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Dichter is the Account of Gregory Engels, member of the German Pirate Party.

I've been elected as the Co-Chairman for the Pirates Parties International at the conference in Brussels April-18-2010 and was holding this office until March 13th 2011.

Report for May 2010

  • Update PPI Wiki: create categories, templates, doing wiki gardening. I also got the admin rights for the wiki.
  • work on the PPI Homepage: deleting spam comments, reverse engineering of the passwords and web site setup.
  • transitioning the domain into PPI account.
  • research on the different possibilities of public funding for the PPI
  • visited the conference of the Federal Agency for Civic Education "On the way to a world-society"
  • gave the interview (in German) to the Pirate Party of Hesse
  • Pirate Party of the Week: contact Pirate Parties, publish and promote questions/answers
  • Task forces: organize and set up task forces (create MyPirates groups, update MyPirates task forces)
  • Visit German Party Congress on May 15-16 (Congress accepts PPI membership)
  • Visit Pirate without Boarders Congress on May 14 (PWB applies for PPI membership)
  • Press work
  • Contact between Pirate Parties

I have been appointed by the chairmen of the PP-DE as the international coordinator for the Pirate Party International


My profile page in the German Pirate Wiki (with all the contact information):

my random stuff

Liquid Democracy Workshop from the 01/2008 Berlin conference: more recording from the 2008 Berlin conference: