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--- 22/11/2011 19:00h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2] Part 3 [3]


1.1 - Members of the PPI board 

participating: Thomas, Lola, Marcel, Pat excused: Samir unexcused: Finlay

1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 19:09 CET by Marcel Meeting closed at 20:59 CET by Thomas Meeting chaired by Thomas Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum established with [4] out of [6] board members present.  Streaming started: [No] Not possible Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No]

break beginning at 19:47

break ending at 20:22

short break beginning at 20:48

short break ending at 20:53

3 - Short report of the board members 

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one  minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or    their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be    discussed in separate points.

Marcel:  regular work, one of the biggest Linux magazines published an RMS  article where Marcel is listed as editor with his function, prepared  letter for pp-leaders (discussed later), published article regarding  PIPA/SOPA Pat: getting in contact with notary, sending out poll to pp-leaders, tried to contact our IT manager but meeting was cancelled Samir: (not present) Lola: regular administrative work (FB, Redmine, etc.), wrote a link on PPI front side about the meeting in Russia with the president ( ) Thomas:  Interview with, TIME Magazine, attended Congress on European  Security and Defence, daily business as always, asked some members about  contact addresses for pp-leaders Finlay:(not present)

4 Board - vacant seats

Postponed from the previous meeting:

XIII. Functions of the Board

(8)  A Board member may resign at any moment. After resignation, death, long  term disease or other situation in which a Member of the Board does not  execute his functions for more than three months, his seat becomes  vacant. 

Action to be decided upon. CoA ?

Marcel: announcement (e-mail to pp-leaders & coa) proposal:


Dear PP leaders,

As you already know, Paul Da Silva resigned from being a PPI board member on May 2, 2011. His seat, therefore, became vacant in accordance with paragraph XIII. (8) of the PPI Statutes (

"(8) After resignation, death, long term disease or other situation in which a Member of the Board does not execute his functions for more than three months, his seat becomes vacant."

Unfortunately, this is not the only vacant seat. The PPI board's interpretation of the very same paragraph is that Finlay Archibald is no longer a member of the PPI board either because he hasn't been executing his functions for more than three months. This can be easily confirmed by the PPI board meeting minutes, where it's evident that Finlay was hardly ever present or at least excused. There have been attempts to contact Finlay a couple of months ago, but it didn't lead anywhere.

Hence the PPI board members currently are:

  • Samir Allioui (co-chairman)
  • Marcel Kolaja (co-chairman)
  • Patrick Mächler (treasurer)
  • Lola Voronina (chief administration officer)
  • Thomas Gaul (board member)

The loss of Finlay Archibald's membership in the PPI board is valid with immediate effect and is reviewable by the Court Of Arbitration.



Letter unanimously agreed upon.

Discussion: Should we have elections of vacant seats?

