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Here you can write your application for PPI board member. To submit your application copy-paste the table or write an e-mail with the information to and we will add you to the list.

Sponsors - According to IV (4) (b) and V (2) (b) of the PPI statutes candidates to any organ of the PPI must be proposed by an ordinary or observer member of the PPI. If you submit your application please add your sponsor. One member can support multiple candidates and the person applying for a position doesn't necessarily need to be a member of that organization. If you don't have a sponsor before the conference you still might be able to convince a delegation on the spot.

Please use the following template:

Name and nicks YOUR NAME


Name and nicks Samir Allioui
Sponsor Pirate Party of the Netherlands
member of Pirate Party Founder of the Pirate Party of the Netherlands, and soon member of PP Morocco as well.
qualifications I did not finish my IT degree, neither did I finish my MBA. I'm a stubborn, perfectionist and autodidact person with not only experience in managing my own business, but also have experience in corporate world management.( Marketing & IT )
language(s) Fluently: Dutch,English. - Can read German and French at mediocre level.
motivation and political background

We all know what a mess the last PPI conference came to be, due to a management mistake by me. I feel that I left the organisation too quickly. I should not have trusted certain people with the great responsibility of organizing the last conference. There is a tremendous amount of unfinished business that needs to be taken care of. Not to mention all the damage control that is currently required. Today, PPI stil did not acquire funds. Let me fix this all, as i should have done ages ago. However, I'm not going to do this without a good spirit of collaboration and competent people such as Andrew besides me. The time of incompetent people running PPI should be over, and professionalization should commence!

Contact data Email: Samir.Allioui piratenpartij nl - Samir.Allioui pp-international net

IRC: "coretx" on the pirateweb IRC network: #piratenpartij #PPI and others. Skype:coretx Jabber:

Name and nicks Marcel Kolaja
Sponsor Czech Pirate Party
member of Pirate Party Czech Pirate Party
File:Marcel Kolaja-454.jpeg
  • Free Software expert with more than 10 year experience
  • working in a global company delivering telecoms solutions
  • Technical Team Leader, 3rd level support engineer
language(s) English (CEFR C1), German (basic), Czech (native), Slovak
motivation and political background Political background:
  • member of the Czech Pirate Party Republic Committee
  • vice-chairman of the South Moravian regional organization of the Czech Pirate Party

In the past:

  • board member of the Czech Linux Users' Group
  • founding member of the Czech Foundation For A Free Information Infrastructure

=> Experience with pirate-related topics, especially software patents, copyright, open formats, open protocols, and free software, since 1998.

Motivation: Issues are worldwide. We need to take advantage of the fact that the Pirate Movement is worldwide as well. I want the PPI to be a strong organization representing the Pirate Movement. In order to achieve this goal, the PPI has to ensure that the members are real Pirate Parties. We need to formulate our ideas on an international level. Therefore, I'd like to initiate the process of formulating the general policy of the PPI. My main goal is to move the PPI in this direction. To provide valuable support for the members this way. To enable and motivate Pirate Parties to help the other Pirate Parties. Inspire ourselves mutually! Let's use the results of each others' effort! Let's copy each others' success! Let's act as a worldwide movement and show the world that sharing is caring!

Contact data Marcel Kolaja <>


Name and nicks Gregory Engels
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany and Pirate Party of Russia and Pirate Party of Kazakhstan
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan and Sweden
  • I have studied Physics (with specialization in atomic physics)
  • since 1998 I am running a company that provides consulting services for Lotus Notes customers. (Mostly managing big multi-national migration projects)
  • In my field, I am considered to be a "guru" - I am IBM RedBook author, member of the Penumbra partnership and a frequent speaker at international Lotus Notes conferences.
  • I am married and have two children

Pirate Qualifications:

  • Co-Chairman Pirate Parties International since April 18th 2010
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since 2009
  • PPI Statutes Task-Force leader 2009-2010
  • Campaign manager foreigners elections City of Offenbach 2010 - achieved 4.2% for the Pirate Party, resulting in a win of one seat.
language(s) I am fluent in English, German and Russian and can understand basic texts in Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Italian and a few others (at least I cross-check Wikipedia articles frequently in this languages.
motivation and political background I have served PPI in the role of the Co-Chairman since the last conference, and would like to continue this engagement - there are lots of stuff that is not yet finished. I will talk about what have been accomplished, despite the obstacles that had faced, in my board report on Sunday during the conference.

since 2009, I am international coordinator for the Pirate Party of Germany. currently I am also a front runner candidate in the upcoming city council election in the city of Offenbach on March 27th.

