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GA 2019 - Day Two

Registration of Delegates

  • Board delegatives members :
    • Cedric Levieux (PPFR)(PPI)
    • keithgoldstein
    • BaileyL
    • Dichter
  • Organizations :
    • PPFR (1.00)
    • PPDE (1.00)
    • PPCAT (0.50)
    • PPCZ (1.00)
    • PPIL (1.00)
    • PPBR (1.00)
    • PPIT (1.00)
      • 6.5/20


10:00 - Assembly reopening and formalities

    • SundayActivityDuration
  • 10:00 Assembly reopening and formalities
Norway yes
Czech for now not present (Mike is here but not the delegate) (AMMENDED TO YES)
Germany yes
Italy yes
Israel yes
Greece yes
Catalaonia yes
Austria yes
Netherlands yes
Luxembourg yes
France yes
Switzerland yes
Slovakia Old member yes
Slovakia New member yes
Portugal Not present (AMMENDED TO YES)

We have 12.5 voting members present. 13.5 when Czech delegates arrive.

PPIL: We are making another attempt at Congressus today for voting. Some people entered, but others are having trouble logging in.
PPIL: The GA is opened at 10:15 CET.

PPIL: We have 12.5 voting power and meet quorum. 13.5 if the Czech delegates arrive. 14.5 if Portugal arrives.
PPIL: We have 13.5 at the start of the GA with the inclusion of Czech.
PPCZ: I would just like to note that I hold the "new" Slovak 1/2 vote as well as the Czech one at the moment. The new Slovak profile doesn't exist at the moment, so I'll be logged in as PPCZ and always cast the 1/2 on the side.
Gregory is here for Russia, but waiting for confirmation. The PPRU sent a mail accepting Gregory as a delegate.
Czech republic provided proxy to Michael Gill.
Portugal arrived late.

10:30 - Election of PPI officers


  • Chair
Bailey Lamon

Nominated by PP NO, Bailey Lamon.

Nominated by Partito Pirata Italiano (PP-IT), Bailey Lamon.

Nominated by PP IL, Bailey Lamon

Nominated by PPDE: Bailey Lamon

Bailey introduces herself. She thanks everyone who has nominated her. The purpose of PPI is to be a supportive organization, a political one to a degree if we balance appropriately. We are truly global, which makes us unique. We are internationalists in a lot of ways. We embrace modern technology and... I think of putting PPI into a permanent GA mode would be great, so we can have more involvement. Last year we had a tough year. We need to make sure that we don't end up in this situation again. We need delegates to be involved. This will create more accountability and leadership. Somethings are systemic, and we need to take the values that we believe in, such as transparency and democracy and hold ourselves to them. Thank you everyone again.
Voting for Bailey for chair.
Votes are all yes. Unanimous decision that Bailey will be chair of PPI.


  • Vice-Chair
Gregory Engels
Etienne Evelin

Nominated by PPIL Gregory Engels

Nominated by PPNO Etienne Evelin

Nominated by PPDE Gregory Engels

  • Vice-Chair
Gregory Engels
Has been with PPI since 2010. He has been with the board consistently in various positions except one year. He recently transitioned from alternate board member to vice chair. Back in 2012 he wrote in the Wiki what PPI needs to do to fulfill its mission. Our intergovernmental aspect is well on its way. Lacking that we propose a lot of involvement, such as reactivating the standing committees. Also we hope to create a good governance structure. I look forward to starting again. Things are feeling pretty good. We are starting to be more impactful in the world, to reach out to other organizations and tell Pirates how they can impact the world. I also call out for individual support for members. Thank you very much.
Etienne Evelin
Etienne will not be able to present himself or anyone to present on his behalf, so there will not be a presentation. There is a mention that he is a former board member.
there are no questions.
Voting for Gregory Engels
Quorum is passed with 10 votes
Voting for Etienne Evelin
Quorum is passed with 9.5 votes
Gregory is elected vice-chair. He accepts.


