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The International Pirates' News Service

We're looking for people that want to be part of our team and write articles for the newsletter. Join us!

The Pirate Times is the official news source for the PPI. It launched as a WordPress blog at on August 13 at 00:00 UTC. The main goal is to spread Pirate Party related news over the national borders.

Topics we write about

  1. Pirate Topics (Global PP related news) - should form 35% of content
  2. Pirate Party News (Election Results, changes in Pirate Parties + EU parliament) - should form 30% of content
  3. Interviews (Party Introductions, Pirate Introductions) - should form 20% of content
  4. Tips & tricks (Organizational tips) - should form 15% of content

Target group Our target group are pirates and people interestend in pirate politics around the globe. We want to reach people interested in international politics and on how these develop. Also we want to be a source of information for pirate parties without their own newsletter.

Joining the team The team can be joined by signing up to our mailing list. Each new team member will be sent an introductory email after signing up that tells them how to proceed. Everyone who signs up will be contacted by the team leader, who will be available for questions and support.

  1. publish articles
  2. proof read them
  3. protocols
  4. Administrative meeting minutes
  5. A style guide on the content of articles
  6. A style guide on the content of articles for guest authors
  7. A step by step guide on publishing articles
  8. A guide for proof reading
  9. A guide to using the Flaschenpost photo gallery
  10. Team member introductions

The following were the candidates for the Pirate Times logo. The deadline was Aug 2nd at 19.00 GMT. The winner was #1.

Some mashups of the official logo: