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ANNOUNCEMENT: PPI General Assembly 2018

Greetings Pirates and Concerned Citizens of the World,

We hereby announce that the second 2018 GA will be held on November 3rd and 4th. Further details about the GA are outlined below. We encourage member parties to send us a list of delegates. This will be a hybrid General Assembly, meaning that a majority of participants can participate online. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Hybrid General Assembly PPI 2018, Munich, Germany

At the last two GAs our members have, naturally, been critical because remote delegates were unable to participate properly and were essentially treated as second-class participants. PPI is a global organisation and there is simply no way we can have all delegates fly in to whatever venue we choose. It is simply not practical or economical. We need a way for delegates to participate from afar, at the same level as those who are in the same room.

So this the second year we have chosen to test a hybrid solution. You are invited to congregate with the current board in Munich and enjoy the hospitality of the Pirate Party of Bavaria or else you are invited to participate through the than given video conference solution, webinar style.

The venue: Piratenpartei Landesverband Bayern Schopenhauerstraße 71 80807 München +49 89 38 164 693-0



The conference will be accesible through video a webinar aka web conference solution. You, our members, will be able to participate through text chat,voice, video and screen sharing. This does not cost anything. Our aim is to bring us all closer to each other without the cost of travel.

We need you to register your delegates for this meeting. Please have your them register at this URL no later than October 10th at 23:59 CET. (Formal URL for scheduled meeting - Ray)

Internet stream:


We welcome anyone who would like to come to Geneva and help us run the GA. If this is something you are interested in doing, please email the board and let us know:
A couple of things we will need help with:
- General IT
- Taking minutes in a fast-paced meeting
- Streaming video and audio from a client to Youtube and Facebook Live
- Running AMA's (Ask Me Anything)
- Time and tally keeping
- Watching several web and chat services and make sure that all delegates get heard by the meeting facilitators
- Meeting chairs (Impartiality is imperative)
- Live tweeters and Signal boosters
Please fill in your Name here, we will get in touch with you soon: Volunteer Padlink

Proposed Agenda

Proposed Agenda for the General Assembly 2018

Not binding timetable

02. November 2018 - Friday
to be announced
03. November 2018 - Saturday
General Assembly
  • 08:00 Delegates accreditation + ice breaker
  • 10:00 Opening of the General Assembly - PP Bavaria, hosts
  • 10:45 Formalities: chair, secretary, new members and agenda
  • 11:45 Keynote speech by Naomi Colvin - Whistleblowing
  • 12:30 Chair Report - Board, Treasurer, Lay Auditors and CoC reports
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:15 Speech by Marketa Gregorova - Success in Czechia
  • 15:00 Statutes Amendments aka Changes to Statutes
  • 16:30 Break
  • 16:45 Elections of PPI officers
1 Chairperson
3 board members
1 alternate Board member
Court of Arbitration (3-7 members)
Lay Auditors (3 persons)
04. November 2018 - Sunday
General Assembly
  • 09:00 Assembly reopening and formalities
  • 09:15 Pirate panel discussion
  • 10:15 PPFR - Demo Congressus
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 Motions proposed by members part 1
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 13:45 Motions proposed by members part 2
  • 15:15 Break
  • 15:30 "Speech by Adam Wolf - 'Cemetery Mediterranean Sea' EU's responsibilities and opportunities"
  • 16:15 Break
  • 17:00 Speech by Barrett Brown - Pursuance
  • 17:45 Official Conference End
  • 20:00 Social event: The After Party


Chair Vice Chair Treasurer Board members Auditors

Amendments and Candidatures


Each PPI member can register up to 6 persons as official delegates (PPI Statutes IX.4)
Please follow Rules of Procedure
According to the standing Rules of Procedure, all local and remote delegates must present written authorization from a member of their respective board unless they are designated International Coordinator or equivalent on their parties official website. Each person may represent as a delegate no more than 2 parties. (PPI RoP Art.1 §4)
We kindly ask the delegates to present such accreditation in advance, in order to speed up the conference proceeding. This is especially true for remote delegations, as we would like to connect you with your designated local proxy for technical set-up.



Audio Recording

  • First day: follows
  • Second day: follows

Video Recording

  • First day: follows
  • Second day: follows

Call for a venue for our General Assembly in 2018

This is the list of requirements for an offer to host the next PPI General Assembly (hybrid)

Pirate Parties International calls for offers to host its annual conference.

  • The deadline for sending in the offers is 01.07.2018.
  • The conference should take place in the 4th quarter of 2018'.

Completed offers as well as additional questions can be sent to the PPI board <board @ pp-international . net> and will be published on this page.


01.05.2018 - publishing the call for offers

01.07.2018 - deadline for applications

02.07.2018 - online conference with all offers/public offer opening.

05.07.2018 - discussion of submitted offers

07.07.2018 - begin of voting by PPI members after the offer approval by PPI Board

15.07.2018 - announce winners. (PPI Board meeting)


This is required from the offers. You can always add more information to your offer!