  • Board Members
Keith Goldstein
Thomas Gaul
Linda Tørklep
Guiseppe 'CAL' Calandra

Nominated by PPIL and PPDE, Keith Goldstein

Nominated by PPIL, Thomas Gaul

Nominated by PPNO, Linda Tørklep

Cal Italy (PPIT)

  • Board Members
There is a discussion about how many board members should be elected and what is the status regarding the number of board members whoshould be elected ,and whether there will be a rotating system. The statutes state there should be a rotating system only once. We have aquestion about whether we must elect 5 board members and what the term lengths should be. The statutes state two years.
There is a discussion of whether we enable rule 2a, allowing some members to be elected for 1 year.
2 years ago we had a similar problem, and we reapplied that rule at the GA in Switzerland.
There is a vote on whether to accept rule 2a again, whereby we can insitute a rotating system for half the new members. Thus, half the members will get one year instead of 2. In this case one member will be for one year and the other members will be for 2.
We have 7.5 votes yes with 12.5 members present.
The GA finds with 50% that we do implement the rotating system again. We will thus elect 1 member for one year and the rest for 2 years. The member with the least votes will receive one year.
  • PirateLinda
Name of the candidate : Linda Tørklep
Presentation of the candidate : Board member, PPNO, Vice Chair, Agder Pirate Party of Norway. Social Worker with a Master’s degree, specializing in treatment of and doing policy work in support of marginalized groups like people with mental health and substance abuse problems. Main focus is being a voice for objectivity and fact based processes over lobbyism.
Positions to which you are candidate : [Board member]
Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the candidate] PPNO
She is new to the Pirate movement but a board member in PPNO. She works on new member services, trying to figure what we stand out more clearly. She is a social worker, and this is part of her passion for the Pirate party.
  • Cal Giuseppe
Italy (PPIT)
I am nominating myself on behalf of the pirate party of Italy. Please don’t elect me if you have any alternatives.

A presentation of myself: I’ve been in international mailing lists for around ten years, currently a member of the coordination group of pp-it.

He has been involved with the Pirates for about 10 years. He wants to help us make things better, and he is confident.
Question whether
  • danprazeresPPI Board
Name of the candidate : DanPrazeres
Presentation of the candidate : Board member, actual treasurer. I am a member of PPBR since 2011 (where I am actual treasurer, have been national coordinator and general secretary), board member of PPI since 2017. I am political scientist and musician. I work with pirate stuff since I entered on the movement, and I believe that is important for us having people from outside Europe
Positions to which you are candidate : [Board member]
Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the candidate] PPBr
He has been a board member of PPI since 2017. He hopes to make PPI continue to improve...
  • Name of the candidate : Keith Goldstein
Presentation of the candidate : Board member, International Coordinator PPIL, General Secretary PPI (former treasurer).

I am an original member of PPIL (since around 2011). I have been a board member of PPI since 2016.

Positions to which you are candidate : [Board member]
Support : [insert the name of the supporters of the candidate] PPIL
  • Name of the candidate :Thomas Gaul
He has had several positions. He is happy to help with whatever knowledge that he has.
  • We have 5 candidates
  • Voting for Keith Goldstein
All voted yes, unanimous, 14.5 votes
  • Voting for Thomas Gaul
1 abstain, Vote is passed. 13.5 votes
  • Linda Tørklep
2 abstain, Vote is passed. 12.5 votes
  • Cal Giuseppe
3 abstain, Vote is passed.10.5 votes.
  • Voting for Dan Prazeres
All votes are yes, Catalonia is .5 votes 1 not participating, 14.0 votes
All of the board members were elected. Cal is elected for one year. The other board members are elected for 2 years.

Alternate Board Members

  • Alternate Board Members
Svein Mork Dahl
Keith Goldstein
Sebastian Krone
Thomas Gaul

  • Svein.Mork.Dahl
Name of the candidate :

Svein Mork Dahl

Presentation of the candidate :

Political Vice-chair PPNO since 2017, elected Vice-chairs of Local Appeals Board and Expert Appeals Board Real Estate Tax, City Council of Arendal 2019. Experience from Development Aid work in East-Africa, startups, Real Estate and communications and corporate governance. Board member and delegate SMB Norge (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Association of Norway, Vice-Chair of Refugees Welcome Norway. Lawyer by trade, Pirate by heart. Former Lay Auditor for PPI.

