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Here you can write your application for PPI board member. To submit your application copy-paste the table or write an e-mail with the information to and we will add you to the list.

Sponsors - According to IV (4) (b) and V (2) (b) of the PPI statutes candidates to any body of the PPI must be proposed by an ordinary or observer member of the PPI. If you submit your application please add your sponsor. One member can support multiple candidates and the person applying for a position doesn't necessarily need to be a member of that organization. If you don't have a sponsor before the conference you still might be able to convince a delegation on the spot.

Please use the following template:

Name and nicks YOUR NAME


Name and nicks Bc. Vojtěch Pikal
Sponsor PP-CZ
member of Pirate Party PP-CZ
qualifications Im just a humble member of Pirate Party who cant stand this anymore.

Year ago, I stormed up as the proxy of remote delegates and candidate into CoA and succeeded and today, I'm something similar again. Ive spend some time working in CoA hoping to help the PPI to reach better RoP and handle during the year the bad and wrong things that happened in the Prag. It Did Not happened.

Im a Chief of administrative department of PP-CZ and regional board member in PP-CZ, Im successfully chairing online meeting of PP-CZ for more than a year. I was regional president PP-CZ (2,1% in the local elections) and member of controlling committee. Im also appointed person to represent the PP-CZ policy on "political parties".

Im storming up for better rules, for real communication between members, to move our meetings online, to assure remote participation and democratic and transparent decision taking(of both Board and GA). For real 21st century Pirate Party coordination platform as it should work.

I have degree in Computer Science and years of practice with making and following the rules. Im author of SAPs 17-a, 17-b, 18, 18-a, 19, 19-a, 19-b, 20, 20-a, 21, 24-a, 24-b, 30-a, 31-a and MOPs 5 and 6. I co-authored all the statements and legal moves of PP-CZ done yesterday and took an big step to help with the RoPs. I can give these amount of work to PPI regularly.

language(s) Czech, English, etwa Deutsch
motivation and political background Only thing I want to do is to make the PPI to fulfill its base purpose - create a communication (and hopefully coordination) platform for Pirate parties word-wide and Pirate movement globally. Make the forum - we already have - work, set and simplify our rules, take real care of our mumble, mailing-lists, coordinate campaigns, connect members who can work together. And maybe help to establish a PP-EU. If we as PPI cant reach and help these goals within a year, there is no purpose of PPI then, just dissolve and become informal (no)body.

After we reach this basic goal, I will happily resign on this position, and let it empty to be reclaimed by "real politicians", as Im only an administrative rat, in fact.

Contact data, +420 776 635 258

Co-Chairmen (2 positions)

Name and nicks Gregory Engels
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany.
member of Pirate Party Pirate Parties of Germany, Hesse, Kazakhstan, Russia, Luxembourg and Sweden
  • I have studied Physics (with specialization in atomic physics)
  • since 1998 I am running a company that provides consulting services for Lotus Notes customers. (Mostly managing big multi-national migration projects)
  • In my field, I am considered to be a "guru" - I am IBM RedBook author, member of the Penumbra partnership and a frequent speaker at international Lotus Notes conferences.
  • I am married and have two children

Pirate Qualifications:

  • Member of the City Council of Offenbach am Main and leader of the first parliamentary Pirate Group ever
  • Direct candidate for Offenbach for the upcoming Regional elections in September 2013
  • Substitute Judge at the federal Court of Arbitration Pirate Party Luxembourg
  • Judge in the Court of Arbitration in the Pirate Party of Hesse 2011-2012
  • Main organizer of the PP-DE GA in Offenbach (1500 attendees)
  • Co-Chairman Pirate Parties International April 2010 till March 2011
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since 2009
  • PPI Statutes Task-Force leader 2009-2010
  • Campaign manager foreigners elections City of Offenbach 2010 - achieved 4.2% for the Pirate Party, resulting in a win of one seat.