  •   Thomas: I am in favour to appoint successors by the board with the same  rights like elected members as the GA gave us the trust.
  •   Marcel: I got a proposal, but I have not written it down yet. The  elections are published and the votes of the members will be public  (allows to see if the vote has been counted properly).
  •   Lola: I don't see that an election is necessary; I only see the PPI  work. It takes us 2 weeks, then 2 weeks later we can have it published,  then it will take again 1 month to get the votes, so it's gonna take  about 2 months, where it will only be 2 months till the next GA. I  assume that certain parties will not put forward their favourite  candidates for this short period of time.
  • Pat: I see the same as Lola, but I'm not strongly opposing it, if someone comes forward that wants to push for it.
  • Thomas: From other organisations I know they appoint successors to keep things in work.
  • Lola: I think we may also get complaints as not all parties read the pp-leaders list.
  • Marcel: I'm not sure it's according to the statutes what you propose.
  • Thomas: As  I have read the statutes today again - I think we have a lack of  regulation within the statutes  which would us allow us to go both ways.
  •   Marcel: About Lola's concern: The pirate parties dedicated their  delegates to keep on track with PPI, so they should read the list.
  • Lola: They still get their chance to complain.
  • Thomas: Let them complain, they will shitstorm anyway.
  •   Pat: I don't see the point in appointing new board members; I would  rather ask people to take over those tasks that we want to have  accomplished according to the intermediate PPI structure.
  •   Marcel: When 2 board members left the board, democracy is at stake. We  need a vast majority of the members to agree on something so that some  proposal passes. We need 4 board members to agree on anything that is  voted on. Furthermore only 5 opinions are presented.
  •   Lola: Another thing I'm scared of is that we are getting people are not  accomplishing anything, as it needs time for them to understand what's  going on.
  • Marcel: That is an argument in favour for doing the elections now.
  •   Thomas: I wrote certain thoughts, which may should be decided today.  Concerning the online GA it's possible as it's mentionned in the  statutes; concerning appointing a succession or if we should do anything  at all, it is not regulated at all in the statutes. So according to  Marcel the best way would be to appoint new members. As the board we  have to follow the regulations and we should stick to the statutes by  asking for an online GA just to elect those people that should fill in  the vacant seats and we should have representation. Sometimes it might  be even easier to have 7 aboard than only 5.
  • Marcel: according to the statutes: (4)  In appropriate circumstances determined by the Board, there may be a  postal referendum to Ordinary Members between meetings of the  General  Assembly when the same rules as to voting, majority and in the event of a  tie shall apply.
  •   Marcel: This sentence says to us that if we determine that 5 board  members is not a good situation, then we might call for a postal  referendum. I see this situation that this needs a postal referendum. 
  •   Thomas: I think that's a good idea as we can decide how the referendum  should be carried out. If we can write it up today, we might have a  decision till the next board meeting. Should we carry out a short break  for carrying out certain thoughts?

short break beginning at 19:47

short break ended at 20:22

Proposal presented by Thomas ---  Content of proposed postal referendum:

1) Concerning the vacant PPI board seats a) Board shall go for extraordinary GA (online - procedure will follow) to elect successors b) Board shall appoint successors c) Board shall do nothing

2) In case of the referendum being in favour of an online GA a)  We would prefer a synchronously GA (e.g. mumble session) even if it  might lead to a rather unconvienent meeting time due to the fact that  PPI members are living in different time zones b)  We would prefer an asynchronous candidate proposal and voting procedure  as with this postal referendum accompanied by a platform where  candidates can answer our questions c) Either solution is fine for us

Deadline for handing in votes for the postal referendum: 2011-11-29 23:59 CET + 5 min in tolerance ---

  • Lola: What means handing in votes?
  • Thomas: Sending in answers. I propose that the votes should be sent in to the CoA as it is more independent than the board.
  • Lola: I think it's up to the board to decide in my opinion.
  • Thomas: That's a solution so we're not being stuck.
  • Pat: I'm in favour of it.
  • Marcel: I also have no problem with it. Let the members simply decide if they want to be bothered by an extraordinary GA.

YES: Marcel, Thomas, Pat, Lola NO: - ABSTENTIONS: -

RESULT: Motion passed.

  • Thomas: Next step should be sending it out.
  • Lola: I suggest Pat.
  • Marcel: I think it would be better sent out by the Co-Chairmen or the CAO.
  • Lola: So, Marcel?
  • Thomas: Could you do it this evening?
  • Marcel: Yes, I can do so.
  • Thomas: Thank you very much. I <3 u. Could you inform the CoA by CC as well, that they're aware of the task?
  • Marcel: Yes, I will do so.

5 other reports / postponed items

5.1 Headquarter

Report: Notary is busy, no chance to implement HQ this year. Will be done end of January. Only one person has to be there for incorporation.

5.2 - Define joint communication strategy

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #13, due date 2011-11-08.

Pat to send a proposal to the board.

Report by Pat: not finished, yet. any comments on the structure? (no comments)

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.3 - Contact PP Ireland initiative

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #14, due date 2011-11-08 (feedback).

From Redmine: One     member of PP-Ireland had contacted the board. Further initiative is    given. Marcel and Thomas asked Dieter Klein to do so as he marries to    Ireland. Contact data are exchanged.