Positions to which you are candidate : Alternate Board
Support : [PPNO
  • Sebastian Krone
From the German Pirate Party and an observer with PP Potsdam. Been a treasurer in the past with PPI. He is working with a lot of international organizations. He is keen to support the PP international again.
Call is asked for additional nominations for alternate board members.
  • Carlos Polo
He is the main delegate at UN Geneva. From PPCH. He has a lot of information on ECOSOC. He hopes that his knowledge of the organization can assist.
We need one more nomination for alternate. According to the statutes there should be one more nomination.

(7) There shall be four Alternate Members of the Board. If one seat of the Board becomes vacant, one of the Alternate Members shall follow-up according to a list. The position of the Alternate Members on the list shall be determined by approval voting.

  • Cristina Diana Bargu
She is from PPIT and nominated by PPI. She is a journalist. She is trying to reconnect with rural areas.
  • Michael Sinclair
PP Slovakia nominates Michael.
He has been involved for quite a long time. He has done a lot of work with the German Pirates on discrimination and racism issues. There are a lot of NGOs that he has helped and worked with them on financing. We have a lot of good partnerships.
Michael retreats his candidacy if there are enough candidates. He withdraws his candidacy.
  • Vote for Svein Mork Dahl
14.0 votes
Point of order, Portugal just arrived in the middle of this vote.
  • Vote for Bastian (Sebastian Krone)
Vote is unanimous with 15.5.
  • Vote for Carlos Polo
14.0 votes
  • Vote for Cristina Diana Bargu
13.5 votes
There was not the same quorum total due to Portugal arriving later. Therefore we asked a point of order about Svein. We asked if they could make an after the fact vote for Svein.
The rank is as follows: Bastian, Carlos, Svein, and Diana
Point of order that the Italian organization has received the voting power from France.
We require a runoff vote between Svein and Carlos, merely as a formality for ordering.
Svein indicates that he will forgo his position and PPNO thus alters its vote to enable Carlos to place second.
The 4 alternate board members are elected.
Diana's position is for one year.
There is a moment of thanks to our outgoing board member Ray.


Chemseddine BEN JEMAA

Ohad Shem Tov

Emma Kristina Gillmor

Kristian Syverud

Anja Sofi Johannessen

Gisle Grøndahl

Sebastian Krone

Thomas Gaul

Lay Auditor

Ohad Bar Siman Tov,

Noam Kuzar

Anita Garrod

Axel Magnus-Maurer

Leif Attila Vold

PPIL: Bailey introduces herself. She thanks everyone who has nominated her. The purpose of PPI is to be a supportive organization, a political one to a degree if we balance appropriately.
PPCZ: Before the election of CoA, Mike Gill gives Czech proxy to Gregory and becomes a proxy for the "old" Slovakia. Therefore holds both Slovak votes at the moment.

Candidates (please see the official list on Discourse)

Candidates may provide a biography here. Biographies are also included in Discourse above.

  • CoA

Chemseddine BEN JEMAA Ohad Shem Tov Emma Kristina Gillmor Kristian Syverud Anja Sofi Johannessen Gisle Grøndahl Sebastian Krone Thomas Gaul

  • CoA
Chemseddine BEN JEMAA
Ohad Shem Tov
Emma Kristina Gillmor
Kristian Syverud
Anja Sofi Johannessen
Gisle Grøndahl

:Sebastian Krone :Thomas Gaul

Chemseddine BEN JEMAA is the first candidate and not present. He is an IT guy. He has been on the PPI board and the CoA in the past.
Ohad is a member of PPIL. He is a former chair of the party. He is based in NY and a PPI delegate to the UN.
Emma is not present and no one volunteered to speak on her behalf.
Kristian is present and wants to be involved in the international work.
Anja is not present.
Gisle is not present.
Whoever passes the quorum is elected. We debate if there is need to vote one by one. To make it faster we vote each country for all of the people.
Thomas Gaul was elected as a board member and Bastian is alternate board member.
Point of order that Russia decided that it would like to stop participating in the GA. Gregory thus became the proxy of PPCZ.

