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--- 08/11/2011 19:00h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2]


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Marcel, Lola, Pat, Samir excused: Thomas unexcused: Finlay

1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 1940 CET by Marcel Meeting closed at 2106 CET by Marcel Meeting chaired by Marcel Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum established with [4] out of [6] board members present. Streaming started: [No] Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No] 20:19 SHORT BREAK OF ABOUT 5 MINUTES 20:28 RESUMING BOARD MEETING


3.a Questions from collentine

via Mumble chat: where is Finlay and why hasn't he been to any meetings lately? has there been attempts to contact him? seems similar to last year with missing board members... any long term plan for if he doesn't show? informal explanation by Pat and Marcel; referencing agenda item

3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points. Marcel:

  • called for offers to host the 2012 PPI GA
  • published the no-patents-on-seeds PR on the PPI website
  • sent my comments to the Moscow convention to the members
  • asked the COA to update their web page in wiki
  • replied to a guy from Mongolia who was interested in the Pirate Movement
  • updated the PPI website and wiki

Pat: I didn't find the time to work on PPI issues; I'm sorry for that Samir: went to Italy for think-thank issue, solved a situation there, meet pirates from other regions and meet pirate from South Tirol (going well), introduced them into each other; mediating another one: another pirate party is fighting with another one (outside PPI) and I'm trying to get them out of court, was in Brussels at a meeting, did a lot of networking, did a lot of email work (several requests), might fly to Italy tomorrow and be in Serbia at 16th, probably also meeting Bosnia and Herzegowina pirates Lola: Redmine, Facebook, Moscow Convention, PP-RU online demonstration Thomas: <not present>

3.2 - Define joint communication strategy

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #13, due date 2011-11-08. Pat to send a proposal to the board. Report by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks

3.3 - Contact PP Ireland initiative

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #14, due date 2011-11-08 (feedback). From Redmine: One member of PP-Ireland had contacted the board. Further initiative is given. Marcel and Thomas asked Dieter Klein to do so as he marries to Ireland. Contact data are exchanged. Report by Thomas: <not present> REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks

3.4 - Blanket protection for "secret" African PP in the making

Redmine task #35, due date 2011-11-03 From Redmine: One day, i'll be transparant about this ;) Report by Samir: still a secret issue; please postpone indefinetely REDMINE: postpone by 1 year

3.5 - make Internet GA possible

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #42, due date 2011-10-06. From Redmine: Reminder for Samir: send the e-mail again and cc board Report by Samir: I can prepare an email right now. Do you have a list? I will fix this during the meeting.

3.6 - Account creation and task definition & assignment

Redmine task #46, due date 2011-11-08 Report by Marcel: This is about updating the information on the web. The original task was about being a supervisor for a task to be done by someone else. I started to work on it myself. I updated and deleted (outdated) certain information. I also updated some pages in the wiki (some are still outdated) but I started to collect which pages need to be updated. Tasks for updating this has been created in Redmine.

3.7 - Information update

Redmine task #47, due date 2011-11-08 Report by Marcel: as stated in agenda item 3.6 (just a split of the task above)

3.8 - Write a job description for a new IT manager applications

Redmine task #66, due date 2011-11-01 From Redmine: Pat to call Christoph; discuss stuff to do Report by Pat: I called Christoph after the last board meeting and he said he will take a look at the issue and try to work on it those days but I haven't heard an update from him since then. I can call / remind him more often of course, but that's probably not a solution. I will call him again and ask him to setup a time and management plan for updating the IT. REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks, remark concerning request on time/management plan

3.9 - Response to PP-IN request

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #67, due date 2011-11-01. Report by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone or takeover Samir is willing to take over the task, given that the information is forwarded to him REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks, responsibility to Samir (remark that Pat is responsible for forwarding the request)

3.10 - Response to PP-DO request

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #69, due date 2011-11-08 From Redmine: Samir, to find and send to Marcel the e-mail Report by Samir: Marcel: I assume we can delete/skip this one, as I had a discussion with Samir and he said he sent the mail to the party. Samir: Do not close the task. We have to find a way to contact them. I sent them mails twice. Is anyone else willing to try? Someone who speaks Spanish? Lola: I can try to. Send me the information. Samir: Can you forward me the questions by mail and I'll answer it ASAP? Lola: Okay. REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks, change responsibility to Lola

3.11 - Response to PP-CO request

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #70, due date 2011-08-03. From Redmine: We are waiting for their response until the next meeting. Report by Samir: I sent more than just 1 mail and got no response. So it would be nice to have someone trying to contact them that speaks their language as well. Lola: I will take over the task REDMINE: 2 weeks, responsible Lola

3.12 - channels administration

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #81, due date 2011-11-01. Pat to send a proposal to the CAO and the board Report by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone REDMINE: 2 weeks



3.13 - Full Preliminary report

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #87, due date 2011-11-08 Samir to finish and send the document to the members Report by Samir: no progress on this one yet. postpone as short as possible. REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.14 - pi2pi.{us,org,net,mobi,info,biz}

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Redmine task #91, due date 2011-11-08. From Redmine: pass the issue to Collentine Report by Thomas: <not present> Collentine is present. Collentine: We're not interested in the domains and there's no point in renewing them. Pat: So should we close the task? Lola: Let's ask Thomas then on the next board meeting. Marcel: I suggest to update the task with this discussion; as Thomas is the assignee, he will be informed about it and hopefully update us. REDMINE: 2 weeks, ask Thomas

3.15 - Is streaming necessary?

