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Here you'll find all the information concerning the PPI conference 2011.


The conference is over, and it is no longer possible to register, sorry for that. Here are some compilation of Results and afterthoughts of the conference

OpenSpace Conference Documentation and results 

Time and Place

The first regular PPI General Assembly will take place from 12. to 13. of March 2011 in the Messehalle Friedrichshafen, in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Information on travelling, accommodation and Friedrichshafen itself can be found here: PPI Conference 2011/Friedrichshafen


You can register for the conference using this form: Register for the 2011 PPI Conference Every PPI member can register up to 6 persons as official delegates (PPI Statutes IX. 4)), but more Pirates and interested persons are very welcome to join as guests.

As of February 13th, the (late) participation fee is 50€.

We ask every participant to transfer the participation fee as soon as possible. As PPI collects no membership fees the organization team depends on the participation fees and donations to organize the event. In exceptional cases where the participation fee is an insurmountable hurdle to participate in the conference, interested persons can contact the board at and we will try to find a sponsor so to allow you to participate in the conference.


The detailed timetable can be found here: PPI Conference 2011 - Agenda (PDF)

Remote participation

The official parts of the General Assembly will be streamed. Remote participation is possible. Your organization should have received instructions on how to vote remotely. If not please contact the Board at


Streams will be provided ad-free as flashplayer, rtsp-stream for other players like quicktime and vlc and for mobiles like ipad/ipod/iphone and android. All links will be available during the conference. A web based chatroom on irc freenode will be linked.

The flash player can be integrated at any page with this code:

<iframe frameborder="1" scrolling="no" id="stream" src="" height="430" width="548"></iframe>

All the links and more information can be found at Piraten-Streaming

Application for membership

The General Assembly decides on the applications for membership to the PPI. You can find out how to join the PPI on this page: Membership application. Current members and applicants can be found here: Members of the PPI

Information on the current applicants can be found here: PPI membership applicants

Statutes amendments

The deadline for submitting proposals was February 12th 2011, 23h59 CET (PPI Statutes XX. (2)).

The proposed amendments can be found here: Statute amendment proposals (PDF).

Board candidatures

To submit your candidature for the PPI board add your information on the board candidatures page or sent your application to the board of the PPI at and we will add you to the list.


As PPI collects no membership fees the organization team depends on the participation fees and donations to organize the event. You can support the PPI conference by

Name: Piraten KV RV-FN
Bank: Kreissparkasse Ravensburg
Account number: 101081911
Bank code number: 65050110
IBAN-number: DE50 6505 0110 0101 0819 11
Communication: PPI Conference 2011
The following Pirate Parties already support the conference by donating: Pirate Party of Germany, Pirate Party of Luxembourg, Pirate Party Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Pirate Party Tübingen (Germany). (details can be found here).
Thank you for your support!


For more information contact the board of the PPI at