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--- 03/01/2011 19:00h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2]


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Pat, Lola, Thomas
unexcused: Samir

1.2 - Others

Jerry Weyer
Mike Herbst
Wolfgang Preiss
Erik Fenhir
Uwe Stein


Meeting opened at 19:15 CET by ThomasG Meeting closed at 20:35 CET by ThomasG Meeting chaired by ThomasG Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum not= established. 3 Members out of 4 present Streaming started: [No] Not possible Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No] RoP:

Short break beginning at 19:46

Short break ending at 19:51


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

Pat: Participated in the discussion on streaming and remote participation, as well as asking scouts about the financing system used for international camps. Writing a post on Public Domain Day. Overall a lot of informal work and extremely busy with other stuff. Samir: <not present> Lola: Preparing the agenda for today, regular FB update, blog post about "first" CC licensed Russian movie, interview to Flaschenpost Thomas: Overall off, minor things, usual work.

3.2 - Define joint communication strategy

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #13, due date 2011-12-06.

Pat to send a proposal to the board.

Report by Pat: Had no time to work on further. Just a question: Should anything concerning competences be included?


  • Thomas: It should not be definitive on certain points, but more overall, how should we could communicate, what can or should be internal, etc. Those things should be regulated I believe.
  • Lola has nothing to add.

REDMINE: Postpone by one month, low priority

3.3 - Contact PP Ireland initiative

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #14, due date 2011-11-22 (feedback).

From Redmine: One member of PP-Ireland had contacted the board. Further initiative is given. Marcel and Thomas asked Dieter Klein to do so as he marries to Ireland. Contact data are exchanged.

Report by Thomas: no news up to today, new due date 2012-02-05?

(no objections)

REDMINE: Postpone by one month

3.4 - Organizational Structure

Redmine task #27, due date 2011-12-16

From Redmine: introducing and limiting the intermediate structure to 16th of December (4 months + 2 weeks) at most

Report by (Marcel):: <not present, left the board>


  • Thomas: As we decided to limit the intermediate structure for a deadline and Marcel is not present anymore this one is quite interesting. Shall we close it?
  • Lola: Yes, close it.
  • Pat: Can't we ask another pirate to work on this one? I mean to come up with a suggestion?
  • Lola: I think Marcel already worked on it; I would close it and leave it up to the next board.
  • Thomas: There would be no problem at all with this. In my eyes we should close it and let it be reviewed another time.
  • Lola: You could send the current structure to pp-leaders and tell them, so that they are free to suggest one.
  • Pat: Would anyone oppose?
  • Thomas: Just go ahead.
  • Lola: As we have currently 105 open tasks I would like to pressure for closing those that are not really relevant as it boosts bureacraucy without anything get done.
  • Thomas: I would also prefer to see less bureaucracy.

REDMINE: Close the task

3.5 - PPI Statutes - Mandatory requirements / change request for Belgian legal requirements

Redmine task #39, due date 2011-12-02

Report by Samir: <not present>

Discussion: Pat: I'm not aware of any changes that are necessary. That might change with the HQ, but I'm not aware of any necessary changes.

Consensus to postpone

REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.6 - make Internet GA possible

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #42, due date 2011-12-06.

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.7 - Account creation and task definition & assignment; Information update

Redmine task #46, #47 due date 2011-12-06

From Redmine: This is about updating the information on the web. The original task was about being a supervisor for a task to be done by someone else. I started to work on it myself. I updated and deleted (outdated) certain information. I also updated some pages in the wiki (some are still outdated) but I started to collect which pages need to be updated. Tasks for updating this has been created in Redmine.

Report by (Marcel): <not present, left the board>


  • Lola: I've read it, it's basically day to day updating of the website. I think we can close this one.
  • Thomas: I agree, as it's a day to day task, I think it's not on the agenda.

Consensus to close


3.8 - Write a job description for a new IT manager applications

Redmine task #66, due date 2011-11-01

From Redmine: Pat to call Christoph; discuss stuff to do UPD: Reached Christoph after meeting Currently stuck with many duties (e.g. preparation for national GA in DE) Hence will not be done before 6th of December Thus task extended for 2 weeks

Report by Pat: Wrote again to Christoph, no response


  • Thomas: Suggestion: close the task as Christoph has taken over the responsiblity.
  • Pat: Who will be the contact person for now in the board? Thomas?
  • Thomas: Yes, can do so.

Consensus to close


3.9 - Response to PP-IN request

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #67, due date 2011-11-22.