13.5 votes for Kristian 10.5 votes for Gisle, Ohad, and Chemseddine. 8.5 votes for everyone else

The vote total is irrelevant. They all were elected.

Lay Auditor

Ohad Bar Siman Tov, Noam Kuzar Anita Garrod Axel Magnus-Maurer Leif Attila Vold

  • Lay Auditor
Ohad Bar Siman Tov
Anita Garrod
Axel Magnus-Maurer
Leif Attila Vold

(PPIL rescinds Noam Kuzar's nomination unless needed)

Ohad is from PPIL, also based in NY.
Anita is not present and there is no one to represent her.
Axel is not present. He did express interest to PPNO about the position and is still interested.
Leif is also not present. He also expressed interest as did Anita.
Noam's candidacy is reinstated.

Three lay auditors shall be appointed by the General Assembly to inspect the accounts of Pirate Parties International on a yearly basis.

The final tally is that we have to have a recount between Anita, Axel, Leif, and Noam.
Ohad 13.5
Other four candidates is 14.0
Greece changes its vote for abstain for Axel.
So we have the following 3 lay auditors: Anita, Leif, and Noam.

We will take a short break. We will reconvene in 15 mins. at 12:30 CET.
Point of order, PPSK NEW transfers its vote to PPCZ, but there is an issue that the vote was given to someone who has a vote.
The meeting was started again at 12:32.
Mike Gill transfers PPCZ vote to Gregory, and Mike will vote on behalf of PP Slovakia new.

We adjourned until 14:30 CET.

14:30 Motions proposed by members, part 1

    • The following are the 5 motions that we received on Discourse. The order is arbitrary and we should decide which to present in what order, probably relating to the sophistication of the motion (clarity and though) and whether there is someone to present the motion.
Marco will follow the order that they were included in the minutes.
  • Motion #1: Proposal to create a working group on pirate governance codex
  • Motion #2: Suspension of the normal functioning
  • Motion #3: PP Brazil - A motion on the importance of fighting against fascist leaders and governments
  • Motion #4: Motion, NGO, Group Friendship
  • Motion #5: Join the Save .ORG campaign
  • Motion #6 Endorsement of “Contract for the Web”
  • Motion #7: Revised Budget Motion

Motion #1: Proposal to create a working group on pirate governance codex

Gregory Germany (PPDE)
Working Group on Pirate Governance Codex :
Presentation of the motion :
As our organization develops and matures, the need for more detailed governance guidelines arises. A lot of questions are currently not addressed by the current Rules of Procedures and other Bylaws. Like the question, what is our travel reimbursement policy? What to do if someone thinks that some board member might have a conflict of interest? Should we always be transparent in all business matters? What kind of funding sources are acceptable?
The proposing party had first thought to prepare a complete proposal for a code of good governance by copy/pasting it from some other NGO, but as we have spent time discussing it, we discovered, that it would be much more impactful to create such document nearly from scratch by discussing the overall direction and provision of such document - to create some living culture and not a dead peace of paper.
There are good guidelines and research papers about good governance in NGO available. One notable example is The Handbook of NGO Governance (published 2004 by European Center of Non-Profit Law) - but it lacks a lot of “pirate specific” topics like digital transparency and overall it does not incorporate recent research on this topic. We should also survey what works best in other organisations and adopt those practices.
The proposing delegation believe that we have a chance to create something that could be high value not only to PPI but to all its members and also to all new pirate parties around the world.
Body of the motion :

The General Assembly of the Pirate Parties International calls the board to organize a working group to create a proposal for a Pirate Governance Codex. The working group should be open to all pirates and also invite external subject matter experts. The working group should present this proposal at the next GA.

Support : PPDE

Rapporteur : Gregory

There is a comment PPNL that perhaps board members then should not be part of this group to avoid a conflict of interest.
Response by Gregory that it gets difficult because many Pirates carry many hats.
Comment from PPAT are hoping that we can do work and not delegate, but we can do work and ask for approval of it.
Greg feels that this a contradiction.
Hard to force people to do the work.
Since we do not know if we can get the people to work on this the only thing that we need to decide is whether we approve the attempt to create this group.
Since this is a motion vote we vote a little bit differently, because abstain and no now have different interpretations.
Point of order. Catalonia has left for the day without providing proxy.
It is brought to a vote/
  • Decision is that we have 11 votes affirming. The motion is passed.
Comment on Quorum, we have 14 votes present.

