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--- 17/01/2012 19:00h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Part 1 [1] Part 2 [2]


=== 1.1 - Members of the PPI board === Reestablishing connection...

participating: Pat, Thomas, Lola excused: unexcused: Samir (joined at 19.36 CET)

1.2 - Others


Meeting opened at 19:17 CET by Thomas Meeting closed at 21:01 CET by Thomas Meeting chaired by Thomas Secretary for this meeting is Pat Quorum established. [4] Members out of [4] present Streaming started: [No] Not possible Recording started: [Yes] Postal votes: [No] RoP:

19:36 CET Samir joins the meeting

Short break beginning at 19:52

Short break ending at 19:59


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Thomas: nothing to report, everyday business
  • Pat: Tried to lobby against SOPA/PIPA, worked for the PPI conference, prepared some documents concerning the notary and the conference
  • Lola: had very busy weeks; Social media (Twitter, Google+, FB), Redmine, minutes, agenda, like to thank PPI members about the support for PP Russia servers so they didn't go down, investigation in PP Italy (see below), PP Croatia (see below), PPI GA invitations list, had meeting with Mikulash on PPI GA, planning to attend the Young pirates GA in 2 weeks, talk with PP Slovenia concerning membership question; they're fine if they get the confirmation at the next GA (so task in Redmine postponed)

3.2 - PPI Statutes - Mandatory requirements / change request for Belgian legal requirements

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #39, due date 2012-01-17

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus on postponing

3.3 - make Internet GA possible

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #42, due date 2012-01-17

Report by Samir: <not present>


  • Pat: I would suggest to do a write-up on the experiences we have with the upcoming remote participation system and probably start to ask the members that they may come forth at the GA with a proposal (or at least a discussion) that would further clarifiy how this should be implemented.
  • Thomas and Lola agree.

Redmine: 2 weeks

3.4 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date 2012-01-17

From Redmine: Pat: notice on the previous item on streaming board meetings. 6 Parties responded to the poll, namely: Pirate Party Slovenia, Brazilian Pirate Party, PP Russia, PP Luxembourg, Pirate Party of Turkey, PIRATA España. The latter three i.e. 50% voted in favour of streaming board meetings and as this was kind of a veto-vote it's clear that it's necessary thing we should work on. Thomas: So I will ask the party of Lower-Saxony if they have news and will come back to you. Lola: You would like to have #53 assigned to you, Pat? Pat: Yes.

Report by Pat: asked Thomas before the meeting on it.


  • Thomas: Lower-Saxony has not progressed there. The Hessen IT is working on it AFAIK. That's all I know.

3.5 - Response to PP-IN request

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #67, due date 2012-01-17

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus on postponing

3.6 - Responses to PP-DO and PP-CO requests

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #69, #70 due date 2012-01-17

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus on postponing

3.7 - Apply as an observer member in WIPO

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #76, due date 2012-01-17

From Redmine: The PPI members still want PPI to be an observer member of the WIPO. The fact that we don't have legal subjectivity yet doesn't mean we cannot apply at a later date. Therefore this task shall not be closed until it has been resolved by this Board or the next one.

Report by Samir: <not present>


  • Pat: this is partially related to the HQ incorporation (see item 5). I would suggest that we assign someone the task to start filling out the application form, even though PPI HQ is not yet incorporated.
  • Thomas: AFAIK there's an almost complete preparation form in the pad. Only changes in the board are to be done.
  • Pat: Probably postpone then?

Redmine 2 weeks

3.8 - Full Preliminary report

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #87, due date 2012-01-17

From Redmine: Samir to finish and send the document to the members

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

3.9 - PPI Assets list

Postponed from the previous board meeting.

Redmine task #37 (parent) Due date 2012-01-17

Redmine task #63: Asking for competences

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #62: Writing of other assets

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #61: Other asset listing

Report by Samir: <not present>

Redmine task #64: Parties list

Report by Samir: <not present>

Consensus to postpone

3.10 - Situation in Italy

Redmine task #109 due date 2012-01-17

Report by Lola: vs.

PP-IT (, the member of PPI was found in 2006.
There are a few Pirate movements in Italy.
Fronte dei Pirati – another movement (no party) in Italy, possible that in future they will join PP-IT.
South Tyrol PP, the German speaking community in Northern Italy. Nobody there would vote for Italian PP. Its like the situation with the PP Spain and PP Catalonia. They collaborate. For example South Tyrol helped PP-IT with translation the liquid feedback to Italian from German.
One of the members of the "second" PP-IT ( ), is a member of a private copying levy (tax on recording systems commission) in Italy. They are actually not pirates but they want to use the popular name. They are not against copyright for example and they don't share pirate values.
The PP-IT is ordinary member of PPI and those other guys are not, they are not even going to apply for observer membership.
They might have the advantage in collecting signatures for the registration because some their members are civil officers and can verify the signatures fast.
PP-IT applied too the Coart for the misuse of the name Pirate Party (and not for trademark issues as Samir told us). PP-IT is trying to prevent them from registering the trademark in Italy. PP-IT requested the court to prevent the "other" pirate party to attempt to register the pirate sign. And PP-IT are not interested in registering it.
Statement from PPI that PP-IT is a member and is not. And that they are not sharing the core values of Pirate movement. In the form of the article on PPI web page will be sufficient. The first hearing in the coart is 29 of February. So it will be great if we can publish the statement till the end of January. And I asked Marco to translate for me the program statements of the both parties so we can compare them in our statement and show who is the real pirate here.

