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--- 01/05/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Lola, Jelena, Travis, Ed, Denis, Nuno excused: unexcused:

1.2 - Others

Jerry Weyer, PP-LU Samir Allioui, PP-NL etc.


Meeting opened at 19:35 CEST CEST by Gregory Meeting closed at 21:55 CEST by Gregory Meeting chaired by Co-Chairpersons Secretary for this meeting is Jerry. Quorum is established. [7] Members out of [7] present Streaming started: No, Not possible yet. Recording started: Yes Postal votes: No RoP:

2 - PPI Board Rules of Procedure

ROP were adopted last time. Suggestions for changes should be presented here.

3 - Review of previous Board Decision

No objections (Jelena: no objections but clarifications needed for PP-Leaders lists).


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: visited GA of Germany, delegation of international Pirates were present. International Pirates were covered by some media. Spoke to representatives of parlamentary groups of Pirate Party Germany and asked for support for PPI conference (agreed upon by all of them). I also did an analysis of the pp-leaders mailing list.
  • Lola: Wrote minutes, agenda, Redmine update. Visited PP-DE GA.
  • Jelena: international coverage on Share conference
  • Travis: speech against election fraud, started to establish international IT team (w/ Pirate Party Canada, US Party trying to do the same, asking for support of other Pirate Parties). Elected "captain" of US Pirate Party National Committee (PNC)
  • Ed: Pirate Bay blocked in UK, UK Pirate Party created proxy.
  • Denis: Started a press work strategy proposition in the PPI pad, together with Gregory (not that stunning yet ;)). It's called press-work.
  • Nuno: Almost finished a LiquidFeedback site for PPI members (should take only 1 day more due to problems wuth C update program, shifted to my own implementation in C#). Discussed with Pirate Party of Portugal tech team to see their willingness to participate in Travis initiative, they are interested and will contact soon.

The board received an application for observer membership from Icelandic "Best Party".

We were contacted by PP of Andorra and PP of Thailand.

Request for information exchange from Green Party of Malaysia.

4.2 - Update PPI Statutes

Redmine task #129, due date: 08/05/2012

Report by Gregory: not finished yet. Will be finished soon.

4.3 - Tech-team

Redmine task #130, due date: 08/05/2012

Report by Travis: cf. personal report.

5 - Transition meeting

5.1 - Representational

  • contact data to parties and NGOs & contact persons (eg. HQ lawyer)

A start: (@collentine): contact data of Pirate Parties.

Need for a list of contact data of lawyer, bank etc. Need Pat for that. Official PPI accounts can connect to backend and see contact list (some restrictions for new board members). Thomas Gaul and Pat Mächler can add persons that have no access yet. Some personal contact data saced (not for public access). Lola should have access to all documents (still some documents only available after request to Pat). Some problems with accounts still exist.

Gregory and Samir will check out of the meeting for the transition of all documents.

  • documents & templates

How about a dropbox shared folder or similar (wuala)? is anything like this exist? (gregory)

Templates are on the wiki.

5.2 - Financial

  • All bank account transition forms

Pat: was signed by me and Gregory; should be working if forwarded to Bruno Yserbit.

Gregory doesn't have the papers on him, but signed. Lola received some papers, will take a look if bank papers included.

Patrick & Samir signed papers at last GA to have access to Tridos bank account. Changing administration of PPI HQ in Brussels should automatically resolve all issues.

  • Full cash fund by treasurer

Pat: there is no cash fund; in contrast, PPI owes me money (see report that was also sent to

  • full accounting data

Pat: the accounting has been done in GnuCash; a preliminary version was sent to the lay auditors (some changes were done afterwards). I would like to discuss the details with the upcoming treasurer as I deem it not useful to discuss this with the whole board (except if this is an explicit wish by the board).

Lola: Skip because Pat is not present (no objections).

Samir: disscuss at the HQ meeting open to public scrutiny.

5.3 - Access and passwords

cf. Greogry: no access, Pat can issue new password. Gregory will request new password.

REDMINE: Find a place for hosting files. Gregory & Travis 2 weeks.

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+) - Access granted to persons interested to help. Call for applications for social manager -> REDMINE. Request access to LinkedIn from Marcel.
  • and - Steffen: Parrot & calendar not working, needs update. Gregory & Steffen will talk later.

REDMINE: Calendar and Parrot. Gregory to discuss with Steffen. 2 weeks

Access to PPI Pad: Gregory: not give to random people (due to personal contact data in some Pads). Create other team places f.ex..

5.4 - Open tasks by the old board

5.4.1 - Response to the conference letter by Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia

Redmine task #3, due date 2012-04-10

Subtasks: # 42: make Internet GA possible

Report by Thomas: not present

Travis: leave the task open and assign it to everyone.

Samir: people expressed criticism already. Comments in PPI backend - check it.

Gregory: create a new task "Fix problems with remote delegates". Write up Mail for this task that new concept is prepared.