Motion #2: Suspension of the normal functioning

farlistenerFrance (PPFR)

This motion has for main purpose to : • Act the desire of the members to change our current organization in order to allow us to be more active inside the PPI • Not close the General Assembly until it decides to do so • Require the Board to proceed to an administrative and financial reform

FIRST PART : ARGUMENTSDemocracy and members involvement
The members of PPI are only voters once a year and, sometime, a bunch of helping hands when an event is organized. The rest of the time, the Board rules, decides, tries to do some things at the same time it tries to do administrative works. It can’t work and, in fact it’s not the role of the board to make things happen. Indeed, the role of a Board is to help that the decisions of the General Assembly become a reality by providing support : a place to talk, a place to vote, some money, gather and share a network… The Board - even if it has a political role to play - is first and foremost a support.
We are Pirates and we are fighting for more democracy. We have to assume this position and be exigent with ourselves.
We are Pirates and we have common roots and one of those is to go behind the frontiers and being citizens of the world.
We are Pirates, we share values and we wish to achieve the same goals.
But in order to do this goal we need to communicate and decide together. It is time for the members of the PPI to be active, to build theirproject continuously and decide and make strong move to prove to the world that we are a true and authentic international movement.

Respect the past and imagine the future

In 2012, the General Assembly set up ambitious goals for PPI. They are still actual. But we need to be realistic, the Board by himself can not achieve them and increasing the numbers of its members will not change the situation and we - members - will not have the capacity to doeverything even if we work together.
That why we need to have more time and opportunity to decide during the year to debate and to act what PPI’s future will look like, whatproject we will support, what policies we want to promote.
If we have to respect the past and all the work that have been done we need to face the future.
That is why we need to be able to act our decision even if we are not reaching a perfect consensus. If at some point in front of a subject we arenot able to decide we will have to choose. The only solution will be to vote. The world will not wait for us to agree on every point.
A project for a better democracy
The main goal of this motion is to put aside the actual statutes and the current functioning of the PPI. During this time three mechanisms will beput in place :

• Permanent Assembly : Each member, with the same power of vote as the one given by the statutes for the GA, can propose, construct,vote, decide on every subject that it estimates to be important ; • Executive Board : The board conducts the will of the Pirates and its members’ organizations and the changes of the PPI according of thedecisions made by the Permanent Assembly. The board doesn’t take decision but provides informed opinions. Its needs to fulfil the wishesof the Permanent Assembly. The Board is the keeper of the durability of PPI as a legal structure ; • Change of statutes : During this time, Members and volunteers will work on a re-foundation of the PPI, and obviously its statutes. The main goal of these changes is to protect these new mechanisms : members empowerment. And because we change, we need to discuss the role of the PPI as its core, its purpose. We need to find what we want the PPI to accomplish: a political view of the world.

Article 1:
We, members of the PPI, according our will to build an international pirate movement, are acting our common desire to re-build commonly the organization to face the challenges that we will face in the future.
Article 2:
For that purpose :

1. The Article IX of the Statutes is amended as follow : o (1) The General Assembly is the supreme body of Pirate Parties International and is composed of all the Members of that association. o (2) The General Assembly is organized in sessions. The General Assembly have to organize at least two sessions per year. Once a year, the General Assembly vote on a calendar that define the frequency of the sessions. o (3) The last session of the year is dedicated to vote on the reports, to elect the board members, the Court of Arbitration members and the Lay auditors, and vote the budget for the next year. o (4) The General Assembly decides with the majority of the votes, one vote per sovereign state that has at least one Ordinary Member. o (5) Member Organizations are represented at any meeting of the General Assembly by delegates not exceeding six from any one Member Organization. o (6) The quorum is established at one third of the members. o (7) The General Assembly shall adopt its own rules of procedure. o (8) Session of the General Assembly are announced at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Board send an formal invitation to all members. 1. The article XI of the Statutes is amended as follow : o (1) All votes and meetings are public o (2) Each sovereign state with at least one Ordinary Member shall have one vote o (3) Resolutions shall be taken  (a) By a simple majority of the sum of the votes of the Ordinary Members present or represented and voting. In the event of a tie, the motion is defeated.  (b) Decisions concerning the admission of new Members (section III. paragraph 4), the exclusion of Members (section VII, paragraph 2), the determination of the annual affiliation fee (section XVI, paragraph 1) and the amendment of this Statutes (section XX), shall bepassed by a two thirds majority of the votes cast. o (4) An Ordinary Member which is unable to be present at a meeting of the General Assembly may vote by proxy given to another Member, o (5) The General Assembly use a permanent online vote system that allow transparency, tracking of decision making process and archiving,

