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PPI Conference 2013, Kazaň, Russia

The conference is being streamed. You can follow here:

Аll about the PPI conference 2013 in Russia, Kazan on the 20th-21th of April 2013.

Thing regarding the actual Ordinary session of General Assembly which takes place on the conference were moved to separate subpage.

Facebook event: PPI Conference Kazan



Register today at the conference site:


Address of the venue: Russia, Tatarstan Republic, Kazan, Ostrovskogo str, 61, othel “Bilyar Palace”

Location on Google maps

Web site of “Bilyar Palace”

Conference hall placed in hotel.

  • Access for disabled persons is possible.
  • Free Wi-Fi all over the hotel
  • Room from 100 euro

Transport to KAZAN

  1. Direct flights from ISTANBUL (every day) and from PRAGUE, MÜNCHEN, FRANKFURT (several days a week).
  2. Transfer flights via MOSCOW or ISTANBUL.

a) 1,5-2 hours flight b) 14 hours train trip (beautiful landskapes!) : night trains leave from 6pm to 0,30am, so you sleep in the train and wake up already in


Contact data of the project leader:

Sergey Kolotovchenko

e-mail: kolotovchenkov.sergei(at)

Tel.: +7(917)898-52-97

Skype: sdefin


Azat Gabdrakhmanov

e-mail agabdrah () gmail (dt) com

Skype: agabdrah


Public timetable: Media:PPI13GA_Public_Time_Table.pdf

(*) all official events will be streamed