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--- 09/10/2012 19:10h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Denis, Jelena, Gregory, Nuno (since 19:25)
excused: Lola
unexcused: Ed, Travis

1.2 - Others

Guests/Listeners: F. Wagner (flow),


Meeting opened at 19:10h CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at 20:08 CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Denis
Quorum established with [3] out of [7] board members present. Anonymous decisions are required.
Streaming started: No - Not possible due to technical constraints
Recording started: Yes
Postal votes: No


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: I was visiting the Pirates in Kaliningrad, they are running a candidate for the mayor elections oct 14th - as the net blackings are being actually discussed in Russia, we could contribute there by providing our VPN solution. Then I was in Massachusetts and also meet pirates there.
  • Lola: Agenda, Redmine, represented PPI at the PP-RU meeting in Kaliningrad.
  • Travis: no report
  • Denis: I was very busy organizing It is a discussion platform which we (Pirate Party Switzerland) launch together with Musikschaffende Schweiz, an association of popular swiss pop musicians. It started more than a week ago (in German and French). Also I got an answer from WIPO concerning ad hoc observer status: They unfortunately couldn't accept our requests because none of the meetings we wanted to attend is eligible for such status. Additionally, as you probably already know, WIPO postponed the decision on our application to next year (we created a text for our website). There were articles on Torrentfreak, Pirate TImes, Heise, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, etc. I was quoted there as I am the one who sent the application and already talked to WIPO.
  • Ed: No report we are aware of.
  • Nuno: Invited more than a dozen other PP's for the LQFB of PPI under the non-member area, seven already joined in. Continued progress in PP-PT towards formal association.
  • Jelena: Corporate identity is ongoing, we had wrong colors and we consulted via email, I would like to present you what has been done already on email. WIPO was a resonating story here also, tomorrow hihh ranked Ubuntu member and Pirate (Ladislav Urosevic) and me will be guest on Radio Belgrade 1 (national frequency), topic is WIPO and PPI, and the need for new poltical movement to be explained.

3.2 - Report on open Redmine Tasks

3.2.1 - Corporate Identity

Redmine task #41, due date: 25/09/2012

Jelena: I will send an eMail on what has been done and the board can comment on it then.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.2 - Streaming

Redmine task #53, due date: 25/09/2012

Lola: not present. Gregory knows that there was some progress, but it isn't working yet.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.3 - Tech-team

Redmine task #130, due date: 25/09/2012

From Redmine: Travis: got in contact with a lot of people from a lot of countries. The Techteam is established, so we can close the redmine-task, no need for it anymore. Lola: please update the Wiki page with contact information, on how to reach it. From last meeting: Travis reports - I was working on it, but not much to report there - I am trying to set up an online convention, difficult because everyone is in different timezones

Travis: not present

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.4 - Internet GA and Remote Delegates

Redmine task #132, due date: 25/09/2012

Gregory: The questions are finished and will be sent by tomorrow midday. As the Coa has resigned this has become quite urgent.

REDMINE: +2 weeks for the outcome of questionary

3.2.5 - Calendar and Parrot

Redmine task #135, due date: 25/09/2012

Gregory: I wasn't able to work on this during the last 3 weeks. The calendar is ready but the parrot needs to be reinstalled.

REDMINE: + 2 weeks

3.2.6 - Pirate VPN

Redmine task #139, due date: 25/09/2012

From the last meeting: Travis: I am looking for a different provider or to build up our own vpn. The old one stopping offering the white label VPN, only offering an affiliate program for us. Reconsidering VPN idea and looking for other options and providers. Additional help is welcome - Travis to speak with Ed and Jelena; Gregory has forwarded on an interested person from the 1/3rd Year Report, Travis to contact and confirm

Travis: not present. We don't know where we stand.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

3.2.7 - Select a SMÜ

Redmine task #141, due date: 25/09/2012

Gregory: Not done. I will do it next week. Jelena and I will discuss this on Friday.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.9 - Recover the MyPirates files

Redmine task #153, due date: 25/09/2012

Gregory: I found a lot of them on my hard drive but a lot are still missing. A ticket at the Hesse IT is open, they showed some activity but so far they have not sent me any files back. It might be a difficult task since the machine is no longer that much operational. So the ticket remains open and we will see what happens in the next 2 weeks.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.10 - PPI HQ Transfer of ownership

Redmine task #165, due date: 25/09/2012

Gregory: This is urgent since we got an ultimatum from Marcel that he would step down in case it is not fast enough. But it is in the responsabiility of the old HQ board to do the ownership transfer. The notary didn't react yet so I don't know what we can do to bring it forward. Ed has more details on that but he unfortunately isn't here.

