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--- 19.4.2022 09:00 UTC/11:00 CEST ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming, recording

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bailey, Mike, Keith, Mauricio,
excused: Gregory, Alexander (arrived about 10:00 UTC)
unexcused: Manuel, Dario, Carlos

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Bastian,
Guests: PiratesOnAir


Meeting opened at 11:05 UTC by Bailey
Meeting chaired by Bailey
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with (5 out of 9) board members present (incl. alternates and proxies)
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 11:05
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process:


Do we approve the minutes?
* Minutes of the last meeting:
15yes.png Yes : Keith, Mauricio, Bastian, Mike
15no.png No :
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : Bailey
Result: 4/4 vote yes
  • Minutes are approved.


4.1 - Short reports of the board members


  • Bailey Lamon: My main focus lately has been #Pirates4Ukraine which is ongoing. We haven't had a tonne of donations, but there are a few and hopefully more will come in. So far we've made 260,48 € through Paypal and then I believe 300 € through PostFinance, but this needs to be checked to clarify (also needs to be transferred to PayPal). There is a meeting later today, at 18:00 UTC/20:00 CEST to discuss phase 2 of the campaign, aka how to ramp it up...I'd really like it if you guys could be there, if you are able to of course. Otherwise, my job has been quite hectic due to covid outbreaks at the shelter and being short-staffed. I'd like us to discuss our mid-year GA today and hopefully decide on a date so we can start organizing that.
  • Gregory Engels: not present
  • Mike Gill: Booked the venue for TT4, still looking for one for the PiSeCon for June as most promising locations are already booked. Got one intern at my disposal from May to July, who needs it for school, so he will be my helping hand for everything PPCZ Foreign Department related. Should be starting on May 1st, so might also use him for some PPI stuff. Preparing statutes changes and looking forward to the SCULL next week.
  • Carlos Polo: not present
  • Keith Goldstein: I have been working mostly on the DAO and Mentors projects. There is supposed to be a meeting this week with Bankless consulting about the DEPA project, and we have 2 sign ups for the mentors project. We need to promote those projects, perhaps with a larger volunteer button form on our website and through social media. I did some inquiries with the TT4 website and helped out a bit on our main website.
  • Alexander Isavnin: I'm sorry for being late; we had a discussion with the German Pirate MEP about the war and surveilance.
  • Manuel Caicedo: not present
  • Dario Castane: not present
  • Mauricio Vargas: I contacted a person from Nicaragua who joined one of the Chilean pirate party channels and invited him to join the Liga Pirata CAST/POR chat. He and others are working to form a pirate movement in his country, which is under dictatorship, so his conditions are complex.

I received the emails of donations made to #Pirates4Ukraine (270,27 eur).


  • Ji Yong Dijkhuis: not present
  • Veronika Murzynová: not present
  • Adam Wolf: not present
  • Sebastian Krone:
  • All financial information I have is in PPI wiki (Bank - 12.04.2022 - PayPal 18.03.2022 - no changes till today).
PayPal donations for Aid Ukraine are also documented in PPI wiki, amount today: 243,37 EUR (additionally there is a donation on our bank account in the amount of 50,29 CHF, which should be transferred to Aid Ukraine account).
  • The new blog for Aid Ukraine should be spiced up with SEO tools, we have only a few clicks on it.
  • I set up a website for the upcoming Think Twice conference in 2022 and three websites for the old TTs 2014.1, 2014.2 and 2018. I reconstructed the content from data in my private copies and with the help of This was really a lot of work and work time. But we had received complaints (we could not host something reliably). The fact is that this site was hosted by other people, and they abandoned the content and deleted the domains. Now we have a structured backup system.
The domain is - you will find the sites on:
  • I looked at PPI technology as I do every day.
All the patches are up-to-date.
All systems are running fine.

5.1 - Proposals

  • Issue: Mid-Year General Assembly
Submitted by: Bailey
Justification: We should schedule our mid-year GA. It makes sense to do it in June, since that is exactly half-way through the year. I would like to propose Saturday, June 25th.
Bastian: in June we have both the PiSeCon and the German GA. Maybe we can do it at the start of July, July 2nd.
Bailey: As always with our mid-year GAs, it's gonna be a one-day event.
Keith: How about doing it on the second day of the PiSeCon?
Mike: An intriguing notion...
Bailey: I don't like that we don't have a concrete date for the PiSeCon yet.
Mike: If you give me until this Friday, I'll get us a venue and we'll have the date.
Bailey: Okay; and in case that doesn't work out, July 2nd is our backup option. Mike, are you sure you can get us the venue and date till the end of the week?
Mike: Quite; 90%.
Mauricio: We will have the PPCL GA in the first half of June, so July 2 is fine.
Bastian: Alex Kohler won't be happy about this.
Mike: Then considering that there won't be many people at both events and that Bavarians are not gonna be keen on combining, I feel now it's not worth it.
Bailey: I understand why combining of the two got suggested but we need to set the date for the GA and we have to do what we can to support PiSeCon anyway.
Mid-year GA 2022
Do we want to have the mid-year PPI GA on Sat July 2nd?
15yes.png Yes : 5 (Bailey, Mike, Mauricio, Bastian, Keith)
15no.png No : 0
Pictogram voting neutral.svg Abstain : 0
Result: The motion passes; the GA will take place on July 2nd 2022.

  • Issue: Volunteer Program
Submitted by: Keith
Justification: We should have a "Volunteer" button on our website with a more general form for people to volunteer for specific projects and then connect that to the Mentors program form.
Keith: Shall we have a vote on this? I can prepare it in the Lime Survey.
Bailey: Does anybody have any questions or concerns? Do we need to vote on this.
Bastian: I don't think we need a formal vote.
Bailey: Does anyone here have any objection? No. Good; let's do it.

5.2 - Working Groups Update

There is a SCULL meeting on the 29th, next week at 16:00 CEST. The topic is documents.
Bailey: I believe Mike is organizing that?
Mike: Yeah, I believe I am. I'll send out another invite.

5.3 Economic Update

Bastian: Aside from what's mentioned above in my personal report, I'm finalizing with Gregory server costs invoices from 2018. It's a lot of money and we need to discuss it. We once cancelled the payment for 2017 I ended up paying from my own pocket and now we need to resolve 2018.


Mike: Nothing really.
Keith: They still don't have many events in NYC. Carlos has been to some events in Geneva.

5.5 PPI HQ update

Mike: You already know what's coming. :-) Yep, still waiting for that bloody passport. :-)
Bailey: I still don't have the passport but they called one of my references.

6 AOB - Any other business

Mike will have the statute revisions ready for the next board meeting.
  1. Pirates4Ukraine is ongoing, please help however you can. Let's not let it fizzle out.
Alexander: We should make proposal for this year's IGF, since the deadline is on June 2nd

Pirate Beer Saturday April 30th 19:00 UTC/21:00 CEST
  • Next Meeting: 10.05.2022 14:00 UTC/16:00 CEST
  • Meeting Closed: 10:30 UTC