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PPI Social Events

You might get used to our 2020 'Pirate Beer', where we met online and chatted deep into the night. We would like to freshen up this activity a bit in 2021 and offer themed meetings; similar to pirate beer, but at different times and on predetermined topics. For this year, we'll always meet the last weekend of every month, alternating between Fridays and Saturdays, starting on Friday January 29th. Another traditional event of ours, Pirate Summer Camp, organised by the German Pirates and taking place annualy in Poland, will also take place in both 2021 and 2022 with dates already set. All are welcome!

We meet on Big Blue Button:

For all PPI events, social and political, follow our Google Calendar:

Future events:

Pirate Summer Camp 2022, Poland, August 7th to 21st >