Report by Samir: <no present>


  • Thomas: I'm not aware of anything new. Anyone else? I guess we need to postpone this issue.

REDMINE 2 weeks

3.10 - Responses to PP-DO and PP-CO requests

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #69, #70 due date 2011-12-06

From Redmine: Samir should forward info to Lola

Report by Lola: I asked Samir to forwarded the relevant emails, but never got any response so I decided to re-assign the task to Samir.

Consensus for Re-assignement + postponing

REDMINE Responsibility Samir, 2 weeks

3.11 - Full Preliminary report

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #87, due date 2011-12-06

Samir to finish and send the document to the members

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

REDMINE 2 weeks

3.12 - Is streaming necessary?

Postponed from the previous board meeting

Redmine task #95, due date 2011-12-06.

From Redmine: Use a poll among pp-leaders list users to determine whether we need to stream the board meetings or not. Pat looks for a possible implementation.

Report by Pat: Sorry for reporting not on that earlier. I know that there were people that said it is necessary, so we will have to look into a solution.


  • Thomas: The party of Lower Saxony is still looking into an implementation, also Pat was looking into it.
  • Lola: I would suggest to work on #53 which is about implementing the streaming and close this one.

Consensus to close

REDMINE: Close, assign #53 to Pat

Short break beginning at 19:46

Short break ending at 19:51

  • Pat: notice on the previous item on streaming board meetings. 6 Parties responded to the poll, namely: Pirate Party Slovenia, Brazilian Pirate Party, PP Russia, PP Luxembourg, Pirate Party of Turkey, PIRATA España. The latter three i.e. 50% voted in favour of streaming board meetings and as this was kind of a veto-vote it's clear that it's necessary thing we should work on.
  • Thomas: So I will ask the party of Saxony if they have news and will come back to you.
  • Lola: You would like to have #53 assigned to you, Pat?
  • Pat: Yes.

3.13 - Apply as an observer member in WIPO

Redmine task #76, due date 2011-12-13

From Redmine: The PPI members still want PPI to be an observer member of the WIPO. The fact that we don't have legal subjectivity yet doesn't mean we cannot apply at a later date. Therefore this task shall not be closed until it has been resolved by this Board or the next one.

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

REDMINE 2 weeks

3.14 - Finlay situation

Redmine task #104, due date 2011-11-22

From Redmine: Marcel and Lola are formulating a letter to the CoA that the seat is vacant in our opinion.

Report by Lola: Marcel created the letter to the CoA and we recieved the response. Here is the important part: <<CoA mail 12/09/11: Article 1) November 22th "vacant seats in the PPI board" statement by the PPI board is irregular, but with the reserve expressed at considering 10 the two seats vacancy is confirmed. 10) Considering that the Court of Arbitration confirms both Paul Da Silva and Finlay Archibald's PPI board seats vacancy at the time of the statement, with the result that the PPI board statement irregularity does not make the following referendum invalid.>> Thus we can close the task.

Consensus to close


3.15 - Board members elections

Redmine task #105, due date 2011-11-22

Report by (Marcel): <not present, left the board>


  • Lola: The task #105 was dedicated to have possibly board elections by referendum. We wrote the mail and the CoA circulated the results of the referendum. Here is the important part:

<<CoA mail 01/12/11: Based on this summary, the final result of the referendum is : 1. c) Board shall do nothing. 2. b) (Irrelevant.)>> 2b would have been about possible election means. So we should do nothing.

  • Thomas: I would suggest the upcoming GA should decide a clear way if such a situation arises again.

Consensus to close


3.16 - PPI rights definition (IT)

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #25 (parent), Due date 2011-12-06

Redmine task #57: Spreadsheet creation

Report by Thomas: no news, as spreadsheet published month ago

Redmine task #58: Write all assets

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #59: Criteria setting

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #60: Asking for competences

Report by Samir: <not present>


  • Thomas: What shall we do with it? Keep as it is? Close all of it? I personally like to close it, as we have been doing this for months now and have been no results.
  • Pat: Can't we write like a memo for the next board in the sense "you should take care of that"?
  • Lola: I would suggest to postpone it till the end of May. The current board has no possibilities to work on it.
  • Thomas: And if we still find the time, even the better.

