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  • --- 06/01/2015 21:00h CET ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-01-06

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Koen, Anders, Stathis, Thomas, Gregory, Bastian (21:19)
unexcused: Masa

1.2 - Others

Guests: Mikuláš Peksa, Mozart, ZombB


Meeting opened at : 21:15 CET by Thomas
Meeting closed at 22:38 CET by Koen
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

Gregory: I am apologize for have missed last board meeting, i had an unexpected urgent condition that have let me spend the new year's eve in hospital and also to miss the #31c3 conference. I have installed some security updates on the servers, and had not done much besides of this.
Thomas: Some emails, administrative stuff, every day business, celebrating New Years Eve :)
Anders: Pushed for the book after TT214. No progress on TT15 in Norway because of the missing book. Else? I have had "vacation".
Koen: Holiday season
Stathis: As you may know we have snap elections in Greece (January 25th) so the Board of PP-GR has a meeting every night, until January 8, the date when all candidates have to apply to the supreme court for their candidacy. It is not clear yet if we will manage to run for the elections, due to many reasons and unpredicted political factors that pushed "Trojan Horse", a coalition with 15 other parties started by PP-GR, very hard to its end... So we have to run to the elections on our own, but it is very difficult because we have not enough money. I have to attend PP-GR's meeting so I have to move now to the meeting.
Bastian: nothing to report. X-mas and New Year. :)
Anders: we should go for an online GA just about this item
Gregory: I second this
There seems to be a feeling in the board to go for an online GA and not to go to court in Brussels

4 CoA Decision

News coverage
  • Discussion:
Thomas: I whant to note that the court has made its decission without a hearing from the facts from the other side - the board had no opportunity to explain the view of the GA. Right now we would only have the opportunity to go to a regular court.
Koen: I have been contacted by Kjell prior the ruling asking for my personal opionion.
Anders: We have discussed it prior of this board meeting and are now lend to take this matter to the online GA.
Bastian: in short - we have a right to be heard, as representatives of the PPI (and its GA between the seatings), and it is not right that the CoA have not heard the board on this matter.

5 Accusations against the board

  • From the last meeting:
We should give a reply to it. Koen will deliver a reply.
Will follow asap.

6 Online General Assembly by end of February

PPAU requests that the PPI board considers, and votes upon, the following motion as worded:

"The board resolves to begin an online GA by the end of February at the latest.

Andrew Norton's asynchronous GA proposal[1] will be used as the basis of draft rules of procedure to be completed by the next board meeting in collaboration with interested parties.

The board will work with interested parties to provide necessary infrastructure and process documentation for the smooth flow of the online GA."

PPAU understands that 5 weeks notice is required, and that should coincide with the very next PPI board meeting of 24 Jan. PPAU is very happy to assist with the running of this online GA, including providing services where necessary.

PPAU is also very happy to assist in the formalisation of the proposal into a draft rules of procedure for the GA, and work to clear up any ambiguities that may be present that must be resolved in order to meet the requirements of the statutes.


An acknowledgement of receipt of this email would be appreciated.

Vote on the PP-AU motion (as worded):

in favour: Thomas
object: Gregory, Anders, Koen
abstain: Bastian
Motion is defeated.
  • Alternative motion:
Gregory:Have a single-issue online GA on membership fees, by following the agreed structure and RoP

rem Bastian: as alternative to avoid a lawsuit

Anders: 1/3 of the memebers have to call of an extra-GA, according to the statutes, or that the board can decide. I tend to agree with Gregory, and it is not easy to change the RoP and we can not use the PP-AU proposal for holding the online GA (at least without a support of 1/3 of our members). From the statutes- IX. General Assembly

(2) Extraordinary sessions can be held at the request of one third of the Members or by a decision of the Board.

Mozart PP-AU: I have to take the issue very respectfully, that our proposal is being put forwarded. PP-AU is suggesting this proposal, on the basis, that if it is accepted by the board, PP-AU will bring forward several ammendment proposals for PPI Statutes.
Anders: You should first make the proposals,
Gregory: you do not need a deadline to bring forward statutes amendments. you can submit them the whole year round (to be voted in the GA they need to be some weeks before the deadline, otherwise they will be tanbled at the next one). The other way is to submit them to the permanent e-democracy system, and if they find enough support, they also will be voted upon, even without an GA. (permanent online decision tool)
Mozart: Thank you, could the board contacting the PP-AU and outlining those alternatives, to bring forward those statutes amendments.
Gregory: I would like to modify my proposal, in the way, that the GA would not not need to be single-issue on affiliation fee only. (If our members would like to discuss other topics, given the opportunity, we should not obstruct this.
Anders:Quotes from the minutes of Paris rgds. to the member fees: "Result: we will have fees Final result: There will be membership fees, 1/10th of the original proposal, parties with less than 500 members can pay as much as they want (but a minimum of more than 0€), there are no penalties for not paying, observer membership is also not associated with any costs, the first fees are due for the next financial year (which begins tomorrow)"

- Which strongly suggest that if the CoA had listened to the recordings of the Paris GA they would have realised that no members objected to the desicion to keep a 10% fee of the original proposal.

  • Alternative Motion in wording:
PPI Board decides to hold an extraordinary GA primarily with the goal of giving the PPI Members the opportunity to decide on PPI's membership fees. This should happen before March 15th 23:59 GMT. Pirate Party Australia is invited to conduct the online GA in consultation with at least one member of the PPI Board.
  • Vote on the alternate motion:
in favour: Anders, Gregory, Thomas, Bastian, Koen
unanimously passed

7 Board membership

  • declare the seat as vacant
The board declares the seat taken by Maša Čorak according to Statutes XIII. Functions of the Board (8) as vacant, as she has not fulfilled office for longer than three month in a role.
Gregory: this mean, that an elected alternate member will step up to be a regular board?
Thomas: not immediatly, but ultimatly yes.
Koen: we should warn her instead
Thomas: I object, she has the opportunity to object our decision, or to accept it. She has one month to object. If she is not objecting, Marco will step up.
Gregory: this is not a personal decision, it is not in favour or against a person, but our members have elected alternate members for a reason, and honoring the alternate members, for them to step up, it need us to take this formal decission, if even it is feels hard hearted.
  • Vote:
in favour: Thomas, Gregory, Bastian
object: Koen
abstain: Anders
motion passed

TODO: Thomas will inform Maša

8 Second and Next ThinkTwice conference

  • Financial Report: Anders sent all documentation he had to the board, Bastian will close the books on the last TT conference.
Pushed for the book after TT214. No progress on TT15 in Norway because of the not yet published book after TT214.

9 Regions - Define Ideas about Regional/Continental Resonsibilities w/in PPI

  • From the last meeting:
Koen will write down some ideas about it.


WIPO: discussion with PwoB board, deadline for submittind may 28. Decision will be met at the end of February during the PwB GA in Prague. ( )

Gregory: will compose list of relavant event for the second next board meeting (I will most likely miss the next board meeting on Jan 24, since I will be on business travel in Florida)

11 Financial Situation

Bastian: no changes within the last 10 days. :)

12 AOB (being urgent)

nothing is urgent.
Next Meeting: Tuesday 2015/01/24 09:00 CET
Meeting Closed: 22:38 CET by Koen.