Article 3:
The Board is in charge of the organization of the session of the General Assembly regarding the following instruction :

• a) The first session have to take place before the end of May 2020 • b) Before the vote, the time for debates will not be less than four weeks in order to allow delegates to translate and communicate the motion to the respective organization • c) Member will have to be informed of the dead line to tabling motion at least two weeks before it • d) The vote period will not be less than one week • e) The tabling and voting platform is Congressus except if the General Assembly changes it. the debates platform is Discourse. Oral debate can be organize if required by at least two members. • f) To be added to the agenda, a motion must be support by two members • g) Amended must be table one week before the end of the debates. If the writers of the motion do not accept to merge the amendment, the amendment will be vote as a counterproposal. • h) The quorum and the majority for the vote are those defined by the Statutes. Quorum is calculated per motion and not for the session.

The present instruction have to be replaced by new Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly.
  • Comments to the Motion of PPFR
ThomasG Germany (PPDE)
Nice idea. But just some remarks. Whatever organisation is not run by Statutes or Rules of Procedure. Such things just give a frame to that very organisation. - TAn organization, no matter which one, benefits from people actively organizing something, getting involved and practically supporting its goal. This does not require a permanent meeting but actions. Anyone can do that. So far, everyone has been invited to do so. This is, of course is voluntary work that nobody can be forced to do. And even telling a board how to work is not possible, because a board organizes its own internal work. Depending on the given capacities and this in consideration of the given goals. jm2c
Perhaps it would help to have a way of proposing internationally coordinated works (campaigns), which could be joined by pirate parties from many countries; to develop activities that give us international visibility.
BiboPPFRFrance (PPFR)
I dont think the goal is to say that this solution is sufficient, but better than what’s going on right now. It should be considered good practice to always having a comparative approach in mind rather than an absolute one when giving counter arguments.
There is no perfect organization. Welcoming can be enforce, power repartition can be enforce, transparency can be enforce. Non of them could guaranty participation but all of them can help participation being actually here.
There should not be « voluntary work ». There should only be voluntary positions meeting mandatory work.
Bailey supports the motion. It is a motion to do things differently than how we have been doing them for years. The proposal aims to go into permanent GA mode. This would make the current structure go on hold.
Gregory also supports the idea of the motion. He thinks though that we cannot vote on it today, because it is such a major overhall and it would require statute changes. The alternative is that we set up ongoing voting in Congressus (as we already decided). This is in the rules of the board. Then in the next GA we can revise the rules clearly for this ongoing GA. Any party can propose motions to the board at any time.
PPAT, the way I see it is that if the majority decides not to close the GA, we could institute it without this motion at all.
Marco, this represents a roadmap. It includes 2 items that are difficult, one is a statute amendment that cannot be changed now. The second one has to do with the closing of the GA. In this case, it would stay open for ever, is that correct?
Appreciation expressed for the extensity of this motion. If we stick to the full proposal, I have a feeling that it won't get far. I didn't do my homework before entering the GA. We have to get the members more involved before we can make this proposal. For me it is a bit too muc.
Germany could submit a counter motion that the GA calls a working group on this issue. And then we can call the GA once that working group is completed, so we can vote on it.
I think the idea to have a full GA constantly running is not a good idea, bad politics.
I hope at the very least we can use this as an inspiration going forward. I do think that we need a permanent GA at some point.
    • Countermotion PPDE: We call the Board to create a working group on creating a permanent online GA that should develop the Rules of Procedure for it until the end of March 2020.
Marco asks if the counter motion satisfies what Bailey wants to achieve.
There is a comment that it is difficult to debate this motion when those proposing it are not present.
If someone asked me to vote, I would not know what we are voting on. What will happen when the motion is approved? Why can't they come here and discuss with us, rather than discussing with members here on a side channel.
I think we need a rule that those proposing motions need to be here.
PPDE withdraws its counter motion.
Since we have difficulties with details of the motion, the chair indicates that we should wait to decide about this.
The proposal of the chair is to delay this motion. He asks if anyone objects or has a clarification. It would be better to have a clarification fromthe original party.
The board can get together to decide to make this happen if we want to. Bailey will be pushing for this. Mike will also be pushing for this.
There was a question to PPFR what they might do considering the passing of this motion. There is a concern that this could be considered blackmail. We do want that everyone feels good being in PPI and feels comfortable making proposals. Let's just keep everyone on point.
There was a test of a procedural motion, which failed. We put motion 2 on hold for now. It can be brought up later.

