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--- 08/05/2012 19:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Lola, Nuno, Travis, Jelena excused: Denis, Ed unexcused:

1.2 - Others

Leif Kuse (PP-DE) Jerry Weyer (PP-LU) Charly Pache (PP-CH) Nofel Tiani (PP-BE) Matic Urbanija (PP-SI)


Meeting opened at 19:16 CEST by Lola Meeting closed at 21:30 CEST by Lola Meeting chaired by Lola Secretary for this meeting is Gregory Quorum is established. [5] Members out of [7] present Streaming started: No, Not possible yet. Recording started: Yes Postal votes: No RoP:

2 - PPI Board Rules of Procedure

Lola's proposal:

Some disscussion on how the decission should be made in the case if only 4 board members are present. Also proposal from Gregory to put back the provisions on the postal votes. Another concern is the time of publishing the provisional agenda.

Proposed by Jelena to move the discussion and voting to the end of the meeting.

for this meeting the RoP remain unchanged.

3 - Review of previous Board Decision

no objections.


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory:
    • upgraded to the current version
    • upgraded the forum and did some taks in it, deleted 12k spam posts, pruned the users, configuered new anti-spam measures, posted a call for global moderators, created country forums for andorra and albania
    • got access to the list-of-pps script and fixed some entries - also fixed the /about page on the website
    • found a pirate speaker for the Clemont-Ferrand festival -> Sven Clement will go.
    • added some people on pp-leaders list
    • created the pp-eu.statutes and pp-eu.programme lists for the PP-EU
    • started to experiment with for hosting the audio transcripts of the board meetings as podcasts.
    • some thought exchange on PPI Press team and PPI Newsletter
  • Lola:
    • Minutes, Redmine, Wiki, Agenda, RoP update
  • Jelena:
    • Press work charter
    • Coverage of elections in .rs, de for the international PR
    • talked with Denis on Press Team
    • press list
      • reviewiing material for corp.branding. it needs to be translated
  • Travis:
    • working with ACLU in USA to get Ballot Access
    • officially got PP-CA to join forces in the PPI Tech-Team and the pirate IRC
  • Nuno:
    • finishing up international lqfb - started sending out invites, more later in TOP5

4.2 - Update PPI Statutes

Redmine task #129, due date: 08/05/2012

Report by Gregory:

I am not finished, unfortunately, but will finish by tomorrow - we need the updated statutes for the WIPO application.

REDMINE: 1 week

4.3 - Tech-team

Redmine task #130, due date: 08/05/2012

Report by Travis:

Talked to the PP-CA and other PPI members
Gregory: I create a mailing list for the tech team.

REDMINE: 1 week

4.4 - Call for Applications for Chief Social Manager

Redmine task #131, due date: 08/05/2012

Report by Gregory:

In progress, going to finish by tonight

REDMINE 1 week

4.5 - Find the place for hosting files

Redmine task #134

Report by Gregory:

for audio files I am testing now For restoring files from the machine - this will happen most probably on the 19th of may. For hosting other files we could use either dropbox or or similar.

5 - PPI Liquid Feedback

Proposed by Nuno: Fulfilling promise - made an installation, wrote an email to the pp-leaders to get the right contacts to invite them to lqfb. The purpose of LQFB in the PPI is to try to streamline the GA procedure and to decentralize disscussion on statutes and proposals. Could not find the official contacts of PP-IT (Lola provided them)

6 - Internet GA

Proposed by Gregory:

CoA have asked us to conduct a internet-GA for including the new applicants. There could be two ways (at least) on how to conduct it - 1) having it as an online meeting (on mumble, or any other system) 2) having a asynchronous process (something like the PP-SE is doing on their forum in the 10 days process). The last GA also have not voted on the PPI membership fees (something that should be done, due to statutes)

Proposed by Lola: we need to ask our members questions regarding the internet GA - what system would they prefer, what should be the scope of the GA - only to include the new members, or with a whole fledged agenda.

Nuno: Check this site vor secret voting needs, , and of course for public matters don't forget Liquid Feedback ;)

REDMINE: 2 weeks create a google questionaire and ask PPI members what exactly do they expect from the Internet GA.

7 - Alternate Board Members

suggested by Gregory

  • How should we handle the alternate board members? they suppose to jump in at any time, but how can we keep them "in the loop"? Should they be added to the board mailing list, or should we create a board+boardhelpers list? Should they be especially invited to the board meetings?

Lola: include them into invites and agenda anouncements. Opposing the idea of including them into a mailing list. Nuno: send them the minutes and the recordings, and include them into the pp-leaders list, they will get the basics to "be in teh loop" and it is their responsibility to get involved. If they are want to more active, it is up to them Travis: I think, the alternates should attend the meetings, so we shoudl send them out reminders.

So, we are agree to invite the alternate board members personally. and add them to the pp-leaders list.

8 - Press Team and workflow

Suggested by Gregory

9 - Moved discussion on RoP Coninue of the discussion: Jelena is proposing to publish the minutes not later then 48 hours after the meeting. also propose to postpone the voting to the next meting. Discuss next week

10 - AOB

  • Gregory: Pirate Party of Schleswig-Holstein had an election success of 8.2% of the votes resulting in 6 seats in the regional parliament. We should send out an congratulation letter to them (and to the mayor on

Vote: give the tech-team the authority to update the website as it seems fit following Jerry's design proposal In favor: Gregory, Nuno, Travis, Lola, Jelena Motion passed

  • Travis: Pirate VPN - Found cost and such

The first research shows that it takes 10 people to sign up to cover all costs, after that we have about 1.50USD costs per subscriber - so we can get everyone to use encrypted internet connection and make some money to support our members. Question: what are the next steps? Answer: geting layers involved on questions of responsibility and if it is fit with our non-profit model. Next step: get prototype up and give bords members accounts. also get external people with vpn-experience. Travis will send out a "call for help".

REDMINE Travis 2 weeks

  • Web Editors for content

Travis: bassically what we should do: the publishing access should be given to all board members, and we can add more people who could write texts that should be published by the board members.

Vote on: in the new website all board members should have the publisher rights and we all agree to add new contributers through email in Favor: Jelena, Lola, Nuno,Travis motion passed.

Next meeting: May 15th 19:00 CEST

Meeting closed: at 21:30 CEST by Lola