Other Memberships

  • Chaos Computer Club Frankfurt (C3F2M)
  • Humanistische Union (HU)
  • Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)
  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobilclub (ADAC)
language(s) I am fluent in English, German and Russian
motivation and political background The coming year is a turning point for the Pirate Movement. Pirates have entered into Parliaments, and we are seeing its gain momentum that many have not dreamed of even a year ago. New Pirate Parties are being founded and old ones experience a land rush like growth. But this dynamics also bring new challenges. We need a shift in professionalism inside our structures and inside PPI to make sure that the Pirate Movement will survive this growth. We need to reach out to our allies to face the growing global threats that are threatening to all of us - things like SOPA, PIPA, still not yet dead ACTA, and new challenges like IPRED. We need to support PPI's members on the international level. And we need to focus on the whole world, not just our neighborhood - because this world is interconnected and bad legislation in any part of it will in the end be everyone's problem, if we remain motionless.

I am running for reelection as PPI Co-Chairman on the post. Being on the post has turned out to be rather an obstacle for a Pirate than an advantage. We have struggled a lot to unwind a chaos left over by the previous administration and, even that we were partially successful, some of more important issues remain unsolved. We have started a lot of projects and I really would like to execute them to a level of completeness where it is easy for the next board to take it over and not going through the same struggles that we had to face.

Contact data I can easily be reached at a number of channels - see my profile page in the German Pirate-Wiki

You can also ask me public questions on Formspring

Name and nicks Thijs Markus 'Ikke'
Sponsor PP Netherlands
member of Pirate Party PP Netherlands
  • Lie that you won't check #1 I hold various PhD's related to core pirate policy.
  • Lie that you won't check #2 I I've held many prestigious elected pirate positions because I'm all-competent, awesome and loved, it has nothing to do with me being a professional liar or good at deception.
  • Lie that you won't check #3 I promise not to run for the European Elections, thus eliminating any vested interest related to running for PPI presidency. This disinterest makes me a good candidate.
  • Lie that you won't check #4 I I'm not heavily overweight, which means that I have a healthy lifestyle. As science points out, healthy people are better qualified for board positions.
  • Lie that you won't check #5 I'm a very active person, constantly involving myself in a myriad of projects that you'd find interesting. These projects also ensure you think we have similar interests and that I might be the sort of guy you'd like to have a beer with.
  • Truths that are totally irrelevant #1 I'm a great cook.
  • Truths that are totally irrelevant #2 I'm more intelligent than you. That might be relevant though.
  • Truths that are totally irrelevant #3 Reasonable expertise in history, physics, strategic planning, maths, engineering, social sciences, visual arts & scifi/fantasy literature.
  • Truths that are totally irrelevant #4 Although this might be held against me, I do not in fact suffer from cluster B personality disorders. I know, politics is not for me.
  • Truths that are totally irrelevant #5 I need the sarcasm not to go insane.

That's about it. Worship me as God and your harvests will be plentiful. Not like you'd know the difference anyway.

language(s) Dutch, English,
motivation and political background The incumbent board sucks. This is no surprise looking at the delegates.

Vote me. For prez. It's your only hope. (Well, maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi.)

Honestly, I have no idea why you would vote for me. I might actually be inclined to hope you don't, so I can proceed unabashed with being critical of this truly amazing organisation. Nonetheless, it's far too easy being critical on the sidelines, so I'm giving you [redacted] this once in a lifetime opportunity to make me put my money where my mouth is.

I solemnly swear that any membership fees levied on the participating parties will be spent on hookers and blow in all far corners of the world. Video materials of these proceedings will be made available to ensure that said parties will not repeat such a grave misallocation of resources.

My first action will be resolve the PP-ES/PP-CAT-issue, by having each party select a champion for a sabre duel to the death. Should either party refuse to partake in these proceedings, they will both be excommunicated. Video materials as per usual. This will be our default conflict resolution untill such a distant event occurs as the reformation of a CoA.

Oh, yes, and Gregory will be locked up in a basement with the paperwork and fed through a hole in the ceiling. We might be able to generate ad revenue from a webcam stream and an unsecured, browser-based voting system giving him tasks.