REDMINE: #25 - End of May - for the next board

3.17 - PPI Assets list

Redmine task #37 (parent) Due date 2011-12-12

Redmine task #63: Asking for competences

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #62: Writing of other assets

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #61: Other asset listing

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #64: Parties list

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

REDMINE: 2 weeks

4 - PPI GA 2012

Court of Arbitration preliminary ruling n°2012-1, January the 3rd of 2012

Excerpts: << [...]

The Court of Arbitration, however, decided to confirm the choice of the PPI board for the 2012 PPI GA location without waiting for the end of the investigation process on corruption charges, as the prejudice for the PPI would be greater otherwise.



Article 1) Anybody having clear evidence of corruption in the choice of the 2012 PPI General Assembly location shall send it before Tuesday January 10th of 2012 to the PPI Court of Arbitration. The procedure to file such evidence to the Court of Arbitration shall be the same than for filing complaints in its provisional rules of procedure.

Article 2) The choice of the offer from Pirate Party of Czech Republic to host the 2012 PPI General Assembly is definitive.

Article 3) The current decision will be published on the PPI website.

Deliberated by the Pirate Party International Court of Arbitration on January 3rd of 2012, attended by the followings : Sven Clement, Marco Confalonieri, Arturo Martínez and Maxime Rouquet.


  • Thomas: That had been sent out to the public. So I ask the public, e.g. the listeners if you have evidence of corruption, please send it to the CoA.
  • Thomas: Lola, Pat do you have any news concerning the GA?
  • Lola: We started to work on the streaming, we have a mailing list, we have no consensus on the structure yet. I think we'll need to have a mumble meeting with us and the Czech pirates and all other interested parties. Interested people should contact the board. Pat, can you setup a Doodle for finding a date?
  • Pat: Will do so right after the meeting.

(possibililty for questions)

  • Wolfgang: I can give you a short report on the state of the streaming. So far, Tomas from PP-CZ and I agreed that I will be offering a video stream by flash /and/ RTSP which can be viewed by VLC and other players that's available for all systems. The stream can be viewed on common mobile devices such as Android and Apple devices.
  • Lola: I was speaking with Tomas today and he sent a private email yesterday, because he missed some mails in the discussion on We have no problem with your streaming, please do it for us.
  • Thomas: Wolfgang, You are certainly thanked by the board members and the parties for it. Anything else for the upcoming GA?

5 - Headquarter /bank account

  • Thomas: As I know Samir is responsible for the bank?
  • Pat: I'm partially responsible for it as well. The notary secretary said it should be possible by the end of January and she will be back by January 9th.
  • Lola: Please fix the date ASAP, due to fixing the travel date by place becomes more expensive.
  • Thomas: As soon as we get access to the bank account, we may have the possibility to ask the pirate party of Germany for support in that aspect for last year. However they striked out the 5% at the last GA, but we might get the possibility to ask them about the money for the previous year. It will be more difficult in the future to recieve that amount; it's not a small amount of money actually. Any questions or further remarks on that?
  • Lola: Why don't we have any information on that?
  • Pat: There's still a signature missing, which I need to provide and we did not want to risk to lose the papers again.
  • Thomas: I remember that we asked Samir last time and he said something that he has them somewhere. It's of mature importance that we have them.
  • Pat: I will ascertain that Samir got the forms; I will ask him to provide me a photograph or scan for proof.
  • Jerry Weyer mentions that he would be around January 26th if something would be still needed from his side.

6 - Situation in Italy

PP Italy: Call for help - proposal - send to CoA as it is its function

postponed from the previous board meeting


  • Thomas: I don't have any new information. Do you have?
  • Lola: I was in contact with some girl from Italy. I offered my help. She contacted Marco, but Marco refused as he was a CoA member and involved in the corruption case. I may now try to get into contact after the ruling. Shall I do that?

Consensus that Lola will look into it.

REDMINE: 2 weeks, new task for Lola

7 - Ruling CoA

PP-CH did oppose to the ruling of the CoA

proposed actions
  • Thomas: do we have any proposed actions?

(currently none)

  • Thomas: then leave it as it is.

8 - Blogpost


  • Pat: This one has already been published on

(no further comments)


publishing CoA ruling

  • Thomas: Concerning the CoA ruling, it has been said that it needs to be published. Should that be on the website or the wiki? I would rather suggest the wiki.
  • Lola: I agree that it should be rather on the wiki, as the adminstrational stuff is all in the wiki currently, and the important news for everyone are on the website.
  • Pat: Just suggest them the wiki and see if they disagree with that.
  • Thomas: I will write to them about it.

Meeting Closed: 20:35 CET by Thomas