Task: #42: make internet GA possible CLOSED: make new one (done #132)

5.4.2 - Transfer of bank account to new board members

Redmine task #5, due date 201-11-22

Related tasks: #30 Transparent bank account

Report by Pat: I can repeat that once again, if really needed. Most is already written in the financial/treasurer report. As long as the HQ was non-existant it was not feasible to open such an account. Furthermore I think more emphasis should be put on transparent accoutnting (which explains the bookings), than a transparent bank account (which is more of a proof for transparent accounting).

Postponed because Pat not present.

5.4.3. - Creation of PPI HQ in Brussels

Redmine task #6, due date 2011-07-24

Pat: See forwarded mail. For completeness I insert hereby it's content ---snip Note: There is a problem which should be fixed with the board update The address of Jurgen Rateau is 13 box 9, not 19 box 9 (AFAIK he found some intermediate fix though)

An update of the addresses and the persons responsible costs about 100€ if done directly at the ministry of justice and about 150€ if you ask the notary to help you with it. ---/snip This has been sent to me by the notary secretary

The HQ has been approved as of March 22nd and should be published according to the notary by the Ministry of Justice within one month (that has been written to me on April 10th); however the notary did not inform me about any publication. I guess it has been done. Probably we should explicitely ask about that at the notary.

Samir: wait for Pat. We have to sign for transition of PPI HQ in Brussels. Public scrutiny should be guaranteed.

Gregory: mail from Pat about problem with registration because of misspelled adress. Samir: Pat is person of contact for PPI HQ.

5.4.4. - Apply as observer member in WIPO

Redmine task #7, due date 2012-04-10

Related tasks: #76 Apply as an observer member in WIPO (child)

Report by Samir: registration w/ Belgian chamber of commerce of PPI HQ makes PPI eligeable for membership. Pad with necessary information.

(Pat: Not done as there was no real legal person to apply for; PPI HQ would be a legal person; PPI itself is not)

Denis will bring the application in person to WIPO in Geneva.

Task is assigned now to Denis, new Deadline for application is 31st of May 2012.

5.4.5 - Define joint communication strategy

Redmine task #13, due date 2012-02-03

Report by Pat: Started a draft on; still a lot ideas not written down. Not finished.

Denis: part of press communication strategy.

REDMINE: Denis 2 weeks

5.4.6 - Contact PP Ireland initiative

Redmine task #14, due date 2012-02-05

Report by Thomas: not present

Samir: PP-Ireland is dispanded, but people from Germany Pirate Party wanted to regroup. Ask Thomas for more information. -> Assigned to Gregory.

REDMINE Gregory 2 weeks

5.4.7 - PPI rights definition ( IT )

Redmine task #25, due date 2012-05-31

Related tasks: Task #57: Spreadsheet creation; Task #58: Write all assets; Task #59: Criteria setting; Task #60: Asking for competences

Report by Thomas: not present. Postponed.

5.4.8. - Corporate identity

Redmine task #41, due date 2012-05-10

Report by Samir: not all required information available to finish it.

Maked as low issue task. Jelena: lot of ressources in PP-Serbia.

REDMINE: Jelena 2 months draft in 2 months from now, and after that ratification and alternations

Gregory: Patrick might help.

5.4.9 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: not present. Lola: some work has been done. Members requested streaming. Contact w/ Young Pirates Germany who offered help.

REDMINE: Lola 1 month

5.4.10 - Wiki page with the list of elected Pirates

Redmine task #110, due date 2012-04-10

Report by Thomas: not present.

REDMINE: Lola 2 weeks

5.4.11 - PP-Leaders list

Redmine task #119, due date 2012-03-13

Report by Pat: Not done yet (mea culpa); mainly as I had problems accessing PPI hosts recently (some HDDs crashed). It's not that hard (see ). Anyway this task makes no sense in PPI board actually; it should be moved to Techteam.

Gregory: does it really make sense? Lola: not really a need of it. Decided on last meeting: update PP-Leaders list. Gregory already added some new members to PP-Leaders. Gregory will make Lola an admin. Samir: Google doc list outdated.

REDMINE: Close the task

Travis: make leaders list more accessible. Gregory: agree, put it on the wiki. Samir: lists receives sensitive information (cf. Tunisian revolution). Gregory: announce that the list exists, not make a public archive for the reasons mentionned.

5 - Treasurer elections

4 candidates available from the board. Discussion going on. Ed proposing to take over the task if noone else wants to do it. He would be strict about the way money is used.

Ed: got a new headset on order ;) got a new headset on order ;) but lol trying to work out how to phrase it Gregory jokes that there can be only one problem - legal record of him being no, there is no legal record against me ;) I would probably be fairly strict about the way we use our resources especially given what I was electe under both under this meeting and under the GA

Candidate for Treasurer: Ed Geraghty


Yes: Lola, Gregory, Jelena, Denis, Travis, Nuno | No: Ed
Position accepted by Ed: Yes

6 - AOB

Ed: UK might help from Dutch Pirate Party concerning TPB.

Travis: Pirate Party Canada needs help with French translations for promotional material. Contact PP-Switzerland, PP-France, PP-Luxembourg, PP-Belgium etc.

Gregory: PP-Germany GA elected new board. Former Vice-President is new President.

Meeting closed: at 21.55 CEST by Gregory

Next meeting: 08.05.2012 19:00h CEST