Now that we have the important matters out of the way, I'd like to spend a minute on some trivialities we need to address.

  • I'll institute a pirate inquisition eliminating all the heathen politicians amongst our midst. As history has shown us, there is a causal relationship between the amount of would-be politicians in executive functions and the amount of work being done. Besides, you elect me to talk bullshit and that will be quite enough, I assure you.
  • Shared knowledge base: we're not really adding much to one another's efforts as is; therefore it is important that a knowledge center is erected from which each party can draw knowledge and experts as required.
  • Mobile online reserves: no party is constantly campagining, and in the downtime between elections it is my experience that parties tend to peter out in activity. On a global scale however, there is never a rest, and we should use the local elections of parties to keep activity going in other parties as well as supporting local election campaigns. If nothing else, the transfer of knowledge that's cultivated will be invaluable.
  • Regional collaboration: each continent or culturally linked group of countries has a number of issues and agreements that address only their own issues, and for these groups we should have an in between layer between national and worldwide. These layers can in turn act as a check and balance for the power of the global board.
  • Board selection procedure & routines: We need to have an organisation which tests the members of the board-to-be in actual activities so we can measure their competence and dedication, and choose accordingly - this will also allow the delegates to make an informed decision for a change.
  • No member of my board will ever enter into public relations affairs on behalf of PPI. This should be dealt with locally as much as possible to maximize the exposure of local parties and where this is not an option we put in people that we wish to maximise in exposure for other reasons. Not the people actually doing things.

Disclaimer: no rights might be obtained from these empty campaign promises.

Contact data

Mail: Ikke (shift2)

IRC: Ikke

Other: If you need to ask, I dont know you.

Board members (5 positions)

Name and nicks Gabdrakhmanov Azat
Sponsor Pirate Party of Russia
Member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Russia
  • Degrees in Physics (Theory of Relativity and Gravity) and Petroleum Engineering
  • Projects in Lean Manufacturing and continous improvement for manufacturing and production facilities
  • Currently in Performance coaching/preformance imporovement consulting

  • Love reading laws and hacking them.
  • Continue my self-development with online courses (Coursera, e.t.c)

Languages Russian, English, Tatar
Motivation and political background

Motto: "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".

Participated in few parlament elections as an observer, elected to local PEC for the next 5 years. Participated in many protest actions, where trained my speach on public and formed my view on society. Donated to wikileaks and wiki.

My point is that the role of the government has to be significantly reduced, which means:

1) Free (doesn't mean "for free"), nonstate, but non-commertial character of education. Maximum level of optionality, arbitrary choice of direction (while keeping few recommended ways of education). Internet as a human right.

2) Freedom to act provided that it doesn't harm others, including freedom of research, information access freedom, psycho-active substances legalization, freedom of agreements.

3) Termination of a) compulsory military service, b) restrictions on freedom of movement, c)passports.

4) Reduction of central government taxes to minimum level to guarantee society from external threats and security againts violence inside the society. Freedom to distribute (within paragraphs) local taxes, with taxes amount defined on plebiscite. Protection of public space from privatization.

5) Delegates and participatory democracy. Dismantling of representative democracy institutes. Promoting making decisions, fundraising via network vs. taxes and representative democracy. Getting as much of consensus as possible vs. 50+% rule.

Contact data

Skype: agabdrah; email: agabdrah () gmail (dt) com

Name and nicks Denis 'SciFi' Simonet
Sponsor Pirate Party Switzerland, Pirate Party of Luxemburg
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Switzerland
  • I study computer science...
  • ...and I work as a software engineer for a company which integrates FOSS
  • PPI board member since 2012
  • Chairman of Pirate Party Switzerland from the foundation in 2009 until March 2012
  • Founder member of the Swiss Privacy Foundation
  • Chairman of the court of arbitration in PP-CH
  • Press officer and lobbyist for PP-CH
  • Many other activities, see my page on wikipedia and my my blog (in German)
language(s) Swiss German, German, French, English, a bit Italian
motivation and political background As I already was a board member for a year now and because I think that there should be some stability in the board I am glad to offer my candidacy again. From July on I will have more time than I had the last year (I'm almost done with the studies). I'm still willing to help with press work and NGOs based in Geneva, also in other tasks where possible. Feel free to ask questions, also beforehand.
Contact data
  • Skype: SciF0r
  • Twitter: SciF0r
  • Jabber:
  • E-Mail:

