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--- 20/12/2011 19:00h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Samir, Lola, Thomas, Patrick excused: unexcused:

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at 19:12 CET by Thomas Meeting closed "early" at 22:00 CET by Meeting chaired by Thomas Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum . 4 Members out of 4 present Streaming started: [No] Not possible Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No] RoP:

19:17 beginning short break

19:18 ending short break

19:44 beginning short long break

21:43 ending long break

Meeting closed early at 22:00

3 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points. Pat: / a lot, not in my mind now Samir:Just arrived home from visiting .de. cz, bosnian and serbian pirates. Lola: active in the actitivies in Russia. Kazakststan, PR sent to PPs to inform the press Thomas: / sick short breack 19:17 - 19:18

4 General Assembly 2012

Thomas: Have you made any decision? Lola: I would not vote for Tunisia, as they could not update the offer. I will not would for Russia as it's my country, but also because we would all need visa and I consider it rather expensive. So I would for Czechia, as they are rather cheap, convenient and offer good accessibility and location. Thomas: I would vote for Czechia too. Russia might not offer any remote possibility. Tunisia hadn't concluded its offer. Samir: For me there are only 2 options, which means that Czech is not an option. I would see it as problematic if we would for Czech. I vote for Tunisia for political reasons, as it's best opportunity due to PR. Also I think it would be problematic if we'd vote for Russia as we have a Russian official. Pat: I would like to know more about the situation in Tunisia. Lola: In October I tried to contact them but did not succeed. I asked several people. It was hard to find someone. In the offer there's hardly any clear planning visible. We haven't recieved anything back when we wrote about handing in further information. Samir, do we have any further information concerning their status? Thomas: Please stay on topic. No discussion on previous GAs. I had contact with some people from Tunisia. It seems there have been 2 groups. It was unclear which PP is the correct one. If I had known better and if the details would have been better, I would have loved to go for Tunisia. Lola: The idea of PPI is to support the pirate parties. But it's not that the PPI GA is a charity event. We need it to have on a certain professional level. Pat: Do you think it would be more professional in CZ than in RU? Lola: The benefit of the CZ is the price. The ticket from Hamburg to Rosdorf is quite expensive. Also the price for the ship is quite high if not enough people are going to participate; then the delegates will need either to pay a higher price or we need to cover the expenses. Pat: I will vote for Russia. I don't think that Tunisia is an option currently, but I also see that PPI is extremely eurocentric. The issue is not that the PPI GA should be used as a tool for promotion indeed, but PPI is way too eurocentric and we have tried not much to better that. Thomas: I would suggest that we have a recession break of a few minutes as we have currently a tie.

19:44 beginning short break

20:XX ending short break

Vote: Czechia: Thomas, Lola, Russia: Pat Tunisia: Samir Vote failed. 2e preference; .CZ .RU Samir .TN Patrick "TEST" Second Vote: .CZ Lola, Thomas .RU .TN Samir. Tunisia according to the RoP - undecided. Actual Voting: .CZ Thomas, Lola, Pat (conditional that we'll find another financing for the delegates, especially non-European ones; either financed by PPI or a price system based-on travel costs and per capita GDP) .RU .TN Samir Czech has been decided as a place Discussion on a possible conference date; using the dates suggested by CZ March 10th--11th 2012 March 24th--25th 2012 April 14th--15th 2012 Lola, Thomas, Samir, Patrick Thomas: I think March would be a bad date as most pirate parties have their GA in March. Lola: I think it would be better sooner than later, as we are only 4 persons left in the board. On the other hand the wheater would be better in April. There's a unanimous majority for April (but no strong opinion by any board member) Discussion for appointing 1 or 2 board members for discussing the details with CZ and the financing Lola and Pat should be responsible Samir will abstain from further votes concerning the conference. ( Due to it being held in Europe. ) Pat will write an official mail to pp-leaders, send the draft to Lola Conference Team (PPI-board): Lola, Patrick

Meeting closed early at 22:00

5 Headquarter /bank account

6 Situation in Italy

PP Italy: Call for help - proposal - send to CoA as it is its function

postponed from the previous board meeting

7 Ruling CoA

PP-CH did oppose to the ruling of the CoA

proposed actions

8 Blogpost


Meeting Closed: __:__ CET by