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--- 30/04/2013 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Record of the meeting

Audio Recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Azat, Denis, Vojtech, Marc, Nuno, Gregory

1.2 - Others

Yasin Aydın (after 21:10)


Meeting opened at 20:28 CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at 23:02 CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Denis
Quorum established with 7 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: yes
Recording started: yes (Gregory)
Postal votes: none


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

  • Gregory: I was a first meeting with the russian organizors team regarding fincance aftermath (it seems that we are nearly financially even with loss of maybe 50 €), I have done a lot of admin stuff, creating new accounts for new board members, changing wiki and website information and some communication. And I have installed a CRM
  • Vojtech: Getting prepared for the board work, reading the RoPs, preparing some materials for online meeting (later in its own agenda item), meet with PP-HU
  • Nuno: I've been testing out docker ( in order to make self contained packages of platforms that can be run effortlessly by PP's and in the process have been trying out Loomio ( as well as a test case.
  • Azat: Finished translation of Russian version of piratenpad. getting familiar with PPI infrastructure, clearing situation with GA costs.
  • Thomas Only administrative stuff by now
  • Denis: I was in Kazan. Oh, and I wrote the press release together with Gregory.
  • Marc: I was in Kazan (Chief projection officer ;)).

4. GA in Kazan - aftermath

fedback pad
TODO -> send it out to the participants (Gregory), deadline one week.
Gregory: We are almost even with finances, probably 50€ in minus. Pat tries to publish the conference minutes asap. According to the statutes it must be until 2 weeks after the GA.
Vojtech: We don't know what motions passed and by how many votes. Is there a way to find this out?
Gregory: There is a draft in this pad:
Marc: Was there a list who payed the entrance fee?
Gregory: Yes. Someone payed less than he should have and there might be another person who probably forgot to pay.
Azat: We have some video files of the assembly so it's possible to consult them.
Gregory and Azat will meet to create the final finance report of the conference.

5 Elections among board members

Vojtech: In our RoP there is no voting/election, suggestion to use the method of the RoP of the conference:

5.1 Treasurer

Marc offers to become the treasurer.
Presentation: Marc speaks about his experiences in the field of threasuring for NGOs
Yes: Nuno, Thomas, Azat, Gregory, Vojtěch, Denis
No: -
Abstain: Marc
Invalid yes: Yasin
Marc is the new treasurer. Congrats!

5.2 Chief of Administration

Thomas volunteers.
Presentation: a lot of admin and representation experiences for various pirate parties.
Yes: Vojtěch, Nuno, Denis, Azat, Marc, Gregory
Abstain: Thomas
Invalid yes: Yasin
Congrats to our new Chief of Administration Thomas.

6 Appointment of Secretary General

Gregory proposes to appoint Thomas for the position of Secretary General of PPI HQ.
Yes: Nuno, Denis, Marc, Gregory
Abstain: Thomas, Vojtěch, Azat
-> The motion has passed. (4y/0n/3a)
Thomas will contact a lawyer who knows Belgium law and try to elaborate a suggestion to improve the situation.

7 Alternate Board Members

  • Proposal by Thomas: Alternate board members should be given read/write access to any internal mailinglists/redmine etc. of the current board. This shall assure a smooth transition in case a board member resigns or is out of office due to others reasons stated out in the statutes.
Vojtech: In upport in spirit of the original CZ proposul to elect to the board all the people that have the will and support.
Gregory: There is a separate mailing list for the alternate board members but they didn't have access to the board mailing list (neither write nor read). They already have access to the Redmine and Pad today.
Vojtech: If we include them to our list we also should remove the alternate board members list (and any other tools which are for alternate board members only).
Gregory: There is only the list. It can be removed with a single click.
Yes: Vojtech, Nuno, Denis, Marc, Thomas, Gregory, Azat
The motion has passed (7/0/0).

8 Transition of the board

We think that it is a good idea to organize a transition board meeting where we invite the "old" board members who are no longer in the board now.
Thomas has a TODO to organize such a meeting and to set up a doodle to find appropriate date.

