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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Denis, Ed excused: Lola, Nunno, Travis, Jelena unexcused: -

1.2 - Others

about 10 Guests


Meeting opened at 19:13 CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at 19:55 CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Denis
Quorum is established. 3 Members out of 7 present
Streaming started: No
Recording started: Yes
Logging started: No
Postal votes: None

3 - Update the Rules of procedure

Redmine Item 140 - Lola


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: Visited GA of PP-DE-HE, helped to found a supporter association for election support for PP-GR, created mailinglists for ppi.techteam and ppi.pressteam. Also opened the ticket to solve the HTTP 301/302 request codes problems with the international wiki - it has been resolved today, so that no longer reroutes spontaneously to I also have moved the list of pirate parties to git-hub. I had an Interview on Youtube by Marc Strassman and a written Interview by the Shok Magazine from Colombia. This week I am on travel in Finland to meet Piraattipuole and Piraatinouret activists.
  • Denis: Sent the WIPO application, had the press work meeting, helped with the SMÜ application
  • Ed: Had meetings with two PP-GR members discussing approaches to the growth of their party (with the UK having gone through similar growth in the recent past), received financial paperwork from Lola. Still waiting to talk with previous treasurer, when he gets back from holiday.

5 - Pirate VPN

Redmine Item 139 - Travis

See the Email Travis has sent (VPN provided as a white lable solution)

It sounds nice and seems to be a good idea. We are looking for a reference white label vpn provider to check for the competitivity.

6 - Find the place for hosting files

Redmine Item 134 - Gregory Engels

I had a look into OwnCloud - it seems very promising, as ist is an active and open free software product.. I would suggest, that we have an OwnCube install and use it intern, and that we also should take it for consideration to offer "comercial" hosting for other pirates. (similar/combined to the proposed VPN).

REDMINE: Transfered to the Tech Team to order an "own cloud" box for us.

7 - Internet GA and Remote Delegates

Redmine Item 132 - Greg

Gregory and Lola wrote a questionary for the PPI members. It wasn't sent yet, will be done until next week. REDMINE +1 Week

8 - Call for Applications for Chief Social Manager

Redmine Item 131 - Greg

It is called Social Media Überchief now. The call for applications was sent, we have 8 applications up to now. We wait another week and hope for more applications from Europe. The applications look promising, we are going to schedule some interview dates for next week. For privacy reasons the interviews will be done on Skype if possible.

9 - Tech-teamTravis McCrea

Redmine Item 130 - Travis

Last redmine entry by Travis: New nations are now a part of the tech team, will keep working to getting a solid team together. Will report next week.

We postpone it to next week since Travis is not present. REDMINE next week

10 -Apply as an observer member in WIPO

Redmine Item 76 and 7 - Denis

Denis sent the application in time as a registered letter. The receipt didn't arrive yet.

11 - Upcoming PPI Assemblies

Proposed by Gregory We should open a call for offers for hosting the next (physical) GA 2013 so that people would have more time to craft an offer and prepare a better conference. I would propose the following timline:

  • publish call for offers: by mid of june
  • collect offers in a six weeks period (end of july)
  • take two weeks to decide the winner (mid august)

alternatively we can hurry up the whole thing:

  • call for offers published Tuesday evening 05.06
  • collect offers over 3 Weeks period
  • decide within a week. (would be beginning - mid of july)

We agree that if it can't be done within 3 weeks, it can't be done within 6 weeks either. So the fast way is all right.

vote: prefer the second alternative: Gregory, Denis, Ed

Also the call for offers to host the PPI Patents Conference and the two regional conferences (South and North America) same time frames as above.

We all (Gregory, Ed, Denis) agree that it is a good idea to publish all four calls for application in parallel.

REDMINE Gregory 5 June 2012


No other business

Next meeting:

5 June at 19:00 CEST

Remark: We should discuss the next meeting dates on the board mailinglist.

Meeting closed: at 19:55 CEST by Gregory