Contact data I can easily be reached at a number of channels - see my profile page in the German Pirate-Wiki


Name and nicks Thomas Gaul
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany and Pirate Party of Switzerland
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany
* Civil Engineer - Building Energy Consultant
  • married, one child
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since February 2011

International experience:

  • working groups on CEN TC 227 WG2 (1997-2005), CEN TC WG 5 (2004-2005)
  • technical comittee CEN TC 227 (2004-2005)
  • Secretary to CEN TC 227 WG2 on behalf of British Standard Institution (2003-2005)
language(s) German, English
motivation and political background As you might have noticed, I have been and still are envolved in the international activities on Wikileaks and the MENA-countries. I did gave me a good lookout what PPI ought to be in the future - an agile and active NGO combining the activities already done by the Pirate Parties worldwide. An exchange of information, gathering information and spread this knowledge to each Pirate Party. So in mye eyes it is vital for PPI to be in touch with other NGOs and hopefully with other international institutions.
Contact data Email:

see my profile page

Name and nicks Kenneth Peiruza
Sponsor Pirate Party of Spain - Pirate Party of Switzerland - Pirate Party of Serbia - Pirate Party of Catalonia
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Catalonia - Pirate Party of Spain
I am a 32 year old single without children. I have studied Telecomunications Engineering, took courses of Industrial Automation, SuSE Certified Linux User (CLU), SuSE Certified Linux Professional (CLP) and SuSE Datacenter Expert (DE). I won a bronze medal in the international Chemistry Olympiad in Spain.

I have been working with UNIX/Linux for more than 12 years. I have been an Ethical hacker (penetration tester) for financial sector for 3 years. 5 years ago I became member of a FLOSS freelancer group. Nowadays I am an IT Consultant, FLOSS trainer (since 2000 until date), and occasional pentester. I have performed several speeches on FLOSS or IT Security in congresses, conferences, universities, hacklabs...

Long time ago I worked with children and troublesome teenagers (racist/xenophobe, drug dealers, violent kids, disrupted homes, sociopaths...), so, I developed nice communication and mediation skills.

I have wide experience in making presentations, teamwork and a deep IT knowledge.

  • Member of PP-ES since 2008. I am a former member of PP-ES International group, and I was PP-ES delegate at PPI's founding assembly.
  • I am Co-founder of PP-Cat and I became its first secretary general, actively involved in our election campaign last year. Nowadays I'm the spokesperson of PP-Cat and member of the board of PP-Cat. If I lack free time at any point, my spokesperson's task can be assigned to any other member.
language(s) Native/Writing Spanish, Catalan, Spoken/Written English. I can understand (read/listen) Italian, Portuguese and French. Basic Thai reading and speaking and plenty of words and phrases in some other languages.
motivation and political background I am a GNU/Linux user since 1996, and I've been involved in LUG's and FLOSS projects since 1998. Since 2002 I'm also working in projects related to freedom of speech/infromation, free culture, patents, copyright or mixes of them.

I've been interested in the pirate movement since 1 month before the EU parliament elections, when I knew about PiratPartiet.

I am involved in the international activities on Wikileaks and the MENA-countries, where I've set up the VPN infrastructure on France and Canada. I can only have nice words here for Thomas Gaul and Thomas Bruderer (Apophis) and everyone else involved in this project; for their knowledge, positive thinking and work capacity.

I will have some busy weeks until May 22nd, as we have elections in Spain, and I want to help PP-Cat and PP-ES in our campaigns. Hopefully, Xavi Vila and Jordi Soucheiron have offered to assist me with PPI tasks so I can still participate in our campaign. Thank you.

