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--- [04/12/2012 19:00]h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Denis, Jelena, Travis, Nonu, Lola, Ed

1.2 - Others

(names) Jaan Janesmae (PP-EE)
Jerry (Personal assistant)


Meeting opened at 19:13 CET by Lola
Meeting closed at 20.27CET by Lola
Meeting chaired by Lola
Secretary for this meeting is Jerry
Quorum [not] established with 7 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: [No]
Recording started: [Yes]
Postal votes: [No]


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: I was on the GA of PP-DE in Bochum, I had a meeting with photographers about the Pirate Image Bank Project - we appointed a meeting with IT people too that will happen tomorrow evening. Had a meeting with PP-DE board members about sponsorship of next PPI conference. They assured me they will contribute. I was also at the PP-EU statutes group meeting in Manchester, representing PP-GR and PP-RU. Got notary papers from Mab for publication of statute modifications.
  • Lola: Attended the PP-DE GA in Bochum, a lot of meetings with international Pirates and couple of interviews. Administrative stuff and e-mails.
  • Travis: Had successful local pirate meetings, I did an interview with a college student and advisor; an Israli newspaper; and I also did a skype call with a high school advanced placement government class and talked to them about the Pirate Party. I have been building a new system which will allow local pirates to meet up with each other as a personal project and am currently looking for a javascript developer to help me finish it. Pirated PPUK's platforms (alpha) and have been remixing them for both the United States Pirate Party and the Pirate Party of Canada. I also got letter.
  • Ed: I was at PP-EU meeting in Manchester this weekend, sent the PPI-HQ paperwork onto Travis last week. Been working with PPUK with some of the issues going on with us.
  • Denis: Gregory will try to get me in to the Wipo meeting on Dec 19-20, "Advisory Committee on Enforcement, Eighth Session" (over a friend NGO, KI). I also advised the pirates from south tirol as their chairman stepped back just a few day after his election.
  • Jelena: Helped Rodrigo Santurino reach Pirate leaders for interview on Pirate communities which is his phd thesis. Since Pirate parties are in the focus of the media again here, I organised them to meet Pirates on party on Friday, 7th. Dec. Have a campaign proposal for PPI.
  • Nuno: Last week I participated in the first Transparency Hackday in Lisbon, organised by , which already sprouted very interesting projects in the past about open data and transparency in politics such as parliament transcriptions, public contracts, government budgets, etc. Met a lot of interesting people with very interesting and "piraty" ideas. I was also invited to participate in a discussion panel happening here in a Lisbon university on the next 26th of February along with Peter Sunde (Pirate Bay) and other local representatives of associations dealing both with free software (ANSOL) and non-free software (ASSOFT). I didn't have much time before this week because of my personal Job which also made me miss the last meeting.

3.2 - Report on open Redmine Tasks

3.2.1 - Internet GA and Remote Delegates

Redmine task #132, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: questionnary nearly ready, will send out today. How long should we give people to answer? Give it 2 weeks and then we see who hasn't answered yet.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

3.2.2 - Calendar and Parrot

Redmine task #135, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: I had no time to look into it since last week.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

3.2.4 - Pirate VPN

Redmine task #139, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Travis: no updates

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

3.2.5 - Select a SMÜ

Redmine task #141, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: I have selected someone but I haven't connected the person yet.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

3.2.6 - Recover the MyPirates files

Redmine task #153, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: Thomas was obstructed from visiting the PP-DE GA, so this is still open.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.7 - PPI HQ Transfer of ownership

Redmine task #165, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: Got a package from Notary to be signed by him and Travis (three different documents three copies each). Will send documents to Travis tomorrow.
  • Lola: Gregory received paperwork from notary who send it to Mab in Brussels. Travis received the minutes of GA and is waiting for pagacke from Gregory. Travis will then send back to notary. Lola will call notary to ask what to do with the copies.

REDMINE: +2 weeks

3.2.8 - Feedback on observer membership application in WIPO

Redmine task #168, due date: 12/04/2012

REDMINE: Change Title to: "PPI Observing WIPO". +2 Weeks

3.2.9 - Call for hosts PPI GA

Redmine task #195, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Gregory: Sent out today and created wikipage Need to link Wikipage from frontpage.
  • Travis: Will we promote non-Europe GA? Should be reaching out to non-European countries.
  • Lola: we hope to see offer from Canada.
  • Gregory: internet GA is not related to this.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks, see what we got for offers.