Name and nicks Artem Libkind aka Llanowar
Sponsor PPRu
member of Pirate Party Russian
* PhD student of Applied Mathematics
* PPR board member since 2011
* technical advisor of PPR
* pirate-reporter on RuNet Bloggers Conference
* help making pirate promotional videos
language(s) Russian, English
motivation and political background
Contact data email:

Name and nicks Thomas Gaul
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany
* Civil Engineer - Building Energy Consultant
  • married, one child
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany 2011 -
  • Vice Chairman Pirate Party of Lower Saxony 2012-2013
  • Vice Teamleader Pressteam PP-DE 2013-
  • Member of the Board 2011-2012
  • Alternate Member of the Board 2012-2013

International experience:

  • working groups on CEN TC 227 WG2 (1997-2005), CEN TC WG 5 (2004-2005)
  • technical comittee CEN TC 227 (2004-2005)
  • Secretary to CEN TC 227 WG2 on behalf of British Standard Institution (2003-2005)
language(s) German, English
motivation and political background In my eyes it is vital for PPI to be in touch with other NGOs and hopefully with other international institutions, as the board had already began. Beside the board we do need some kind of a second level within the PPI, you might call it teams. As we all can see some few elected members to the board can't solve all the problems that evolve. We do need the members of the PPI to be acting as one on some aspects, e.g. CISPA. On ACTA we all did a great job! Now it is time to move forward. "Infiltrating" all those lobbying filth might be a start. But as you might know - my main issue is something else. Human rights and related issues would be on my agenda (beside the boring every day work of a board member (don't forget even access to information via Internet is a human right). We have to be in touch with relevant organizations beside PPI on this. This means: attend meetings, exchange of information with relevant organizations and so forth. (tbc)
Contact data Email:

see my profile page

Name and nicks Marc Tholl
Sponsor Pirate Party of Luxemburg, Pirate Party Switzerland
Member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Luxemburg
  • Degree in IT
  • Studying IT networking and programming at Open University
  • Work for a big telecomm company in Luxemburg
  • Regionall board member central luxemburg
  • founding member of 'Frenn fun der Enn' which suports the tor project by setting up exit nodes
  • Member of C3L which is also fithing for more freedom and privacy

  • This is my first candidature to the PPI board

Languages Luxemburgisch, German, English, French.
Motivation and political background
  • Participating in the nationl elections 2014.
  • Member of the regioanl board for central Luxemburg
  • Co-organizer of the luxemburgish Anti-ACTA Demonstrations in luxemburg for C3L
  • I intend to help the PPI grow to a global movement that unites the pirate parties of the world
  • Another intention is to solve the problems the PPI has at the moment and resolve the disputes

Contact data
  • Skype: trellchen
  • email: marc.tholl () gmail (dt) com /
  • XMPP: trollchen()jabber(dt)org / trollchen()jabber(dt)
  • Twitter: trollchen