Motion #3: PP Brazil - A motion on the importance of fighting against fascist leaders and governments

PP Brazil proposes a motion on the importance of fighting against fascist leaders and governments.
  • Comments to PP Brazil

PPCL-mvp I want to add a submotion to pay attention to latin america.

We are passing through problems in Brazil and other South American countries. There are some popular rebellions. We have coordinated action from government to propose authoritarian governments. The Brazilian president is a problem at the moment.
Comment on the definition of fascist... if we start fighting them... perhaps if we start fighting fascist leaders they also call others fascist.
Comment that there is no complete text, so it is difficult for the GA to approve this motion.
This is a very dangerous network, the fascists. They are far better globally connected than any other network in the world. We have to show, say that we will fight them any way we can. I think we need to make this statement together and not just Brazil.
I am worried that this could fire back, because then we would be an international organization pushing an agenda in a foreign country. If we find a reason, then this could be an excuse to do so... Is this really helping?
Would you mind instead of using the word fascist to do the word dictator.
We have to be very careful in what we say and do. We have to put something forward. We can't sit and say nothing.
Michael is opposed to having this withdrawn. We could sort this out and have it approved later. Silence is the weapon of the fascists. If we keep silent, we agree with them.
A list of all 34 delegates was sent to Keith. We wll prepare this text (Linda and others volunteered). We will then send this proposal to all of ourcolleagues to share and negotiate.
  • Counterproposal from PPNO and PP Switzerland; The Pirateparty International strongly opposes decline in democracy which leads toviolations of human rights and citizen rights.
PPBR accepts this countermotion. We are voting on the counterproposal as presented by PPNO.
    • Voting
The motion is approved with 13.0 voting power.

Motion #4: Motion, NGO, Group Friendship

Macburns (sponsored by PPNO)
Every Year the Pirate Parties International may choose a NGO or social Group of people doing activism or helping others,

For one year we collaborate with them for the purposes of learning from and strengthening each other. Each year we choose a new group.

    • Comments from Discourse to Motion 4
MikeGillCzechia (PPCZ)

Great idea. I’d love that.


I’m not fan but why not … But with some democratic controls. It should be that several months in advance, a first choice is made by the board. Then, this choice must be submitted to all the Pirate Party with a vote on several questions: 1. Which NGO do we want to support? 1. How much of our budget are we willing to invest in the project? For an example of a schedule: • March: start of the selection for the year n + 1 by the board • July: Publication of the list and beginning of the debates • November: Vote (Borda method) My two cents… finally, it’s necessary that in the list of choices, the choice “no support this year” is available, we must be able to refuse to set up this mechanism a year because we have other needs.

danprazeresPPI Board

I believe that it is a very good idea. But i’m thinking that instead of using our fees incomes, we could grow the idea to a world fund.

I like that we pick one organization and help them. I don't like the part about the money though, because we are lacking so much money. We can help them through assistance without the funding. However, besides that I love it very much.
We take a break now until 16:15 CET.
Counter proposal from Linda: PPI will adopt one NGO annually and support them in their work. The intention is to show support and learn from likeminded groups.