19:36 CET Samir joins the meeting


  • Samir: I already reported on the Italian situation. I put trust that everyone involved is responsible for their actions.
  • Lola: What would you think about writing a report about the current situation?
  • Thomas: I think it's good.
  • Pat: I'm also fine with that; I just would try to base it on evidence as much as possible.
  • Samir: I think it's on the edge. You have to get the data of both parties. We need to get the data of both parties and we should aim at resolving the conflict.
  • Lola: I think PPI should not stay out of this. PPI should help and support their members; so it's IMO our duty to support them. The CoA is responsible for solving inside the movement; but this is outside of the movement. I would just write a short report on the PPI website, nothing "legal".
  • Samir: My main argument in the previous discussion was that pirate parties should not be involved in a fight concerning "intellectual property" stuff. I mailed an international organization about this before.
  • Thomas: There is a PP Italy which is a member of PPI. IMO we should just clearly state that this is our member.
  • Lola: I would like to say that there is no fight concerning "intellectual property". I think the information you spread is inaccurate. I was asking members of PP-IT which stated that they were asking Samir which started to say that this was about an "IP" fight.
  • Samir: I will forward all the information, all data. But I will not be hold accountable for anything that is going to happen concerning this situation.
  • Lola: That's okay for me, but please read my report as well.
  • Thomas: Can we go on?
  • Lola asks for a formal voting.

Thomas: Proposal: who is in favour of an article on the webpage stating out, that PP-IT ( is a Member of PPI and shares our values and that other "so called" other pirate party in Italy (using the domain are not part of the PP movement, nor do we consider the latter being even close to it.

short break beginning at 19:52

short break beginning at 19:59

Vote: YES:Thomas, Pat, Lola NO: ABSTAIN: Samir

  • Samir: I'll abstain. ( And stop all current operations regarding this issue )

We agreed on my not being accountable or what so ever. ( Not that i'm against stating the facts, i am against the added political statements about the fringe group. ) /$@

  • Lola: I'll prepare the text and send it to the board for proof-reading.
  • Thomas: Just ask PP-IT to be in support by writing that text.
  • Lola: Already did so.

REDMINE IT, 2 weeks

4 - PPI GA 2012

report by Lola: Most of the peoples present are subscribed to the mailing list that is concerned about the conference. We're currently working on the invitiations. I will write a draft letter for that in order to get a confimation. I started to discuss with Mikulash the program of the GA. I would like to have an interview with all representative pirates of members of PPI. "What topics should be discussed? What speakers should be present?" I assume it will take a month for that assesment. I would like to ask you whether the invitations are to be sent by PPI or PP-CZ. I would also like to ask Pat to talk about the assesment system.


  • Thomas: I think it should be PPI who sends the invitations. Questions towards Lola?
  • Pat: (long explanation on the assesment form, content and reasoning)
  • Lola: Have you had a talk with Mikulash?
  • Pat: No, not yet.
  • Thomas: does anyone have further questions?

No questions at the moment.

5 Review of decisions made at the previous Meeting of the Board

  • Thomas: Are their remarks on the previous decisions? Should there be anything to be changed? In the RoP we stated that we want to offer a veto option if there are less than 4 board members.
  • Samir: I'll abstain on everything and I don't take responsibility for it.
  • the decisions by the previous meeting of the board are approved by 3 on favour and one abstention.

6 - PPI HQ Incorporation

Proposed by Patrick

Tentative date for HQ incorporation: 7th of February 11:00 CET at the notary in Brussels. Proxies contracts are possible, even on short notice. It would be sufficient if even only one person would be present. For me the date is fine. Samir wrote the tentative date would be fine for him as well. This allows for fixing the Triodos bank account as well.

The secretary of the notary is currently working on the questions and suggestions we had. An answer is to be expected next week. I told her that - as soon as a reasoning is clear for all these points - we're ready to setup the AISBL. so far no response on the questions, but the secretary promised (on phone) to work on it ASAP (that was on January 12th, 2 days after the holiday break)


  • Lola: I would probably not go to Brussels due to personal reasons. What would be needed for the proxy?
  • Pat: A proxy contract will be needed. Stating out exactly what it is about. (by email and per snailmail)
  • Thomas: I don't know about Belgian law. Does the proxy need to be signed by the notary?
  • Samir: AFAIK no.
  • Pat: I will assert on that and make sure that Lola gets all the necessary data. An open question is if Marcel should be part of the PPI HQ incorporation.
  • Thomas: I would appreciate if Marcel could be part of the incorporation.
  • Marcel (by Mumble chat): If you need it, yes. If you don't, I don't require myself to signing it.
  • Pat: I will clarifiy again with the notary if 3 or 4 persons would be better for the incorporation.