  • Conference will take place on a week-end.
  • It will last for 2 days (Saturday/Sunday).
  • Social events planned on Friday or Saturday evening (to be paid by participants or sponsored)
  • Have access to the venue on Friday for setup of the conference
  • Venues outside of Europe and Asia are welcomed.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Dates
  • Offering Party
  • Information on the venue
  • Information on Social events planned
  • List of dates the conference can take place
  • Assurence for streaming abilities (Zoom or others as for to and fro) #bandwith

Offering Pirate Party/Organisation


  • Your party/organisation does not need to be a member of the PPI.
  • Countries from every continent can deposit an offer. Europe and Asia are not prefered in a way.
  • Regional or local parties/organisations can deposit an offer.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Name of the Pirate Party/Organisation planning the conference
  • The offering party/organsisation is required to sign a contract. (If your Party is not a legal personality who can sign contracts, you need to find someone who can sign on your behalf)



  • Accessibility:
    • Easily accessible via public transportation
    • International airport and train station nearby (International guests have to be able to reach the location of the conference without too much trouble. We don't necessarily require an international airport right next to the venue, but the nearest airport should at least be connected to an international hub, so that international guests don't have to change planes too often.)
    • Address must be found by GPS/Navi
    • Parking nearby
  • Venue:
    • Size: place for 50-150 people
    • Chairs for all people
    • Tables for the majority of the people
    • Access possible for disabled persons
    • Sound system: at least 3-5 mobile Microphones, Speakers, Mixer, Sound-Operator. Microphones must be able to be used by the audience. Connection to stream equipment is mandatory.
    • Video: beamer/screen necessary, must be big enough to read from the last rows of the venue. Staff for it is mandatory as well.
    • Facilities
    • Separate rooms for conference production (at least 10 sqm), press centre (at least 15 sqm)
    • Electricity: must handle projector, light, and use of laptops of the majority of the guests. Plugs available for a majority of the seats.
    • Internet access for all guests. Must be reliable and fast enough for streaming.
Net balancing for prioritized applications. Fallback solution in case of failure of the line.
    • Streaming: audio streaming of the entire "official" part of the conference is a must, video streaming is highly suggested (Zoom or similar).
    • Catering is not a must. However information on local restaurants/malls with reasonable prices is a minimum.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Accessibility:
    • Address of the venue
    • Distance (km) and time of the closes train station and airport
  • Venue:
    • Size of the venue (people, m^2)
    • Number of chairs and tables
    • Access for disabled persons?
    • Details on the sound equipment
    • Details on the video equipment
    • Dedicated uplink with 10Mbps, downlink 25Mbps.
    • Facilities?
    • Details on the electricity setup
    • Details on the Internet setup
    • Details on the streaming setup


  • Accessibility:
    • Possibility to put up signs on public places with directions around the venue
  • side rooms for open space conference workshops
  • Venue:
    • Pictures of the venue
    • Stage in venue
    • Wardrobe
    • 1-2 extra rooms (e.g. for press, organization team)
    • Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters)
    • A lot of plugs
    • Video streaming possible (big bonus), including beamer content
    • Catering
    • Separate space for sponsors to present themselves
    • Many journalists present :)


  • One local project leader, easily reachable by phone/e-mail/wire/SIP.
  • Team of at least 10 people dedicated to plan the conference
  • Team of at least 20-25 people over the week-end at the location

Mandatory requirements:

  • Contact data of the project leader
  • Size of the planning team
  • Size of the team at the location
  • Local press team which is active at least 4 weeks before the event.


  • The more people the better.


Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. costs of the conference (total and summary detail)
  • Funding possibilities (e.g. local/regional/national funding by the authorities or private organizations)


  • Additional funding concept (like possible sponsors, public funds that can be used, etc.)



  • Hotels/hostels nearby (contingent possible?)
  • Possibility of staying overnight at the venue

Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue
  • Approx. costs for accommodation


  • Transport hotel/hostel to venue
  • Approx. living costs in the city of the venue


You can use this template to send in your offer. You can add to or modify the template if you have additional details about your offer.


Date of the conference: (can be a list of alternatives)


Your name: (Pirate Party/Organisation)


Address of the venue:

Distance and time to the closest train station and airport:

Size of the venue (people, m^2):

Number of chairs and tables available:

Access for disabled persons: Yes/No

Details on the sound equipment:

Details on the video equipment:

Details on the electricity setup:

Details on the Internet setup:

Details on the streaming setup:

Wardrobe: Yes/No

1-2 extra rooms: Yes/No

Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters): Yes/No



Contact data of the project leader: (name), (e-mail address), (telephone number), (JabberID), (SIP address)

Size of the planning team:

Size of the team at the location:


Approx. costs of the conference: (total and summary detail)

Funding possibilities:

Additional funding concepts:


Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue:

Approx. costs for accommodation for 2-3 days:

Approx. living costs in the city of the venue for the time of the conference:

Submitted Offers for Hosts