3.2.10 - Financial Report from the Prague GA

Redmine task #212, due date: 12/04/2012

  • Lola: Suggestion: write to PP-CZ and invite them to Mumble meeting. Invite members of the last board who were responsible for organizing the conference to settle issue.
  • Ed: Disappointed by the way this has gone. Request ignored that Ed were the only person to answer to the mails. There was provocation, but still he should have answered. Tryed hard to be as reasonable as objective. Unconstructive way.
  • Lola: Accept that my fault is in it, let's try to hold the meeting. Don't want to have it personal so I propose Ed holds the meeting and I and Tom wouldn't speak in the meeting.
  • Ed: send mail to PP-CZ board and propose this meeting.
  • Denis: Good idea.
  • Travis: Ed is taking up commitment to deal with financial situation, we should listen to him and let him make the calls.
  • Lola: I will provide Ed with the names and mails with people I'd like to be present in the meeting.
  • Ed: Will also send E-Mail to pp-leaders explaining where we're going to go. Want to be more concrete of what's happening.

REDMINE: 2 weeks

3.2.11 - PP Switzerland e-mail and CoA resignation

Redmine task #213, due date: 12/04/2012

Gregory: not out yet.

Vojtech Pikal (Judge of COA) wants his resignation to be acknowledged and organising an exceptional GA. This acknowledgment should be published in the mailinglist and Wiki.

  • Gregory: acknowledge that we received the E-Mail. But we as a board can not acknowledge the resignation, as a court can't deny a trial if someone requests one.
  • Nuno: Judges who are members of the body can resign, the court as a body still exists (without members).

Gregory will write E-Mail.

REDMINE: +2 Weeks

4.1 - Situation in UK (proposed by Ed)

PP-UK received letter to take down proxy. We will send out response.

PromoBay is blocked in the UK by the major ISPs, we are waiting to find out specifics on the block but will put up a proxy if needed.

4.2 - PP-Serbia (proposed by Jelena)

  • Jelena: Issue still pending in COA for Serbia, not resolved yet. Fork of PP-Serbia: one registered Pirate Party and another with fewer people. Not sure what PPI can/should do. We should just let it go.
  • Lola: PPI should not get involved, later PPI board has to decide how to handle communication with PP-Serbia. Serbia is member of PPI, the documents were signed my Alexander who claims to be representative of PP-Serbia and Balkan region. PPI shoud consider the new PP-Serbia being member of PPI, or not? We should deal with new people in Serbia. Need to investigate problem to understand what is the "Pirate Party". Vote on next board meeting who PPI should add to pp-leaders list etc.
  • Jelena: should collect all details, link and list public about issue.
  • Travis: Is Serbia member of PPI?
  • Lola: registration was never issue to become PPI member, PP-Serbia is founding member of PPI.
  • Travis: we shouldn't be involved. Let them handle their internal things internally.
  • Lola: shouldn't handle their business, but need to know who we as PPI we communicate with.
  • Nuno: Reminds that there was an initial draft by the CoA called "Inquiry into the state of democratic principles within members of Pirate Parties International and proposed membership audit" with a "criteria that must be met by members" that could solve the issue and help in situations like this, but since we don't have a functioning CoA that never went through.
  • Ed: Bad idea to ask for proof that member parties are elegible for PPI membership.
  • Lola: which one is the "old"/Member of PPI Pirate Party Serbia.
  • Travis: why not put both on PP-Leaders list? Let GA decide. Not make it complicated.
  • Gregory: Yes, include both parties.

5 - AOB

EuroDIG 2013

Denis: I met Wolf Ludwig who put my attention to the next EuroDIG (European Dialogue on Internet governance) in Lisbon on June 6 and 7 2013. Wolf is the organizer of this event, I got his coordinations if needed. See the website for further information:

I intend to go there, looks interesting. Wolf said that last year Amelia was present, too.

Next Meeting: 7pm CET on 18/12/Y2012YYY
Meeting Closed: 20:27 CET by Lola