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--- 01/04/2014 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-04-01

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Gregory, Denis, Nuno (from 20:25h)
excused: Nuno (will join later, stuck in traffic jam)

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at 20:24 CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at __:__ CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Denis
Quorum established with 3 out of 7 board members present, unanimous decisions required.
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: 20:24 CEST by Gregory
Postal votes: none


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Members of the board shall give a short summary (one minute at maximum) of what happened since the last board meeting or their last report. If something needs more attention, it should be discussed in separate points.

Thomas: Attended PPEU and YEEA in Brussels, Initial contact with IEEE. Moving my home to a new place within Germany.
Denis: Attended the PPEU and YEEA conferences in Brussels. A meeting with PP-FR regarding the PPI GA.
Gregory: Attended PPEU and YEEA, had conversations with different people regarding the #TT14.2, was ill since then. Two meetings with PP-FR regarding the PPI GA. Conversation with the former ITU secretariat chair regarding some organisatorical details of ITU and the possibility for PPI to get in with a reduced fee.
Nuno: I have been doing a little bit of internal PP Portugal stuff dealing with PPEU also. Didn't have much time to do things for PPI except updating the Liquid Feedback instance regarding the infor of our members that are proposing (PP Norway and PP Costa Rica).

5 General Assembly 2014

Gregory: We have two official applicants: Norway PP-NO (everything together), Costa Rica PP-CR (some minor information missing). We need to send a recommendation to our members. From the Pirates of El Salvador we did not receive the required information in time. PP Norway are an official party, they already participated in the elections of last October.

PP Costa Rica is in the foundation process yet but still there. I had several conversations with them. But we still miss the statutes and the acceptance of PPI statutes. My suggestion is to recomment our members the admittance of the two applicants given PP CR provides the required information until the GA.

Everyone agrees on that proposal.

Gregory prepares the necessary "things" for it.

There were also discussions with PP NRW (Germany) as with El Salvador and we did not get an official application up to now.

More information on applicants:

PP-SV have been in conversation, but have not submitted a formal request for PPI Membership.

Gregory: The board members are required to create reports so please do it. I did not manage to prepare a budget yet (but see the Agenda Item #6)

Registrations: 32 participants so far from PP-IT, PP-RO, PP-SE, PP-BE, PP-DE, PP-HR, PP-TN, PP-JP, PP-FR, PP-CH (10 Pirate Parties)

Registration is open:

A lot of more people can register, please do so. It doesn't cost anything.

Gregory: The question is open whether we accept the 32€ offer from the restaurant. It seems to be risky because this offer is with 20 or people. With less than 20 people we could order à la carte. For now we should say drinks only and less than 20 people who will order à la carte.

Denis: The restaurant will close at midnight so we should also look for another place for afterwards.

5 TT14 - Think Twice Conference

5.1 TT14.1

Gregory: We finally got the invoice for the rent. I don't know yet the exact amount. Let's move this for the next week at the budget meeting. Some videos from TT14.1 are still missing, they are in the queue.

5.2 TT14.2

Call for Venue should be send out before the GA 2014

Pad for call for hosts:

We also include the call for hosts for 2015.1 including a date.


- 2-4 simultaneous tracks possible

- Internet for streaming if possible, recording is a minimum

We intend to send it out until Wednesday next week.

Thomas: What deadline shall we set?

Gregory: End of August to beginning of September would be great so we shouldn't be to relaxed now.

Thomas: Let's set a 6 weeks deadline. And the board will decide under two weeks.

Gregory: Someone from Finland has suggested to have the meeting before the internet governance forum in Turkey which has free entry. We could also use our conference for creating position papers and preparing the nasty questions for the panelist so everybody would profit. The weekend before the IGF would mean that people could just travel there two days earlier. This is just an idea.

6 PPI Budget 2014/2015

Budget meeting: April 8th. Till then, the board will prepare a proposal based on the proposed Budget from 2013.


Thomas: a lot of international organisations have choosen the April, 19th 2014 as a central date for Anti-TTIP protests. (Not very well choosen date because of Easter),

DATE IS OPEN and won’t be the 19.04.2014 !!!

Here’s a pool for deciding the new date, which will be between end of april and end of may; please participate as fast as possible:




- mail: stopttipprotest [at}

- Twitter: @stopTTIPprotest

- We have an irc channel #stopTTIP (Freenode) -

- Hashtag: #stopTTIP

TODO: make our members aware of this protests. Gregory and Thomas will phone to each other about when and how to send out. Starting tomorrow.


Denis checks whether he can go to the extraordinary meeting in Geneva. Standards meetings are around this meeting in May 2014. New observers won't be admittited this meeting. It will be about the reelection of the Chair. If Gregory is able to attend, it will be the first day only. Thomas will check his calender if reelected.


Thomas: Thank you all for working with PPI, as this is supposed to be last regular board meeting

Gregory: plus one.

Nuno; yea, me too.

Next Meeting: Extraordinary Meeting 2014/04/08 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 21:14 CEST by Gregory