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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

  • participating: Gregory Engels, Lola Voronina, Nuno Cardoso, Ed Geraghty
  • excused: Travis, Denis, Jelena
  • unexcused: /

1.2 - Others

Jerry Weyer (PPLU)


  • Meeting opened at 19.10 CEST by Gregory Engels
  • Meeting closed at 19.45 CEST by Gregory Engels
  • Meeting chaired by Gregory Engels (Lola Voronina)
  • Secretary for this meeting is Jerry Weyer.
  • Quorum is established.
  • Streaming started: No
  • Recording started: Yes
  • Logging started: /
  • Postal votes: /
  • RoP:

3 - Update the Rules of procedure

No motions.


4.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Travis: There was a young 18 year old with pirate views who was elected to a school board position (the very position I have been encouraging our party members to run for), as such I will be reaching out to him to get him to become a pirate.

The VPN is basically done, and ready to demo to the board. My work schedule has really thrown off my ability to do meetings and such, so I apologize. I went to the doctor a couple of days ago because I am exhausted every minute, and she has determined my work schedules and such is causing my insomnia, so she has wrote me a doctors note which will get me onto a schedule that will better work for me (and by extension the party). I have been helping out the Pirate Party of Israel.

  • Gregory: Traveled to Finland to meet with Piraattipuolue and Piraattintouret activists and consult for the upcoming local elections. I had a radio interview and another meeting with journalists about PPI. Had a meeting with Denis to further flesh out the project of creation of PPI Press-Team. Had mail contact with pirates that want to set up a Pirate Party in Mongolia, Mali, India, Qatar, Iraq, Thailand and Uganda.
  • Denis: Together with Gregory I finished the first version of our definition of press work (charter & plan). I am going to send a call for participation eMail soon.
  • Nuno: Nothing to report for this week because of illness but last week: Counter-pointing lies in a video of the Portuguese software association (Assoft) through doing some research and creating an article. Organizing preparations for ACTA demo in Portugal on June 9th. Asked Pirate Parties to join Liquid Feedback.
  • Lola: nothing to report.
  • Ed: met with member of German Pirate Party.

5 PP Leaders List

Assigned To Lola - Due 5/1

Some problems with password exchange. Lola and Gregory will check it.

REDMINE: +2 weeks.

6 Items Assigned to Previous Board

These are due - I think we should review them and decide if these have been accomplished or if we need to reassign them to our own team.

  • Asking for competences (child of #25)Samir Allioui - 60
  • Write All Assets Samir - 58
  • Criteria Setting, Samir - 59
  • Spreadsheet Creation, Thomas - 57
  • PPI Rights Definition (IT), Thomas - 25
Discussion about tasks and subtasks in Redmine. Gregory proposes to leave taks to do list of competences and rights management. Spreadsheed should collect the data. IT group should take care of this task. Other board members agree.

REDMINE: Travis 2 weeks

7 Define joint communication strategy // Press work strategy

Assigned to Denis - Due 5/31

Not present, but started.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

8 Streaming

Assigned to Lola - Due 6/1

Nothing to report yet.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

9. Call for Offers for PPI Conferences

proposed by Gregory.

We should send out the CfO's tonight. proposed text is in the pad:

Gregory still working on it, should be done as quickly as possible (any help appreciated).


Question about Travis work schedule: permanent or temporary? A board member not being able to participate in meetings makes the work of PPI harder. -@collentine

Board members present don't know any details. Gregory proposes to discuss meeting schedule soon. Suggestion to have meetings only every second week, not every week.
  • Nonnu: comment about the file-hosting - agreement about the OwnCloud Box. Agrees to set up a PPI own instance of it, was very easy to set up and seems promising.
  • Lola: what about MyPirates? Gregory: some of our old files (like recordings) are on my harddrive and Lola has some too.

REDMINE: "Recover the MyPirates files" 2 Weeks - Gregory

PPInt news service. Similar to flaschenpost in the works. -@collentine (will explain a bit more)

Small working group of 5 people. First we try up to come up with a name for this service. There is a discussion if the service should be independant of PPI or part of it. Gregory: I would love to see it as a part as PPI is not a party but a service provider. Any help or resources you need? Nuno agrees. Collentine: we need an internal mailinglist for the working group. Gregory will set it up right away. If part of PPI the group might be to administrative. Gregory: if there is a working group it can work more or less independant. Next week will be the next meeting of the news service group. Jerry asks to help out as writer if needed.

Next meeting:

June 19th 2012 19.00 CEST

Meeting closed: at 19.45 CEST by Gregory.