I know many of the candidates in this election beforehand, and I have worked with some of them, always with nice experiences. This makes me feel confident about the team we can build in this election, and this is probably one of my best points. I can help them to see common points of view and make us work together.

Considering that I have recently learned how to build and grow up a Pirate Party and how to run a campaign, my presence could help in boosting new/young Pirate Parties, specially in the Americas due to my language skills.

However, my main motivation to become co-chairman is to unlock some of the potentialities of PPI

I want to see a dynamic PPI, where we have active workgroups on key issues and a quick way to setup a new team for a hot topic.

  • The first one I would like to see covered is the press release workgroup, inspired in the current workgroup on MENA-countries, to improve communication between PPI members and maximizing our media impact. Amelia Andersdötter can make a fabulous contribution to this team, as she's probably the one with more media contacts, attention and know-how among us.
  • Another point I would like to introduce is a greater participation of PPI members in PPI decisions. PPI is a great thing, but it can be much better. PPI works in a 19th century way, whilst we are an Internet movement. We shouldn't need to wait one whole year to make a decision, we should be able to use online voting. Some PPI members are using it with their members, it makes sense to do it with PPI as well.
  • My last main goal is related to sharing our knowledge. PP-SR and PP-Cat are working in projects to spread knowledge about Internet team-work to NPO's and to our own members. Sure there's more PPI members doing similar things. From decision making, VOIP assemblies, etherpad/wiki documentation, Internet Communication skills... Blaeks is the one doing this in Serbia, we know we will enjoy this task, that is scheduled to start in 1 week, feel free to contact Blaeks or myself if interested. We believe that this knowledge is valuable for our members but also to get rooted into our local societies.

Thank your for your attention.

Contact data
  • Email:
  • Mobile: +34-666236433
  • Gtalk:
  • Twitter: @kaperuzito


Name and nicks Pat Mächler aka Valio
Sponsor Pirate Party Switzerland and Pirate Party of Germany
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party Switzerland
  • I have a BSc in Computer Science and a supplement in Gender Studies by the U of Basel. I'm still at my MSc in Computer Science.
  • My income stems from various mini jobs (programming, tuition, waiter, cleaning).
  • I have revived PPI as organization by initiating the Coreteam in 2009, when former PPI Coordinator Andrew Norton stepped down.
  • I have been active as manager of a local scout shop (2 years), been lay auditor at PPI, Pirates Without Borders and the student association of the U of Basel [skuba] (each one year). Since autumn 2010 I'm treasurer of the Pirate Party Basel. I have additional organizational experience from a wide range of organizations, but these are not closely related to treasuring.
  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fairly well)
  • French (good understanding, but bad active vocabulary)
motivation and political background I started the Coreteam in the first place, was one of the first two co-presidents and I always intended PPI to become a strong organization to enhance the development of the pirate movement. I'm not going to run for a "representational role" in PPI as I want to finish my MSc this year, but according to my resources I can afford to take an administrative position. By now I have quite some experience in financial management of various NPOs. My motivation in this position is to introduce a solid accounting and to develop different funding options for PPI.
Contact data

Chief Administration Officer

Name and nicks Amelia Andersdotter, Political Baptist
Sponsor Piratenpartij België
member of Pirate Party Piratpartiet.
qualifications I have all the qualifications needed to perform a good job as a member of a board of an organisation. Including being very cute.
language(s) Swedish (native), English(C2), Spanish(C2), Dutch(B2), Japanese(B2), Portuguese(B1), French(B1), Romanian(B1) and by extension Danish(C1) and Norwegian(C1). Note, some of those (French, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian) I cannot for the life of me generate, but I do read them without major difficulties.
motivation and political background I am an MEP Elect on behalf of the Swedish Piratpartiet.

I run a blog at [[1]] that I'm sure will be interesting for everyone.

I cover a range of political issues, some of which you'll find you agree with and can relate to, others that you may not be able to relate to or agree with. Let it not be said that I am an expert in either of these issues, on the contrary there is much to learn, but I do know a fair bit and am not afraid to defend my positions.

