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--- 21.06.2023 22:00 UTC/23:00 CET ---
Big Blue Button Room:
Audio recording: PiratesOnAir Streaming

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Gregory, Mike, Alexander, Julian, Keith
excused: Florie, Bailey

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members:
participating: Bastian, Raman,


Meeting opened at 21:06 UTC by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is all of present
Quorum established with 4 (out of 9) board members present.
Streaming started: started
Recording started: 21:06 UTC
Postal votes: none
Notes on meeting process: none


Do we approve the minutes?
Yes : Julian, Gregory,Alexander, Mike
No :
Abstain : keith
Result: minutes are approved


4.1 - Short reports of the board members 1)


  • Florie Marie: not present
  • Gregory Engels: I have not much to report, I have been involved in minor administrative tasks. I am preparing to go the PPDE General Assembly this weekend where a lot of international pirates also will be present.
  • Bailey Lamon: not present
  • Michal Gill: nothing to report
  • Keith L. Goldstein: I announced the GA. The invoices for the Members have been prepared, but need to be sent out.
  • Alexander Isavnin: Submitted sessions for IGF, regular PPRU streams, sent letter to UN Speciall Rapporteur on Human Rights in Russia, got appointed to Academic Council of the Pirate Political Institute
  • Julian Häffner: Nothing to report
  • Mauricio Vargas: not present
  • Maycow Toledo: not present


  • Adam Wolf: not present
  • Sebastian Krone:
I have been monitoring the PPI tech, as I do every day.
All patches are up to date. All systems are running smoothly.
I have asked several times to see the contract for data processing by a processor (Art. 28.3 GDPR) regarding our discourse hosted by Stefan Thöni that we use. When will this be done?
  • Mia Utz: not present
  • Raman Ojha: Nothing to report
  • Carlos Polo: not present

5.1 - Proposals

5.2 - Working Groups Update

We had several working metings of the SCUBA on submitting session proposals to the IGF. One of the proposals is with Japanese Pirates on computer ethics. We also submitterd a session proposal on digital totaliralism. The links are on the IGF website.

5.3 Economic Update

Nothing to report


Keith will be at UN HQ in NY around August 1st.

5.5 PPI HQ update

Nothing to report

6 AOB - Any other business

  • From Bastian:
What are the considerations for moving the PPI headquarters (seat) to Luxembourg?
Is the Chairperson aware of the tax consequences of this? That we are a Swiss association, all tax obligations (tax reporting and returns) are taken care of by Postfinance Suisse. We have nothing to do there.
That's why we have the P.O. Box in Geneva, because we need an address in Switzerland, since PPI has its headquarters in Switzerland. It was a lot of work to solve the problem.
20 francs per year are peanuts.
All my mails and post to PP-Luxembourg remained unanswered until now.
We would need a decision of the General Assembly to move the seat from Switzerland to Luxembourg.
We know, what it means if we don't fulfill our obligates (some thousand Euro as fines n Belgium).

Joe (guest): I have a question regarding the Funds collected for the Pirates4Ukraine campaign. what happened with those funds?

All have been transferred to the entity that it was collected for - everything is very transparent recorded in our wiki: - all collected funds have been transfered on 14.06.2022 to the SocEntLab, thats the NGO that Svein is working with
Bastian: we never from them on how they used the funds that we have transferred.
  • in other news:
there has been reports from pirate party of Massachusetts on new attacs on encryption
can we have more regular updates on US-PP? - we are very active on Discord (disclaimer: Discord is not very privacy friendly).
  • Next Meeting: third Wednesday of July: 19.07.2023 05:00 UTC / 07:00 CEST/DST
  • Meeting Closed: 21:52 UTC