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General Assembly PPI 2015, Warsaw, Poland

The conference will be streamed.


During the conference the streaming will be available at:


The PPI GA will be in Warsaw
on the 04th/05th of July 2015.


Venue:Centrum Konferencyjne KOPERNIKA, ul. Kopernika 30, 00-336 Warszawa

Preliminary Agenda and not binding timetable

Proposed Agenda

Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly 2015

Not binding timetable

03. July 2015 - Friday
04. July 2015 - Saturday
  • General Assembly
  • 10:00 Delegates accreditation
  • 11:00 Opening of the General Assembly
  • 11:30 Discussion
  • 12:30 Workshop(s)/ Standing committees
  • 14:30 Discussion about the results
  • 15:30 Admittance of new PPI Members
  • 15:45 Motions and Statutes Amendments
  • 16:30 Reports (Board, Coart of Arbitration, Lay Auditors)
  • 19:30 Social event - Harneda Pub
05. July 2015 - Sunday
  • 10:00 Conference reopen
    • Elections of PPI officers (board, court, lay auditors)
    • Issues of Statements
    • Press Conference
  • 17:00 Official Conference End

Reports | Thomas Gaul

Concerning Amendments and Candidatures

Social Events


Each PPI member can register up to 6 persons as official delegates (PPI Statutes IX.4).oin as guests.
Please follow Rules of Procedure
According to the standing Rules of Procedure, all local and remote delegates must present written authorization from a member of their respective board unless they are designated International Coordinator or equivalent on their parties official website. Each person may represent as a delegate no more than 2 parties. (PPI RoP Art.1 §4)
We kindly ask the delegates to present such accreditation in advance, in order to speed up the conference proceeding. This is especially true for remote delegations, as we would like to connect you with your designated local proxy for technical set-up.


To register for the conference please fill in the form at or send in an email to conference (at)

Participation fee

  • We ask for a participation fee for the conference of 35 Euro per person.
  • Preferable in advance and mentioning your name to:
Pirate Parties International
Bank: Dexia
IBAN: LU950026310080043500