  • patents,
  • copyright,
  • trademarks
  • geographical indications,
  • plant breeding rights,
  • trade secrets
  • telecoms industry (this includes wired technologies and wireless technologies; business models for enterprises dealing with any of the former; net neutrality; efreet and tentacle-stripped squids),
  • competition law (this issue is very much related to all of the above as well as innovation/research; it simply cannot be ignored from any perspective whatsoever and if you have any doubts on why this is so, you should immediately ask me.),
  • data protection (politically, this issue really has two sides: the protection of private data, the protection of stored data, id est not necessarily private data, but definitely data that someone might in some way consider important for some reason. you can ask me about this also),
  • innovation and research (if you have any doubt about whether this form of knowledge creation, which indeed has a larger scope than merely information technology, it is also good to ask me),
  • trade agreements (if you contact me by IRC during the conference you should really ask me why ACTA is considerably better than any bilateral free trade agreement negotiated and signed over the past... Hm. Six years, depending on whether you also take an interest in United States trade policies with the rest of the world.)

I've been working for three years as an international coordinator for Ung pirat, at the time Sweden's largest political youth organisation. I maintain active contact with this organisation.

I've been representing Piratpartiet, but mostly myself, at international conferences all over the world since summer 2009. I take an interest in educational policies and trade agreements.

Because of my travelling, I have the fortune of being able to keep track of quite a lot of stuff that goes around in quite a lot of places over the world. I have a very broad and international scope of almost any issue from any part of the world.

I know industry perspective, developing country perspective, academic perspectives and activist perspectives. I hope to be able to combine my relatively diverse interests with a broad base of pirate parties since I am able to integrate rather well the problems of each continent and pirate parties therein.

For people who aren't already knowledgable on this matter, I'm Samir Allioui's girlfriend. By analogy he is my boyfriend. He is past member of the PPI coreteam, he's the founder of the Dutch Piratenpartij, he was a candidate in the Dutch elections and a very competent information manager. He should, on top of his candidature for co-president, also be considered for this post and therefore declare my intention to nominate him for this position.

Contact data ; if necessary

Name and nicks Samir Allioui
Sponsor Amelia Andersdotter, independent nominator and sponsor, in accordance with the good sense and reason which I preposterously consider my having. It follows, surely, from being an Essene.
member of Pirate Party
qualifications Economics, management, IT. Completed military training. Various IT enterprises and butchery(!!). Researcher.
language(s) Dutch (native), English (C2)
motivation and political background So, bear in mind that this is a third party nomination and that I present what I consider this individual's main competences, even if I notice that he has not put them forward himself. Which he should have. Because it's good to do so.

Samir Allioui has worked with the Dutch Piratenpartij for 4 years. He has contact with the German Piratenpartei, primarily Bavaria and Berlin. He also, obviously, works with the Luxemburgian and Belgian Pirate Parties. He is currently engaged in the emergent information politics work in the Magreb countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco) and is in close contact with the UK Pirate Party. In the past he has maintained contacts with the French Parti Pirate and the US Pirate Party.

He is a former... Coreteam member? And was one of the organisers of the PPI conference last year. He is very strict about rules and commitments but pulls off what he undertakes with great determination and decisiveness.

Because of his skills in managing information, and information flows, he would make a good General Secretary of the organisation, and keep the various aspects of international communication together. He works around language problems.

As an uncompromising perfectionist he keeps track of most things going on around him, making him a very suitable candidate for the position of General Secretary. He can easily be trusted with things that need to get done, and fast.

Contact data I refer here to the contact details Samir Allioui left in his own candidature for co-president.

Name and nicks Lola Voronina
Sponsor Pirate Party of Russia
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Russia
qualifications Professional sociologist, worked in political PR and conference organizing
language(s) Russian, English, Czech, Spanish
motivation and political background I have experience in organizing events such as Russia G8 Finance Ministers Meeting 2006 and many political companies which I think can be useful for PPI. I'm willing to make the work of PPI better by using my skills. As a member of Pirate Party of Russia and an activist of pirate movement I think I can be a useful member of PPI.
Contact data

Board Members

Name and nicks Fabricio Martins do Canto
Sponsor Pirate Party of Switzerland - Pirate Party of Portugal
Member of Pirate Party Member of Pirate Party Germany
Qualifications Education:
  • Business Management Bachelors

