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--- [22/01/2013 19:00] CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Denis, Lola (till 19:15), Jelena, Nonu
excused: Ed (expect to be in the meeting at 20:00)
unexcused: Travis

1.2 - Others

Phoebus Giannopoulos (PPGR/IT)


Meeting opened at 19:18 CET by Gregory
Meeting closed at ..:..CET by ..
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Jelena
Quorum established with 4 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: No because of technical issues
Recording started: Yes
Postal votes: [No]


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

Gregory: I had worked on Kazan-Conference - had a conversation with the local pirates, collected conflicting dates for the conference and several other small topics. I had a longer meeting with Denis about various projects and texts. One result is, that we have now the native english speaking editorial team (see its own agenda item). We also published the support letter for the PP-IL. I have visited the international election campaign workshop in Hannover and the election party for the elections in lower saxony. There I spoke with representatives from the board of PP-CZ and we have met an prelimiary agreement on how the funds from the Prague conference will be transferred to us in time for the next conference. Further I had a meeting with some people for the Image Bank / Archive Project. With @Alios we have started to work on a new project called "Pirate Summer of Code" - more details on it later. I had an interview with a finnish newspaper about european pirate parties.
Lola: short interview on behalf of PPI about our position on Megaupload; agenda; Ministry of Justice denied the PP-RU registration even though we collected all the necessary documents. More info in my email. I asked Pirates to help us to spread the word. Started discussing and working the PPI GA with Russian Pirates. I vote for the third weekend of April for the GA.
Denis: I helped Gregory with some texts and we had the idea of the editorial team. Furthermore I created a list of upcoming WIPO meetings we probably want to attend (see agenda item).
Ed: I will be having the mumble meeting with PPCZ on the 24th, please try and attend if you can.
Nuno: Tracked a couple of updated PP representatives for the LQFB instance, since I noticed that PP's don't usually update us when they change. Couldn't do much more than that since I'm swamped with work at my Job.
Jelena: not much activities in last 4 weeks due to business-related preoccupation, gave up traveleing to Israel and visit of PP's there. Answered on 10 quesions on PPI + marketing for website (not published yet) and went trough Redmine tasks with ideas of how to speed some tasks up. I have hit my personal community management record on FB page of PPI - over 1.200 shares and cca 150 members in one day /because of virality).

3.2 - Reports Redmine

Gregory: will switch out public visibility on Redmine temporarily because of anonimous and spammy comments. Some projects of party were public and shouldn't be because of private infromation of PP members.
Redmine session and reporting on new development depends on Travis - duscissions on ticket opened.


Vote on the date of the PPI 2013 conference in Kazan:

Gregory: Kazan conference: few dates are in conference are conflicting with dates other parties set. Focus is on 3rd weekend in April. In May there is PPI conference in Ukraine, 2nd weekend of May there is conference of PP- DE, and he suggests 3rd weekend in April would be better.
Nuno: I think the logical solution is 19/21 of Aprinl since it is the only one without conflicting dates.
Denis: would prefer April?
Jelena: doesn't mind whatever

Vote: the PPI GA in Kazan should be held on the third weekend in April: 19./21.04

in favour: 4
abstain: 1
PP Russia will have an arrangement with some company which will help with Visa invitation, Gregory: will set up registration page this week with all the detauls Q&A on Visa. One hotel is in the builiding where conference will take place and they are working on a group discount for atendees. Money to the russian venue provider will be transfered on our behalf and it will be done very quickly.

Group rate for the night train from Moskow, so there will be something like "Pirate train" with discount.Reccomendation: flights should be booked as soon as possible (now).

5 - PPI HQ Paperwork

Gregory: checking with local office and trying to get the tracking number of the letter, and 2nd set of documents from the notary might be needed if there is no tracking number of the letter with documents to be signed by Travis.

6 - PPI Editorial Office

Gregory: Denis and he launched a public call for native speaking editors for PPI ediorial office, and the idea is that everybody who needs text in English can have it checked and edited. There is a mailing list created for this purpose and this can be used by other Pirates and other members if they need something in English.

Recommendation: send finished articles in pad because it is very hard to edit something which is constantly changing.

Denis: This is also important because we still didn't get any new press team members. So for the moment Gregory and I write the texts and in order to be fast with publishing we needed this team.
A plea to our native speaking pirates to subscribe at the ppi editorial office mailing list:

(To send a editing request just write a pad link to ppi.editorial-office (at) (no need to be subscribed)

  • short interruption from PP-IL that have elections tonight
  • Elections in Israel, Pirates for the first time - first numbers are expected at 21h CET

7 - WIPO meetings

Denis: I think that we should concentrate on this one so:
Denis will go one day, Gregory is considering as well. We are looking for other pirates who want to attend WIPO meetings.
Other meetings which probably are interesting:
Denis: There is a Swiss pirate who is in the board of PP-CH and he used to work for UN so he knows the business. He is interested and in 2 or 3 weeks he can say whether he is able to go to WIPO meetings for us.
IMPORTANT: if anyone is interested in attending these meetings feel free to contact PPI board for further infromation and details:

8 - AOB

Nuno: we should consider to adress the issue of conference in Kazan or we should have internet GA in order to elect next COA - we should ask people if they are comfortable with waiting for conference in Kazan. PPI doesn't have central registry of contacts (?) and asked Lola for contacts, used Collentine's resource ( ) and PP's websites to gather a list, and he doesn't want to ask every week if there are some changes which we are not notified about - suggesting a central repository with single email for each PP which is a member of PPI.
Gregory: asked people and so far it its 50-50, prevailed "only as a last resort", maybe we should keep asking people more, we will do what is needed to be done.

To contact Gregory for contacts, and there is a list in Redmine, and CRM should be set up also (as soon as we have installed new memory into our server) - we should send around our contact lists regulary every couple month, so people could correct details...

Jelena: people are bashing us on the general mailing list... it seems people do not aware how complicated our processes are, and how they harming everyone - we should get a place where people could write really freely, without the danger of stuff getting picked up by the press..
Gregory: came up with proposal to create new list, like Troll-hordes mailing list with disclaimer for press "please disregard this" xD

Nuno: tries to use statutes and facts, and normally people can't argue back, but it is stll frustrating because answering to some emails would lead to more bashing out, replying only on things he needs to reply

Gregory: I do not have solution to that, and sad thing is that people just refrain from communication because this is what it is. I can appeal to people to watch for the tone and criticism, lot of criticism is based on misunderstaning. Never cared for notorious trolls.
Denis: Maybe we should ask members of PPI to suggest what we are doing wrong and what could be done better
Next Meeting: 7pm CET on 02/05/2013
Meeting Closed: 20:10 CET by Gregory