Name and nicks Nuno Cardoso (nonnu)
Sponsor Pirate Party of Portugal (PPP)
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Portugal
  • Active member of PPP’s core team, administration group, comunication group and judicial group since 2009.
  • International Cordinator for PPP since 2010.
  • PPI board member since 2012.
  • PPP signatory to the founding of PPI in 2010 despite being stopped from attending in person by an erupting Volcano.
  • Studied Computer Science in Lisbon’s FCT-UNL and taught myself a crash course in Law due to the involvement in PPP’s judicial group and work related patent analysis.
  • Almost 17 years working in many computer science fields but mainly virtual and augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence, the last 11 of which in a company that uses and gives back to FOSS.
  • First hand experience in the nightmare and irrationality of the patenting system by having some of the projects I participated in resulting in protective patents being filed by the company I work for.
  • Contributor to some FOSS projects in the realms of 3D Engines and cross-platform integration.
  • In the end I could say that, if a computer is involved, I’m a Jack of all trades but still master of some.
  • Pirate at heart!
  • Kopimist in faith!
language(s) Portuguese, English, I also understand and can make myself understood in Spanish, Italian and French
motivation and political background

A while ago I sent an email roughly saying something like this:

From my report:

"If the board model changes I will happily be a representative, if not I won’t run for scapegoat again but will still cooperate gladly with the new board and offer my first pieces of sincere advice: fulfill your promises; be diligent; be patient; ignore the trolls or “tie” them with logic and their own words; be patient; ignore personal attacks, they reveal more about the attackers than about yourself; be patient; be kind when dealing with others; try to change the world; don’t despair if you can’t; did I say be patient already?; and last but not least, in the words of a wise man, have fun while trying to change the world!"

So the SAP-27 didn't pass, and the board model didn't change, but on the other way SAP-24 did pass and now needs care taking and since I care deeply about it I have to reconsider my decision to not run for scapegoat in the board's current model, a ctually, I can't even consider not to run now :P So this is my formal candidature for the board as a normal board member. If you need further info on me you can refer to the amended text of my candidature of last year:

I’ve never managed to fit myself in the narrow view of left/right politics because I don’t like political menus that force you to choose just one of them as a whole. Issues in politics should be a buffet where you are free to choose from any point in the spectrum according to your beliefs in each one.
Therefore I’m a strong supporter of Liquid Democracy and would love to see it as one of the main drives in Pirate Parties, because I think that all other issues we stand for would almost certainly be defended naturally if the people could have a direct vote in them.
In line with this notion I also submitted a statutes amendment to PPI where you can read more of the reasoning and motivation behind this drive. (titled “Adoption of e-Democracy and disambiguation of conflicting motions”)

It is my goal to promote the tools of Liquid Democracy because, quoting myself from the amendment, “PPI should be using them also, to set the example and show the advantages of such systems to all its current and future members, instead of adopting the rigid models of plain old parties that bind democracy to specific election/voting dates separated by long periods of detachment where few decide for all.
Real democracy means constant democracy, not cyclic democracy, and if we are to change the world we should start by setting the example ourselves.”
I believe my 4 years experience in the core team, administration group, communication group and judicial group of PPP as well as international coordinator for PPP and last year's PPI experience can also come in handy.

Anyway, trying to find where I fitted in the political spectrum I took the Political Compass testand though I thought I would be more to the center of it (I guess all those religious questions made me drift), I was pleased to see my company in that quadrant of the analysis:)

Contact data email:

Alternate Board Member (4 positions)

Name and nicks Markéta Gregorová
Sponsor PP-CZ
member of Pirate Party PP-CZ

I am a 20 years old student of the Masaryk university in Brno, field of the International Relations and European Studies. I participate in PP-CZ as a member since october but I sympathized with Pirate ideals and thoughts for much longer. I am now helping with coordination of the issues of the international affairs department in PP-CZ and help as an assistent of the vice-chairperson of the party.

language(s) English, German, Latin, Spanish
motivation and political background I support the programme and political opinions of Bc. Vojtěch Pikal.

I would also like to make such PPI that will help transfer good ideas and things that work in some parties (and their countries) among every Pirate Party so we can efficiently fulfill our goals and spread our ideals.