Postponed from the previous board meeting Redmine task #95, due date 2011-11-08. From Redmine: Use a poll among pp-leaders list users to determine whether we need to stream the board meetings or not. Report by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.16 - PPI rights definition (IT)

Postponed from the previous board meeting. Task progress is being tracked in: Redmine task #25 (parent) Redmine task #57: Spreadsheet creation Redmine task #58: Write all assets Redmine task #59: Criteria setting Redmine task #60: Asking for competences (child of #25) Spreadsheet creation, due date 2011-08-08 Report by Thomas: draft-Spreadsheet: From the previous board meeting:

Samir: new proposal - We, the board will grant Patrick and Thomas a one time permission for the revocation of certain people's rights, who should sensibly no longer have rights with some of our IT infrastructure and will report back to the board in detail.

In the future, a clear and public revocation procedure will be used. One time permissions for rights revocation will not be granted again before this revocation procedure is in place. RESULT: Motion passed Write all assets, due date 2011-08-08 From the previous board meeting:

Samir: now, that I have the spreadsheets I will start to write on it. Deadline: next board meeting.

Report by Samir: I did not write on the spreadsheets Marcel: which translates then to postpone? Samir: yes Criteria setting, due date 2011-08-08 Report by Samir: Asking for competences (child of #25), due date 2011-08-08 Report by Samir: Concerning the revocation list Pat: I did not work on it; I don't have info if Thomas worked on it. REDMINE: 2 weeks

4 - PP-RU request - Lopukhov family case (Lola)

Moscow residents Andrey and Natalya Lopukhov have been charged with Internet video piracy, with Russian and international copyright owners seeking damages estimated at over 38 billion rubles, or $1.26 billion. They just distributed around 30 movies and cartoons. Should the Lopukhov family be found guilty, they could face up to 6 years in prison with a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles. PP-RU strarted a support campaign for Lopukhov family (support in media; Paul Rassudov, the leader of PP-RU, every day shares on his personal web-site 30 movies from the same copy monopolists) and they ask PPI to support this case. Marcel: Be careful what you do. The PP-CZ only risked dissolution, but Paul put something on his personal website. Samir: Personally I support it and I don't see any contradiction. Marcel: I agree; I have to less knowledge about the case and we cannot express general support until then. Samir: You can communicate that we're positive about it first, but we need more details to make a formal decision. @collentine: I see no problem high-lighting the issue by writing article and spreading it but supporting requires more details

5 - AOB

Government web sites monitoring by PP-RU

  • Lola: Government web sites monitoring by PP-RU; the agency is going to update the website as it's a not very useful for people (i.e. mistakes concerning license of the website and so on)

Discussion on vacant seats

  • Marcel: The discussion about the board members. Currently only 5 members are really active. Paul resigned 5 months ago and we haven't heard from Finlay for several months. I discussed this already with you. I decided to suggest to go for supplementary elections of the PPI board; but we haven't done online elections yet and they should be anonymous and correctly. I realized that the elections don't need to be secret; the elections can be public. The GA has to ask for a secret voting if they want to have it secret. I thus suggest to go for an online vote to get more people in the board. Concerning Finlay I'd like to cite a part of the statutes: [...]

This is exactly the case with Finlay as he did not execute his duties for more than 3 months. We have several options: One is to let the CoA ask decide if the seat is vacant. Or we as the board say that the seat is vacant and we're going to announce it and if there's any complication then we can discuss it with the CoA.

  • Lola: I would go for the CoA
  • Samir: According to our interpretation Finlay is no longer a member and we're going to ratify that by the CoA. They just have to say that we follow the procedure correctly.
  • Lola: I agree there.
  • Samir: Then the board has to go for a vote here.
  • Marcel: I'm willing to take the task.
  • Lola: I'm willing to be co-responsible.
  • CONSENSUS among all board members that Marcel and Lola are formulating a letter to the CoA that the seat is vacant in our opinion.
  • Samir: The UK leadership/Lawrence Kaye has already been informed previously and has no hard feelings here.
  • Marcel: Concerning supplementary elections I already expressed my opinion.
  • Pat: I would agree to supplementary elections given that we used at least signed emails.
  • Samir: All parties present at the Brussels conference have the right to put forward candidates.

@collentine: Sweden has an advanced system for online voting and meetings. Not sure if it can be used by others though

  • Remarks on @collentines his proposal by Marcel: Not sure if able to adopt for next elections *if* we decide to go for it.
  • Samir: First allow them to present it before we judge.
  • Marcel: Not right here, right now. obvious marcel being obvious.
  • Pat: Sugests: CoA - Vacant seat >> Announcement, >> PP leaders list, let them propose for supplementary solutions. Instead of trying to collect solutions etc.

Decide next board meeting.

  • Marcel: Please let me finish proposal, Security of the system, is that the vote is public.

All parties/stakeholders can confirm by looking at the website where the results of the votes are published, they can see if their vote is counted correctly. We have not obligations.

  • Pat: I'm not talking about technical issues, but about the proceedings of the voting; we need a system that someone needs to prepare.
  • Pat: Let's have a proposal for the next meeting, and not today , it's 9.
  • Marcel: I don't want to vote. Just asking for opinion. About: Having elections when it's clear if there is one or two seats vacant.
  • Lola: Does not see how it can be organized now. There is no point in doing it before the next GA.
  • Marcel: I guess it's simple: I will write down a proposal and we'll discuss next time.
  • Marcel: repeats/
  • Lola; Next meeting.??
  • Marcel: Or by email.


Meeting Closed: 21:06 CET by Marcel.