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PPI HQ was established by Royal Decree on the 22 March 2012. Links to the official publications/statutes (in French) on the website of the Belgian government:

  • Established on April 17, 2012 pdf
  • Board and address changes on April 26, 2013 pdf
  • Board changes on August 13, 2014 pdf
  • Board changes on Februari 25, 2016 pdf

An Overview of all offical records and EU transparency register.

Registering changes to the statutes

  • Most statute changes to an AISBL require a notary deed. There are however a few important exceptions. When changing the composition of the board or when changing the address of the organisation assistance of a notary is not required.

Address and Board changes

To make address or board changes you need to complete 4 sections of 2 different forms. These forms can be downloaded from this website. Our statutes are in French so the French version of the forms need to be used even if Dutch is your preferred language.

  • Form I - section A
    • Some basic information about the AISBL needs to be filled in here.
  • Form I - section B (print x3)
    • This form contains the actual text that needs to be published. This needs to be in French. The published texts of previous years can be used as reference.
    • All board members that resign need to specified by their full name and place of residence.
    • New members that join the board need to be specified by their full name, place of residence, date and place of birth.
    • On this form you also indicate the function every individual board member has, this need to be functions as they are specified in the PPI HQ statutes. PPI HQ has a president and vice-president and not 2 co-chairpersons like PPI.
    • This section needs to be printed three times.
    • Every copy needs the signature of one new board member on the back of the last page.
  • Form II - section A
    • Very similar to Form I - section A but both are required.
  • Form II - section C
    • This section is contains a list off all new, existing and old board members.
    • Specific functions of the board members don't need to be specified here, all are just "Administrateur"
    • This section needs to be signed on the bottom by one new board member.
  • Proof of payment
    • This can be a printout of your webbanking even if that print explicitly says: "don't accept this as a proof of payment". (You gotta love Belgian surrealism)
    • The amount that needs to be paid can be found here. Price for a modification. Possibly modifications for AISBL's will become free in the future.
  • ID's
    • Of all board members that are not Belgian a copy of the front and back of their ID-card needs to be included. (for Belgians their national number needs to be filled in on Form II - section C)
    • In case ones ID-card doesn't mention it's address, a proof of residence also needs to be provided. This can be something simple like an utility bill, it just needs to clearly mention both the full name and the address of the person in question.

Once all of these documents are completed and signed you can deliver them to:

Britse Tweedelegerlaan 148,
1180 Vorst,
Phone: +32(0)2/346.03.33