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Agenda Extraordinary PPI BOARD MEETING

  • --- 19/06/2015 21:00h CEST ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-06-19

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Thomas, Marco, Anders, Koen, Bastian,
unexcused: Stathis

1.2 - Others

Guests: Jens (PP-DE)


Meeting opened at 21:10 CEST by Thomas
Meeting closed at 23:51 CEST by Thomas
Meeting chaired by Thomas
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Financial issues AOB (being urgent)

  • PP-NO - Think Twice Istanbul
Long (sometimes heated) discussion not minuted ---> see the recording
What about the originals for the Lay Auditors? - Will be present at the GA.
Proposal: The board will accept the higher loan given for TT14.2 Istanbul than mentioned in the decision of the Board from July 22, 2014 ( ) up to 2,376.56 EUR payable to YP-NO and PP-NO combined.
  • Vote:
Yes: Gregory, Thomas, Anders, Koen, Marco
Nay: -
Abstain: Bastian
  • Motion accepted.
Status in the wiki: 3,100.00 EU ./. 723.44 EUR = 2,376.56 EUR. Final Accounting states 2,701.56 EUR (Expenditure) for the ThinkTwice2 2014 in Istanbul.
In this case we need all documents as original, scans are no acceptable for lay auditors. PP-NO will bring the originals to Poland for the GA 2015. The documents are stored at House of Pirates, Oslo (PP-NO HQ).
Debt to PP-FR/Maxime was wavered (120 EUR).
  • financial statements
Financial statements are due.
to be handled between Koen and Bastian as for short ways. The final documention will be at the HQ and a PDF will be send to the board.

4 General Assembly 2015

  • From the previous meeting:
  • GA 2015
There had been a report on Pirate Times about the Statutes Amendmends
Bastian reports about the previous meeting with PP-PL orga.
Proposal1: Cancel Lodz and go for another location at a different time and date.
Alternative 1: Saturday different place, Sunday planned location
Alternative 2: Saturday and Sunday different location

(proposals not yet final, should be discussed first)

Proposal 2 - move the decision to Friday or Saturday, collect options /offers until then.

Task for PP-PL: Either a room for two days in Lodz or Warsaw?

One day meeting would also be possible, but is very risky - a two day is much better.

Real proposal taking in account the previous ones plus the discussion:
PP-PL provides a room for Saturday for meet up. The original location for the GA should be available for preperation on Saturday evening (after 17h CEST). The GA should be only on Sunday at Lodz University. PP-PL shall provide real figures on the money needed to set up the conference. A proper Conference for two day would be the best option.
Anders is in contact with Tomasz now and will call him after the meeting.
Short break: 5 min. Meeting will start again 21:35 h
Tomasz (PP-PL) joined the meeting.
Marco leaves temporary at 21:49 hrs.
Extraordinary meeting of the board 2015-06-19 21:00 h CEST
no objections


Let's start with some facts. At the first mumble meeting after choosing Poland as the host of the general assembly of PPI I clearly said that if we are to be taken seriously, it is necessary to fulfil the formal conditions, i.e. have a contract for the use of premises or specific provisions that we would like to be included in it, this is of importance as such institutions in Poland in such cases avoid all responsibility for accidents arising during this kind of events and want to be sure that the meetings or conferences are conducted in accordance with the law, program or agenda for inspection by the institution making the space available. My request at the first mumble meeting was greeted with stupid jokes. However, the whole was to be developed at subsequent mumble meetings and delivered to me. In the coming months I unsuccessfully tried to chase this up, i.e. the need to obtain the power of attorney to sign the loan-to-use agreement; to present a program or agenda. I sent some e-mails on the subject, contacted via Skype and informed that it is not possible to sign any agreement without such a power of attorney and other documents. My e-mails remained unanswered for months. During face to face and Skype comms I received answers and assurances of action to be taken on this issue, however, nothing was done. A few months ago, at my clear insistence, during a conversation with Gregory I prepared a document on the pad, which was to solve the problem. Gregory argued that such power of attorney signed only by him and confirmed with an appropriate stamp would resolve the matter - I personally have doubts whether such a confirmation from one person on behalf of the entire board would have any legal force. Gregory reportedly sent me a scan, but it did not solve the problem because he was to send the actual document via traditional mail. As for now I have not received it.

At the beginning of May, Thomas and Bastian came to Poland. In the absence of documents and thus lack of a signed agreement for the use of the space in the original location in Warsaw, I put forward a plan B, which was to solve most of the problems, though quick action was needed. I took Thomas and Bastian in my own car from Warsaw to Lodz, where they could see the space and halls which possibly could be lent for the needs of the general assembly of PPI; I also got a man to come over on his day off (1,2,3 may are in Poland national holydays) to show as everything. I stressed the need for specific action regarding the documents, so the agreement for the loan of the premises could be signed as soon as possible, and at the same to ensure the premises are available and reserved for the needs of the general assembly of PPI. The issue was postponed until the confirmation of the decision to change the location. I still have not got the documents needed to sign a premises contract for the general assembly of PPI.

I would like to point out that with no formal arrangements on paper, i.e. a signed contract, but with only a verbal arrangement, no one will take it into account. In the absence of an agreement - there is a conference on 3-4 July so I was informed that the space would not be available on 4 July.

I would also like to mention that none of the Polish universities will lend premises for free or for a small money to any political party! For this reason, and because of the restrictive laws relating to the functioning of political parties in Poland, PP-PL can not guarantee a contract with its assets, the party or its board also can not formally act on behalf of other organizations. Such regulations are very strictly adhered to, and all the money and expenses carefully accounted for. Not to mention criminal liability. Therefore, members and supporters of the PP-PL may support the organisations of the general assembly of PPI, but none of us will assume financial and legal responsibility.

This is what I've been talking about since the very beginning. In Poland, verbal agreements don't work. Nobody will be taken seriously if they want just a verbal agreement.

Options we have:

1. The organisation of the whole of the general meeting of PPI on July 5, 2015. July 4th could be used for discussion and networking.

2. Renting the auditorium at the Faculty of Management in Łódź on Saturday, July 4, 2015 (see images in attachment p. 7) Cost: 3000 PLN net - approx. 900 euros including VAT. Formally, organisational costs should not rise by more than 500 euros from 1,000 euros starting amount.

3. Warsaw (primary location) I check if we can reach an agreement and host general assembly of PPI there. The person which is responsible for this should answer me tomorrow. The chances are slim.

What I need is a concrete and fast decision.

I wanted to say also that what I repeat from the beginning:


Thank you.

  • Concerning venue and date
Offer from 2014
Call for hosts:
Current invitation:
  • Gregory: I had a conversation with Radek Pietron (Chair of PP-PL). He is organizing an alternative venue in Warsaw (cost about 300 € per day. If we take catering, it will be about 15€ per person). Tomorrow is the GA of PP-PL, and he will organize volunteers for the PPI GA there.


Question from Bastian: Internet is of the most importance for the GA. -Answer: 20 MB Sync up/down are supposed to be available.
B: Volonteers at least 10 are needed. - Answer: Will be asked for at tomorrows GA
They will also advertise for Pirate Summer at their GA.
  • Short break until 22.32 hrs.
Koen disconnected 22.30 hrs.
  • Motion1: We are committed to continue to conduct a successful GA in Poland with the help of PP-PL. If however we do not have a confirmed venue by next Wednesday 20.00 CEST hrs (June 24th), we are going to cancel this GA for Lodz and find a different solution (including the option to reopen the Request for Hosts process for a different date).
  • Vote:
yay: Gregory, Marco, Bastian, Thomas, Koen, Anders
nay: 0
abstain: 0
Motion passed
  • Motion2: if motion1 is accepted, and we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th 20:00 CEST, we change for online GA one day only on July, 5th, 2015
  • Motion3: if motion1 is accepted, and we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th 20:00 CEST, cancel the GA and go for another call for hosts.
  • Motion4: if motion1 is accepted, and we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th 20:00 CEST, cancel the GA and the board will provide an alternative on other dates.
  • Motion5: if motion1 is accepted, and we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th 20:00 CEST, we change for online GA one day only on July, 5th, 2015 and doing all real life business on Pirate Summer.
  • Straw poll Motion 2-5 (approval style)
Motion 2: Anders, Marco, Koen
Motion 3: Gregory, Thomas
Motion 4: Gregory,
Motion 5: Bastian, Gregory, Thomas
  • The Winner is: No clear winner - option two and five have the strongest support.
23:15 Radek Pietron (PP-PL Chairman) joins.
  • Straw poll 2: (approval style)
Motion 2: Koen, Anders, Marco
Motion 5: Bastian
Motion 2 has the strongest support
[23:17] (Channel) radeks00: Hi,

we can have this place: the first room: Balowa Księżycowa 180 m2 200 people in theater seats. 96 ppl at school seats. It is free 4th of July whole day, and 5th of July till 15.00 (after that somebody else will take it). Or we can have first day in this big room, and second in one or 2 smaller. My price for the bigest room is 750pln a day (170EUR) it's half of normal price.

Internet: 30Mbs in /3Mbs out
  • Out from the discussion about straw poll 2: real life means: no official results, no binding decisions, just discussions like on the current agenda for Lodz.
Motion6 Marco: we decide on consequences on what happens if we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th, 20:00 CEST, with a postal vote afterwards.
Motion7 Thomas: we decide on consequences on what happens if we do not have a confirmed venue by June 24th, 20:00 CEST, with an eo. board meeting (only topic GA 2015) afterwards.

Straw poll 3 (approval style):

Motion 6: Gregory, Anders, Marco, Bastian, Koen

Motion 7: Gregory, Anders, Marco, Thomas, Bastian

short discussion about it.
Repeated straw poll after arguments given.

Straw poll 3 (approval style):

Motion 6:

Motion 7:Gregory, Thomas, Anders, Bastian, Koen

  • Formal vote on Motion 7
yay: Thomas, Gregory, Bastian, Anders, Koen
abstain: Marco
  • extraordinary meeting of the board on Wednesday, 24th June 2015, 20:15 h CEST
  • Vote:
yay: Anders, Gregory, Thomas, Koen, Bastian
abstain Marco
Koen: I think it's a good idea but i'm not sure I can attend
Marco: I cannot attend at that time.

5 AOB (being urgent)

E-Democracy system
Motion 8: prepare a wiki page explaining that, following the formal motion put forward by members at the last online GA, the official e-democracy system is the one placed at:

and that decisions taken there are immediately valid according to the statutes and the decisions of the GA.

moved to Postal Vote. Will be initiiated by Marco.
  • A dashboard is needed.
Extraordinary meeting of the board 2015-06-24 20:15 h CEST
No board meeting on 2015/07/04 - the GA will be held the same day
Meeting Closed: 23:51 CEST by ThomasG