Report by Thomas: Nothing new

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.4 - make Internet GA possible 

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #42, due date 2011-10-06.

From Redmine: Reminder for Samir: send the e-mail again and cc board

From the last meeting:  by Samir: I can prepare an email right now. Do you have a list? I will fix this during the meeting.

Report by Samir: (not present)

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.5 - Account creation and task definition & assignment

Redmine task #46, due date 2011-11-08

Frome   the last meeting:  by Marcel:  This is about updating the information   on the web. The original task  was about being a supervisor for a task   to be done by someone else. I  started to work on it myself. I updated   and deleted (outdated) certain  information. I also updated some pages   in the wiki (some are still  outdated) but I started to collect which   pages need to be updated. Tasks  for updating this has been created in   Redmine.

Report on progress: Marcel: No progress since last meeting.

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.6  - Information update

Redmine task #47, due date 2011-11-08

Report by Marcel: as stated in agenda item 3.6 (just a split of the task above)

Report: same as above.

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.7 - Write a job description for a new IT manager applications

Redmine task #66, due date 2011-11-01

From   the last meeting:  by Pat:  I called Christoph after the last board   meeting and he said he will  take a look at the issue and try to work  on  it those days but I haven't  heard an update from him since then. I  can  call / remind him more often  of course, but that's probably not a   solution. I will call him again and  ask him to setup a time and   management plan for updating the IT.

Report by Pat: Got in contact but agreed meeting was cancelled. Not managed to get on hold of him since then.

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.8 - Response to PP-IN request

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #67, due date 2011-11-01.

From the last meeting: by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone or takeover Samir is willing to take over the task, given that the information is forwarded to him REDMINE: postpone by 2 weeks, responsibility to Samir (remark that Pat is responsible for forwarding the request)

Report by Samir: (not present)

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.9 - Response to PP-DO request

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #69, due date 2011-11-08

From the last meeting: From Redmine: Samir, to find and send to Marcel the e-mail Report by Samir: Marcel: I assume we can delete/skip this one, as I had a discussion with Samir and he said he sent the mail to the party. Samir:    Do not close the task. We have to find a way to contact them. I sent    them mails twice. Is anyone else willing to try? Someone who speaks    Spanish? Lola: I can try to. Send me the information. Samir: Can you forward me the questions by mail and I'll answer it ASAP? Lola: Okay.


Report by Lola: Both PP-DO and PP-CO have not been done. I sent 3 reminders to Samir, but got no info yet.

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.10 - Response to PP-CO request

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #70, due date 2011-08-03.

From the last meeting: From Redmine: We are waiting for their response until the next meeting.

Report   by Samir:  I sent more than just 1 mail and got no response. So it   would be nice  to have someone trying to contact them that speaks their   language as  well. Lola: I will take over the task


Report by Lola: (see above)

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.11 - channels administration

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #81, due date 2011-11-01.

From the last meeting: Pat to send a proposal to the CAO and the board Report by Pat:  still in progress as last meeting; please postpone


Report by Pat: I discussed the issue with Lola. She's not interested in a further integration and thus we decided to close the task.

  • Lola: It's not that I'm not interested, but I think it's not necessary at the moment.

REDMINE: close task

5.12 - Full Preliminary report

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #87, due date 2011-11-08

Samir to finish and send the document to the members

Report by Samir: no progress on this one yet. postpone as short as possible.

REDMINE: 2 weeks


Samir is not present

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.13 - pi2pi.{us,org,net,mobi,info,biz}

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #91, due date 2011-11-08.

From Redmine: pass the issue to Collentine

From the last meeting: Report by Thomas: <not present> Collentine is present. Collentine: We're not interested in the domains and there's no point in renewing them. Pat: So should we close the task? Lola: Let's ask Thomas then on the next board meeting. Marcel:    I suggest to update the task with this discussion; as Thomas is the    assignee, he will be informed about it and hopefully update us. REDMINE: 2 weeks, ask Thomas


Report by Thomas: I think it's not of further importance; thus close the task

REDMINE: close the task

5.14 - Is streaming necessary?