PPNO: Pirate Parties International may optionally adopt one NGO annually and support them in their work. The intention is to show support and learn from likeminded groups.

PPBBR: The counterproposal is that we set up a fund so that we can donate part of our received fees, but we can also find other donors. This fund would be managed by a board committee and would adopt and would support a NGO annually.

discussion: a fund is a very serious business and takes years to set up.

PPBR withdraw its conunterproposal

Motion #5: Join the Save .ORG campaign


Italy (PPIT) SaveDotOrg.orgSave .ORG | The .org domain is about to be sold to a private equity firm. Join the coalition of nonprofits opposed to this blatant disregard of the public interest.

Text of the motion: The General Assembly signs and adheres to the 2 campaign. Why: EFF, FSF, and a lot of pirate friends already signed, and org domains are very important for every NGO etc etc, read more on their own site. More: Edit it as you wish

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PPNO just signed the petition.

Motion #6 Endorsement of “Contract for the Web” PPDE: The General Assembly of Pirate Parties International supports and endorse the “Contract for the Web”

Motion proposed by PPDE: Endorsement of “Contract for the Web”
Text of the motion:

The General Assembly of Pirate Parties International supports and endorse the “Contract for the Web”

Presentation of the motion:
The Contract for the Web was launched by Sir Tim Berners-Lee form the Web Foundation on November 25th 2019 along with 160 organisation that support it.
The Web was designed to bring people together and make knowledge freely available. It has changed the world for good and improved the lives of billions. Yet, many people are still unable to access its benefits and, for others, the Web comes with too many unacceptable costs.
Everyone has a role to play in safeguarding the future of the Web. The Contract for the Web was created by representatives from over 80 organizations, representing governments, companies and civil society, and sets out commitments to guide digital policy agendas. To achieve the Contract’s goals, governments, companies, civil society and individuals must commit to sustained policy development, advocacy, and implementation of the Contract text.
Contract for the web indicates principles 1 to 3 are for governments, 4 to 6 are for companies, and 7 to 9 are for citizens:

1. “Ensure everyone can connect to the internet”. 1. “Keep all of the internet available, all of the time”. 1. “Respect and protect people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights”. 1. “Make the internet affordable and accessible to everyone”. 1. “Respect and protect people’s privacy and personal data to build online trust”. 1. “Develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst”. 1. “Be creators and collaborators on the Web”. 1. “Build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity”. 1. “Fight for the Web”.

Official campaign website 1
Full text of the Contract for the Web
In case the motion is adopted, the GA task the PPI board to sign the endorsement of this initiative.
Support : Pirate Party of Germany
Rapporteur : Gregory
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2hr discussion .

vote on proposal from PPAT; "As we cannot vote in the motion "Suspension of the normal functioning" on the GA at 7/8 december2019 we agree to open up a discussion between ppFR, the members of PPI and the board and aim for a soon GA in january/early february to address the issue"

motion passed .

Any other business

Bailey: AOB - we had poirate Beer in preparation to the GA - it was great fun. We should make it regulary.

Gregory AOB: Who is not on the pp-leaders mailing list, or does not know about it. (some hands shown.)

Michael Sinclair AOB: I would like to donate the domain globalpirates,org to PPI PPAT: since Michle have not updated the website in a while we have rebuilt he website under But we can give this one to the PPI to.

Keith AOB: We look for more vice-secretairies. :We accept nominations for vice-secretaries. Please make your nominations here or mail them to the board or a board member. A vice secretary is in charge of a specific task, such as fundraising, conferences, or UN activities.

Bailey AOB: Please come to the PPI Board meetings, we need you!

PPCL AOB: From PPCL Mauricio Vargas to All panelists: (07:57 PM) 
Hello, I just want to leave a few words here to greet you and draw your attention to the totalitarian actions that different governments are carrying out on their populations. In particular, I would appreciate it if you would keep informed of the situation in Chile, where after 50 days of protests, the government continues to promote laws that criminalize citizen demonstrations.
Thank you

PPAT AOB: You may be aware that we have done for the first time ever a video campaign during european elections. Thanks to everyone participating in it.

18:00 Official Conference closure.