9 General Assembly 2014

Gregory: We should start organizing next physical GA - we would need to discuss some facts first.
first: location - Prefer Application from - e.g. South America, Oceania, Asia, North America? - Europa only as the very last option/fallback?
Vojtech: Good organization is more important than a remote location
Thomas: We need enough time to organize.
Nuno: The task of the board is to organize and set up the meeting, not to choose the location. We should let the members decide on that.
Thomas: Objects. We will be taken into the responsability if something goes wrong so we have to decide on almost everthing which happens at the assembly.
Gregory: In the past the board has decided, taking into consideration the location, prize, etc. I agree that our members can choose with the same competency as we do and we could also work out a proposal.
Nuno: Ack.
Vojtech: Is the decision on location a pure executive, or a political one?
Gregory: it can't be separated from each other.
Thomas: We can still ask our members what they think what would be the best decision and take their opinion into account.
Nuno: If the members want it to be in a certain place we must do it there because otherwise it would be against the will of our members.
Motion: Board rises an issue to E-democracy system to select the organizer and location of the next GA meeting out of proposals submited to the board that meets the criteria in the Call for Hosts.
Yes: Nuno, Azat, Vojtech, Thomas, Denis, Gregory
Abstain: Marc
result: the motion passed (6/0/1)
  • Call for Hosts
Similiar to
( )
When: Spring 2014?
Thomas: May?
Gregory: In May many of our members face the election campaigns for european parliament and local elections.
Vojtech: we should do it after the elections then
Denis: We should do it before the EU elections
Gregory: This could also help for the elections, especially for the european ones.
Thomas: I suggest very late of February to early May.
Gregory: Which is spring.
Azat: Agreed.
All agree.
We do not add a geographical restriction on the location.
talking about criteria:
Gregory: we should formulate different criteria - first shot:
Northamerica - at least 150 ppl
Southamerica, Oceania - at least 100 ppl
Europe - at least 250 ppl
Africa, Asia - at least 50 ppl
14.05.2013 - Preparing the criteria
15.05.2013 - publishing the call for offers
12.06.2013 - deadline for applications (+4 weeks)
19.06.2013 - mumble conference(Public) with all offers./public offer opening. (+1 week)
26.06.2013 - board selects those who meet the criteria (+1 week)
27.06.2013 - members involvement on the GA offers - start (+1 day)
12.07.2013 - members involvement on the GA offers - end (+15 days)
13.07:2013 - announce winners. (+1 day)
Thomas: I'd like to vote whether the dates are fixed.
Yes: Nuno, Denis, Thomas, Marc, Vojtech, Azat, Gregory
Result: Motion has passed unanimously.
  • Responsible for e-democracy involvement (members involvement)
Nuno: I want to be involved because I proposed the amendment which passed. I want to be responsible to ask which system to be used.
Vojtech: I'd like to be responsible for selecting the permanent system.
Gregory: I suggest that you work toghether with Nuno.
--> Azat, Vojtech and Nuno will work together on this matter (and present possibilities).

10 Presence Board meeting

suggestion to hold a physical meeting
Denis: not possible before july
Weekend in doodle. Location: open
All board members are in favour to meet in a physical meeting.
TODO: Gregory sets up a doodle.

11 Online e-Democracy system

Proposed Plan:
1. Set-up working group
2. Send Call to Members to gather ideas (fixed structure for reply)
3. Create document that is going to describe the system
4. Create and test the system?
We agree that we need to figure out which is the right solution to do e-democracy. There are many possibilities, many criteria and also needs of our members.
(Reminder, forum for pp-international: a subdivision for e-democracy might be built up anytime to discuss "things")
Gregory: We defined a group which is responsible to work out proposals. I propose that we end the discussion now and that the work group sets up the details how to handle this.
The group will present their proposals in a future board meeting.

12 AOB

12.1 AOB1 Accepting Board RoP by GA?

Raised by Vojtech.
PPI Statutes XIII.(4) The Board adopts rules of procedure that specify the provisions of internal regulations and voting rules.
Statutes X function of GA are h) to accept internal regulations for the Pirate Parties International and to exercise other functions resulting from these Statutes, …
Vojtech: Shouldn't we pass our RoP to the GA to decide upon?
Gegory, Thomas and Denis think that this doesn't make much sense.
Thomas: Out of experience it works best when a body gives the RoP to itself as they know best their own needs.
I am OK with that.

12.2 AOB2 Language for PPI: British or American English?

Raised by Thomas.
What English to use in our communication and documents?
Gregory: If someone is familiar with one sort of English he should stick to it. Don't mix sorts of english in one document.
Thomas: The people involved should agree what English to be used.
Everyone agrees.

AOB3 - talk about the proposal for reruning the Kazan GA

raised by Vojtech
lets talk about this on the next meeting.
Moved to the next meeting.
Next Meeting: 2013-05-14 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 23:02 CEST by Gregory