Postponed from the previous board meeting

Redmine task #95, due date 2011-11-08.

From the last meeting: From Redmine: Use a poll among pp-leaders list users to determine whether we need to stream the board meetings or not. Report by Pat: still in progress as last meeting; please postpone


Report by Pat:  The poll has already been opened; according to the current responses it  seems that we have to implement streaming. I would be happy if the task  could be updated to "Pat implements a streaming possibility for  evaluation for next board meeting".

  • Thomas: An IT group is already looking into a possibility for a constant streaming solution.
  • Pat: please send me the details

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks, add sentence "Pat looks for a possible implementation"

5.15 - PPI rights definition (IT)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Task progress is being tracked in: Redmine task #25 (parent) Redmine task #57: Spreadsheet creation Redmine task #58: Write all assets Redmine task #59: Criteria setting Redmine task #60: Asking for competences (child of #25)

Spreadsheet creation, due date 2011-08-08


From the previous board meeting:

:    Samir: new proposal - We, the board will grant Patrick and Thomas a   one  time permission for the revocation of certain people's rights,  who   should sensibly no longer have rights with some of our IT   infrastructure  and will report back to the board in detail. In the future, a clear and public revocation procedure will be used. One time permissions for rights revocation will not be granted again before this revocation procedure is in place.

RESULT: Motion passed

Write all assets, due date 2011-08-08

From the previous board meeting:

: Samir: now, that I have the spreadsheets I will start to write on it. Deadline: next board meeting.

Report by Samir: I did not write on the spreadsheets

Marcel: which translates then to postpone? Samir: yes

Criteria setting, due date 2011-08-08

Report by Samir:

Asking for competences (child of #25), due date 2011-08-08

Report by Samir:

Concerning the revocation list Pat: I did not work on it; I don't have info if Thomas worked on it.


Report by Thomas: I have done nothing on that. Report by Pat: Same for me.

REDMINE: extend for 2 weeks

5.16 - PP-RU request - Lopukhov family case (Lola)

From the previous meeting: Moscow    residents Andrey and Natalya Lopukhov have been charged with Internet    video piracy, with Russian and international copyright owners seeking    damages estimated at over 38 billion rubles, or $1.26 billion. They   just  distributed around 30 movies and cartoons. Should the Lopukhov   family  be found guilty, they could face up to 6 years in prison with a   fine of  up to 500 thousand rubles. PP-RU strarted a support campaign   for  Lopukhov family (support in media; Paul Rassudov, the leader of   PP-RU,  every day shares on his personal web-site 30 movies from the   same copy  monopolists) and they ask PPI to support this case.

Marcel: Be careful what you do. The PP-CZ only risked dissolution, but Paul put something on his personal website. Samir: Personally I support it and I don't see any contradiction. Marcel: I agree; I have to less knowledge about the case and we cannot express general support until then. Samir: You can communicate that we're positive about it first, but we need more details to make a formal decision. @collentine: I see no problem high-lighting the issue by writing article and spreading it but supporting requires more details


Report by Lola:  I have any new information, except that the program used was Torrent  Tracker. The PP-RU plans to support it, but they haven't started yet. So  I'm just getting the board informed.

short break beginning at 20:48

short break ending at 20:53

6 - AOB

  • Thomas: We should do more on the basis of monitoring international events etc. - eg. Free Bradley Manning  in order to see what's going. Currently a lot is going on concerning  human rights. We have to carry on. We could put on those things upfront  the next meeting and put all technicalities at the back.
    • Pat: Why aren't we going to discuss this an extraordinary meeting next week?
    • Lola: I agree.
    • Marcel: Fine with me.

=> Extraordinary, informal board meeting next Tuesday 19:00 CET on mumble

  • Thomas: Wipo - should be discussed, too as we were going for membership in the past. This initiative should be revived.

Meeting Closed: 20:59 CET by Thomas.