Job Experience:

  • 7 years working as MMM (Marketing Mule for Multinationals), 2 in Brazil, 5 in Germany
  • 7 years running the Nomadic University Project (see attached)

CV 1985 – 1987 – Singer in Punk new wave rockabilly bands, and collaborator in several art interventions in south Brazil 1988 – Business Management (BWL) Degree started . Received Government Research Scholarship to develop software to manage personnel fluctuations for Hospitals. 1989 – Founder of an AIESEC local Committee in Brazil 1990 – President of an AIESEC local Committee in Brazil 1991 – Vice President of Marketing AIESEC Brazil, Intensive Training in Leadership in Brazil, Argentina, USA und Canada 1992 – Completed degree GPA( Abschluss Note) 1.8. Trainee by Olgilvy & Matter, first job developing computer-based Direct Marketing for Ford Automobile. Co-Organizer of the World Game at ECO Rio 92 (Union Nation Conference on Environment and Development) 1993 – Lecture Performance at Coexistencial Management Conference in Tokyo with a speech on Multinational Lobby in Yokohama Business Center, Japan. 1994 – Moved in July to Germany to work at Beiersdorf AG as a Trainee. Registered 1st patent in November, as the first Trainee to register a Patent in the company history. 1995 – Changed from Trainee to Marketing Assistant for the International Marketing tesa Power Strips team, registering 1 new patent. 1996 – Promotion to International Junior International Marketing Product Manager for tesa Power Strips, registering 2 new patents 1997 – Introduced several tesa Power-Strips products world wide, including TV and Prinrt Campaigns as well its internet and off line POS POI presentation. 1998 – Promoted to National Marketing Product Manager to Hansaplast / Hansamed, responsible for the Brands Internet Presentation, registering 1 new patent. 1999 – Quit Beiersdorf, participation in Noisy Factory Festival – one of artists featured in Noisy Factory Compilation: Achtung: Meine Rechner is Aus 2000 – 2010 Nomadic Sabbatical Started 2001 – Buddhism, Yoga and Ayurveda education. Worked as Photographer and web designer for Climbing Expedition in the Everest Area. 2002 – Participation on the Wolrd Social Forum in Porto Alegre Brazil 2003 – Co-author for the Project Management content for the On-Line Est European Post Graduation Course on for the TFU Berlin 2003 – 2005 Realization of Rainbow-Children Project for differently-abled in India, Award Granted by the Fred Foundation, Holland 2005 – 2010 The Nomadic University Project with grass-root activities in remote areas and lecture Performances at - Profile Intermidia 8, in Bremen, Germany: Attention: Dangerous Ideas in Progress ( Achtung: Gefahrliche Ideen in Entwicklung ) - University Federal of Santa Maria, Brazil, the Nomadic Aesthetics - Shanti Road 1, India, Fleeting Utopias, The Nomadic Aesthetics - Weissensee University of Arts, Berlin, Germany - Swarovski, Crystal World, Wattens, Austria - Several Exhibitions in India, Brazil and Germany

Pirate CV:

Direct Candidature for Pankow / Berlin Elections 2011 Kick of and framework for the developing of a communication strategy:

Target: Highest possible efficiency to win voters in Pankow Procedure : 1. Background Information: 1st Situation +  SWOT Analysis 2. Key Factors of success 3. Mission statement Time Table a) Theme and Media Brainstorming LMV b) Theme and Media Clustering (in Main Themes and sub-themas) and screening LMV c) Innovation Management Intervention

   and Creative Briefing                               March

d) Design Development March - April e) Discussion Groups (with non Pirates)

   Experts Group (with Pirates)		        April - May

f)  Activities and Action Plan Definition May g) Execution May onwards

Language(s) Mother Tongue: Portuguese

Fluent: German (speaking), English (speaking & writing) Comfortable with small talk: Spanish, Italian & Hindi

Motivation and political background Motivation and political background:
  • Founder of a Student Organization in Brazil (Aiesec), holding several positions and attending several international meetings as a trainer of young Leaders for it).
  • I was a punk yuppie, i quit the job, stayed 10 years as an outsider doing nomadic projects in grass-root urban and remote areas. Now that my eldest daughter (I have 4 children) is starting school it is time to set an example for them of a long-run contribution to society.