7 - Google+ groups

Proposed by Lola

Report by Lola: We were contacted by PP Slovenia if we want to be admins of the PPI group they created. I would like to decide today which one should be the right one.


  • Pat: This has been previously discussed internally on the maillist list of the PPI board.

There was some Google+ group which Pat became aware of, but which was previously named "Pirate Party International" (instead of "Parties"). Unfortunately he was able to get hold of the person that set up that group. Pat then set up another group with the correct name as a counter-measure. Now we've been informed by a PP leader that one of their members set up the first group and that they wanted to transmit that particular group to the PPI board just when they set it up (there should have been a mail which did not arrive at the board it seems). Lola declared she would be willing to get the admin rights in that mail. Subsequently Pat gave admin rights to Lola for the second group as well.

Consensus among Pat and Thomas that it's up to Lola to decide

Samir abstains and refrains from taking responsibility as well.

8 - PP-Croatia

Proposed by Lola

Report by Lola: Jerry started that EU pirate party initiative. He found out that there's no PP in Croatia. He found contacts for some people in Croatia. They have been asked if they want to participate at the PPI GA. blackout-Hrvgoogle blackoutatske/152933438129535

Samir: Is this the same PP Croatia as the one who recently ran for elections and is collaborating with the Pirate Parties of Bosnia and Serbia ? You might want to find out before you create any conflict. Detailed information can be provided by

  • Thomas: Is there further stuff to discuss?

No further discussion requests.

9 - PP- Mauritius

Thomas: Still in my pipeline, not contacted yet. I might report next meeting.

10 - Wiki page with the list of elected Pirates

Proposed by Lola

  • Lola: What about creating such a list? Wouldn't it be good to post this information on the wiki?
  • Thomas: There has been quite amount of people elected to local parliaments in Germany i.e. in Germany there are more than 100 people elected.
  • Lola: What about collecting that information?
  • Pat: I'm not against it, but I would like to have a start on the CRM. We should ask our members what they think of the current proposals on the PPI scout/CRM.
  • Samir: I used the word "unprofessional" , might not be political correct, but it's precise.
  • Thomas: We have this issue in Germany as well, because we lack the insight who exactly is elected and who not.
  • Pat: Even the better; let's discuss the issue then publicly.
  • Samir: That was exactly the reasoning why we wanted to appoint international coordinators.
  • Thomas: I think it's quite easy if we start to collect all people that are elected on state level (e.g. Berlin) and above; that's quite an easy task for now. Would that be a compromise?
  • Pat: That would be okay for me. However I'd still like to know if you have any objections if I'd go out with my PPI scout suggestion on the international MLs?
  • Thomas: no objection from my side. Other objections or opinions?

No other objections or opinions expressed.

Thomas suggests that he will do the proposed list on elected pirates with Lola the forthnight.

  • Lola: Do we have to put them on the wiki or not? They're pirates, but they are not a member of PPI.
  • Thomas: I would not object to that.
  • Lola: Do you think PP-SE would complain about that?
  • Thomas: I believe they won't object.
  • Pat: Me neither.
  • Lola: I understood that Amelia is a part of the Young pirates Sweden which is likely becoming an observer member. But it's not the same for Christian Engström.
  • Thomas: I have doubts that this is necessary.
  • Marcel suggests to have an official request.
  • Samir: But what about then about that pirate party in Italy?
  • Lola: I think it's different because they got elected for another party.

Consensus that parties should be asked previously that are not member of PPI

Pat suggests to have a draft put on and then let it be announced on asking if there's something missing.

Consensus that Lola and Thomas will take the lead

REDMINE: Thomas, Lola, 2 weeks.

11 - SOPA blackout strike

Press release:

  • Thomas: Are we in favour of participating in the protest?
  • Lola: I ask Pat to put the press release on the frontpage.
  • Thomas: Is it technically possible for us to participate?
  • Pat: Yes it is.
  • Thomas: Do we agree that we're taking part in the strike?

VOTE: Shall we participate in the strike? YES: Thomas, Lola, Pat NO: ABSTAIN: Samir (I abstain from voting for political reasons. But would like to add that PPI should have went on blackout hours ago. When Australia started doing it. Where is the common sense.)

Consensus on going PPI for black-out strike.

Pat is agreeing to take the responsibilty. Send any wishes to me by mail.

12 AOB

  • Lola: As we have Samir present at the meeting I would suggest that we could revise on the tasks that were discussed before he participated.
  • Thomas suggests that Samir is working on it on the forthnight. Samir agrees.
  • Thomas asks Samir to clarify on the accusation of corruption in the PPI board.

Meeting Closed: at 21:01 CET