibilities between german and belgian law will not cause problems.

Marcel: Anybody who knows about law will be a help.

Pat suggests inviting Jerry Weyer.

Samir is completely against, due to Jerry Weyer being responsible for the current legal mess we are in.

Samir side-notes: International law is ... <tbd by Samir> ... have not been fully implemented in Belgium.

Pat: Let's set a second date, because we will probably be not able to finish this during the first meeting. I suggest at least a week of space between those meetings.

Marcel: I'm in favor of setting of a second date right now.

Pat: Me too, but we cannot force Samir and Thomas. Let's set the second date at a later date.

Marcel: We should get in touch with the notary again regarding the state of things here.

Pat: I'll do that and also ask the questions that are present in Marcel's remarks up to now if there are no objections.

<no objections>

Samir: We should first discuss those remarks in the board so as not to bother the notary with our incompetence.

Pat: I would agree, but it will postpone everything even further than it already has been. I suggest asking diplomatic questions which wouldn't bother anyone.

Samir: I trust you to take care of this properly. That is all.

5 - AOB should be completed - fotos of the board members are appreciated, any other ideas about it

Thomas: ATM it's on

Marcel: I'm not sure if we're able to keep the site up to date.

Thomas: The guy who set the site up will be keeping it up to date.

Thomas: I'd like you to look at it as I, myself, did not yet have the chance to read it thru.

Samir: I read it, I think we should sign it.

Thomas: I suggest five minutes for reading it and then we'll decide upon this afterwards.

[21:05] 5 minutes break

Samir: I am going to quote the Uppsala declaration:

Patents on life including patents on seeds and on genes should not be allowed.

Samir: Arguments used in the petition are mostly used by Pirate parties and we can add many more. <Samir is pretending to be chairing the meeting and is talking so fast, I am not able to take the minutes>

Thomas: Is there any regulation that states who represents the PPI formally? A<didn't catch the rest>

Samir: That was a nice theater.

Pat: Let's not discuss this in the meeting.

Marcel: The PPI is not an official entity so the names of Samir Allioui, Marcel Kolaja or Thomas Gaul do not make any difference to the signature.

Pat: Do we want to continue the discussion after the meeting.

Marcel: Let's not continue this discussion at all, put there any name you want.

Board agrees upon sending the members a letter abou this to spread the word.

Samir will do so.

Marcel: One more thing, can you grant me the right to modify the PPI website, Patrick?

Pat: Yes I can. Let's do it after the meeting.

Marcel agrees.


Meeting Closed: 21.16 CEST by Patrick.