Political views:

  • Liberal. Focus on Education, Art, Transparency and Freedom.

The Liquid Democracy, the media landscape shift and new spaces of geo political activities in the net brings a great potential for the Pirate party to be a vector of changes.


  • I would like to direct my candidature to the position of Plumber: 1) to increase efficiency in the communication to win over voters and supporters and 2) to unclog the feedback that might get stuck in our channels due to psychological structures.

Contact data Skype: fabriciodocanto

Mobile: 00 49 15788657525

Home Nr.: 00 49 30 6096 2042

Schwedterstrasse 17 10119 Berlin

Name and nicks Andrew Norton / K`Tetch
Sponsor Pirate Party UK
member of Pirate Party US Pirate Party (former chairman, and former head of Legal), Pirate Party UK (member of the press team)
qualifications I have run campaigns on two continents over the past 13 years (UK with the Liberal Party and the Conservatives, and in the US with the Libertarians). I have also run a national party (US PP) and an international political group (as the first head of PPI). I also have the rare quality of not using 'new-speak' or political doubletalk. I'm clear and concise in my statements, meaning that people know exactly where I stand, and that my stance is with the facts. This is something severely lacking in the current board. I'm also an EU citizen, that doesn't live in the EU, meaning I can understand issues from both an EU and non-EU perspective, which is important in a geographically diverse group like the PPI, with it's strong concentration of membership in the EU.

I've also been a part of similar organisations before, I've run sci-fi based fan groups mostly based in the UK (with internationabl members), as well being involved in robotic combat 'unions' in the US, and UK/Europe, the later as a founding board member.

language(s) I speak English fluently. I also have a more limited understanding of French, Spanish, and Italian. I also have a smattering of Swedish, German, Welsh, Klingon (don't ask) and Portuguese, and I will give any other language a try at least.
motivation and political background My goals are the same as the Pirate Party movements - mainly because as a long-time proponent and participant, I've helped to shape the policies. I first started pushing for patent reform in 04, and on copyright reform in 1999 (when I was trying to convince the British Phonographic Institute to embrace Napster). In November 2000, I helped prep some sketches for Jay Leno on Comedy Central, about the Florida voting issue that centred around President Bush's appointment, which was part of my introduction to government transparency and accountability. I'm also a robotics engineer, who has been through and experienced the patent system first-hand (unlike most involved in the pirate movement, where it is often approached from the theoretical side) and co-own a UK patent.

I am also strongly motivated to keep the Board strongly accountable to the GA, and to improve communication from the board to the member parties, both of which are severely lacking at present.

Finally, while I've had some experience in politics, It's not as a candidate, but instead it's more of the backroom stuff, administration, and promotion. I won't be running for public office, so there's no danger of using any board position to help an election campaign, and at the same time, PPI itself is NOT a party, it's a support 'group', so having politicians run it is actually counterproductive. It is, however, a POLITICAL support group, where experiance of political campaigning is required. In such a position, my clarity of position, and absolute integrity are the KEY qualifications for a position like this.

Contact data I am ALWAYS in the PPI IRC channel (k`tetch). I can be contacted via email at, via telephone at +1 352-6-KTETCH or via skype at 'ktetch'

Name and nicks Aleksandar Blagojević aka blaeks
Sponsor Pirate Party of the Netherlands, Czech Pirate Party, Pirate party of Serbia
member of Pirate Party Pirate party of Serbia

Graduate in physical education and sports sciences. I am professional personal trainer and conduct complex treatments of weight loss with complete preservation of biological potential of an individual. I am able to handle almost any task considering body re-shape, conditioning, motor learning and motion control. Extraordinary experience in working with people - motivation, training, coordination and collaboration. I am IT "poweruser" - I have no professional certificates but I successfully manage all IT background behind Pirate party of Serbia. Also, I am project manager of many Belgrade civil actions. I am open source public advocate. Currently we have organised the first public workshop which will try to hard-code wiki and open source principles in social environment in order to setup grounds for direct democracy and get rid of corruption. I am founder and leader of Pirate party of Serbia. My team and I managed to make a huge lobby group which will push and promote pirate values in Serbia - academically, institutionally and politically. After long and hard three-year work I can finally state that we made initial kick off and now have direct communication with universities, institutions and politicians.