Jelena asks for more details.

Gregory: We miss the notary papers and we miss the invitation from the old team. Unfortunately the old team doesn't see it as their responsability so it is quite hard to bring it forward, also considering that the notary behaves very unprofessional. We probably need to find a new notary.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.11 - Feedback on observer membership application in WIPO

Redmine task #168, due date: 25/09/2012

Denis: there were actually two points: we also applied for the ad hoc observer status to five meetings, and they has been decliened as those meeting were not available for such a meeting. Second, there was our application to the observer membership, and this got postponed to next year. We got no official response yet. Amelias Office has supported us in formulating an letter to the chair of the assembly meeting.

Gregory: We should send letters to the responsible offices of the countries who obviously were not fine with our application (USA, Switzerland, France, Japan, ?) and we could try to get ad-hoc observer status for Geneva meetings during next year.

Denis: I'm going to read through the conferences list and identify the meetings we could be interested in for ad-hoc observer status.

REDMINE: +1 month (Plus create new task for communication with other organizations for Gregory)

3.2.12 - Budget Plan / PPDE Financial Request

Redmine task #173, and #169 due date: 11/09/2012

From the last meeting: Ed: budget plan for the current year has been reviewed (cca 20.000 EUR); PPI events in the past were self sustainable and there is also large portion we can use for PPI HQ office intern (6.000 EUR per year). To ask PP DE to transfer the funds to the account in PPI (Belgian AISBL account), to prepare the letter for support and send it out.

Ed: Not present.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.13 - Call for hosts PPI GA

Redmine task #195, due date: 11/09/2012

From Redmine:

Gregory: It is not out yet but finished. I'm going to publish it by tomorrow evening.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.14 - Financial Report from the Prague GA

Redmine task #212, due date: 11/09/2012

From Redmine: PP-CZ has compiled the financial report on the Prague conference Lola: Sent questions to Tom, got no answer yet. Propose a conversation together with Ed and Gregory and Tom and Pat and Mikulas. We should open a doodle with dates from september 12th to 23rd. (-> Gregory will set up the doodle)

Lola: Ed had sent out a detailed questionary to PP CZ. There was no answer yet.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.15 - PP Switzerland e-mail and CoA resignation

Redmine task #213, due date: 25/09/2012

From Redmine: We are not yet ready to send out the official response statement, Gregory will be responsible for drafting the official reply.

Gregory: CoA now has resigned. What shall we do? Denis: There is still an important question: Is PPI an organization under Belgium law or anything else? Gregory: We will ask Amelia's office. Denis: We should also inform that we, as a board, think that this issue is done for now but that it of course is not solved. There is a request concerning the CoA pending which will be trated at the next assembly and we also must clarify the question of our seat. PPCH and every other member is invited to put discussion points on the agenda of the next assembly and to help improve PPI.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

4 - AOB

4.1 - AOB 1

Gregory: Congratulation to the first elected pirate mayor in CH and also to the Israeli Pirate Party who got the official registration last week.

4.2 - AOB 2

flow (PP-DE): Idea (feedback, please, :)): world-wide buddy-system of international PPs/Pirates in the form of a social-network style website? There are two initiatives inside the german Pirate Party called "Pirate Buddies" and "Pirate Care". The idea is to build a social network to help pirates around the world.

4.3 - AOB 3

Jelena: I will be in Isreal soon (for private reasons) but I would like to meet pirates there. I'm going to contact Gregory.

4.4 - AOB 4

Gregory: We wish the Pirates from Slovenia a successful meeting. They will have their foundation soon. Jelena will travel there for one day and say Hi from us.

Next Meeting: 19:00 CEST on 23/October/2012
Meeting Closed: 20:06 CEST by Gregory