language(s) English, Serbian
motivation and political background Last year I called for extreme caution about every formulation and action PPI will take in future and so do I again. The environment I came from learned me a lot. There is something very important I would like to highlight. Personal integrity based on true independence is, in my perception healthy ground for unique identity. We as PPI should have to promote diversity of pirate actions and in the same time save the unique identity of Pirate movement.
Contact data email: mobile: +381 64 30 29 662

Name and nicks Paul Da Silva
Sponsor French Pirate Party
member of Pirate Party French (president and spokesperson)
A while back ago I was a journalist with computer press (hardware stuffs mainly). It got me to travel and meet a lot of people, a lot of them were journalists.

I'm curently employed as a security expert after having launched (and crashed) a start-up whose goal was to raise money to help homeless people.

I often give conferences and participate to debates as the president of the French Pirate Party.

I'll also start teaching and will soon launch a new start-up whose goal is to give back the role of the major companies to the collective intelligence (more to come on that during the year).

And finally I write books (to be published soon) on both fiction and theory (last one in progress being "let's hack democracy".

language(s) French and English fluently, German should come back after a lot of practice
motivation and political background I've never joined any political party before the PP and never planned to as I never felt they could share the ideas I value the most.

I'm a long time hacktivist with projects sur as IPFuck ! or Flattr Overallt to name only a few (arround ten little projects like this, most of them in French tho).

I joined the PP when I figured there was no other way to be listened to by politics than to play their game. Working on it since then.

I've been working with Thomas as co-chairman of the meetings about MENA countries for the past 3 to 4 months.

I focus on the links between free cultural access for everyone, the means to go there and the consequencies to civil society, but I'm also (of course) really concerned by all the other points of interest of the PP as everything is related.

Contact data By mail : pdasilva at partipirate dot org

On Twitter : @paul_da_silva (that's what I check the more often)

On IRC : the PPFR channel ( #partipirate)

On the phone : reach me via one of the previous means to get my number ;)


Name and nicks Yuri Almov (vill)
Sponsor Pirate Party of Russia
member of Pirate Party of Russia

Web-programmer and graphic designer with historical education background. I work in advertising agency more than 10 years. I did almost all graphic for Pirate Party of Russia.

language(s) Russian (Native)

English (Good) Slovenian (Good) German (Poor) Polish (Poor) Serbian (Poor)

motivation and political background I already worked for a few real political companies in the fields of advertising and PR. I used to work tightly with PPR. As member of PPI border I want to achieve such goals as:

1) Coordination between pirates worldwide on Wikileaks project to share vital information for the project.

2) Fight for transparency of the states. Main goal for PPI is to make coordination and share experiences in fight against the corruption.

3) Establishing of worldwide international Pirate Radio on short waves. So everywhere in the world. even of is there will be no internet and telephone, people can get the information about what happen in their country and the world. It is based on DRM technology

Contact data Russia, Moscow, 15ya Parkovaya str. 29k2 ap. 12

+7 915 031 63 55 Skype: villger Twiter: v1ll e-mail: m

Name and nicks Thomas Gaul
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany
* Civil Engineer - Building Energy Consultant
  • married, one child
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since February 2011

International experience:

  • working groups on CEN TC 227 WG2 (1997-2005), CEN TC WG 5 (2004-2005)
  • technical comittee CEN TC 227 (2004-2005)
  • Secretary to CEN TC 227 WG2 on behalf of British Standard Institution (2003-2005)
language(s) German, English
motivation and political background As you might have noticed, I have been and still are envolved in the international activities on Wikileaks and the MENA-countries. I did gave me a good lookout what PPI ought to be in the future - an agile and active NGO combining the activities already done by the Pirate Parties worldwide. An exchange of information, gathering information and spread this knowledge to each Pirate Party. So in mye eyes it is vital for PPI to be in touch with other NGOs and hopefully with other international institutions.
Contact data Email:

see my profile page