Contact data I prefer contact via email: or I can be reached even by phone +420728700937

Name and nicks Yasin Aydın
Sponsor PP-TR
member of Pirate Party PP-TR

I am 27 years old. I have studied Electronics Eng, Astronomy, Business Management and Electronics and Communications Engineering. I am one of the board members of PP-TR. I am programming since I was 6, I am an active linux user since 1997. I am also a certified Systems Engineer and certified ethical hacker. I am active member of the all 3 free software and related organizations.

language(s) English, Turkish, l33t speak, can also read Japanese and Russian :)
motivation and political background I strongly support the program in Pirate Party Turkey and in my personal life. I am an hardworking person and have great expectations from PPI, so I can help change today to a better future!
Contact data I prefer contact via email: or I can be reached even by phone +905456555588

Court of Arbitration (3-7 positions)

Name and nicks Benjamin Siggel
Sponsor Pirate Party of Germany
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Germany
  • studied law
  • self-employed IT-consultant
  • Member of the Court of Arbitration of the Pirate Party Germany since 2012
  • Candidate in elections of the German Parliament
language(s) German, English
international background At university I worked for Prof. Ulrich Haltern and got an insight in International and European Law. Focussed on European Politics in the German Pirate Party, I already have some international experience (took part of the PPI Conference in Prague for example).
Contact data Email:

see (my profile page, no url because wiki thinks I'm spamming)

Name and nicks Andrew Norton
Sponsor Pirate Party NL, Australia
member of Pirate Party * US Pirate Party
  • Pirate Party of Georgia(US) - spokesman
  • Pirate Party UK - Board of Governors candidate
qualifications Degrees in Robotics, physics, maths, and chemistry. Trained in accident/incident investigation.
  • 15 years political experience working on campaigns and infrastructure across 2 continents (Liberal, Conservative and Pirate party in the UK, Libertarian and Pirate in the US
  • Was the very first head of the PPI, seeing it through to the end of the EU elections (by unanimous acclaim).
  • Leader, US Pirate Party 2007-2008.
  • Since 2007 I have worked with TorrentFreak, as their lead researcher & community liaison.
  • Every year I work on the EFForums track at Dragoncon, an event with over 50,000 attendees in Atlanta. As well as setting up AV equipment, I help plan, moderate and document panels on a wide variety of topics. Last years guests include Bruce Schneier
  • I also work on the Muon1 distributed particle accelerator design project , which is based at the UK Rutherford Appleton Lab, near Oxford.
  • I co-edited the book "No Safe Harbor - A Pirate Party book" and I'm working on the second one at present, along with Florida Pirate Party Chairman Brad Hall (download a copy at
  • Finally, for the last two years, I've worked with lawyers defending people from Copyright Trolls, and am the only defense expert witness (specializing in bittorrent technologies) on the east coast of the US that i'm aware of).
language(s) I am a native English speaker. I can get by in French, Spanish and Italian, and I can read (at various levels of competency) Swedish, German, Welsh, Dutch and Portuguese (many of these I picked up during my tenure as PPI head). I'm planning on adding Japanese over the summer.
motivation and political background My primary motivation is integrity. I ensure that my intentions are perfectly open and transparent. When I make a mistake I willingly admit to it, and readily accept the blame. Likewise I expect the same from others, and will not hesitate to hold others to the same standard I hold myself.

My views on Pirate topics can be read here The Prague conference was a shambles. the aftermath of it made a mockery of Pirate Principles. For the last 8 months, the Board acted without oversight or supervision, and that was reflected in the officer reports released pre-event, the lack of progress of any substantial goals (like obtaining a bank account) and the mess that was Day1 of the conference. (when it takes 30 minutes to find a way for remote delegates to actually contribute half-way through the first day, that's NOT a good sign). It makes a mockery of our ideals, and our very existence. We need to bring PPI back into line with our stated goals, which includes transparency and accountability, and I pledge to do just that to the best of my ability. I already have investigative and evidence-evaluation experience through both the accident investigation and copyright troll activities, so that aspect of the job I'm especially well suited to.

Contact data I'm in IRC (K`Tetch) I can be reached by email at or via phone at +1 352-6-KTETCH. AIM, MSN, and skype are also available on request. Mumble *MAY* be possible too.

Name and nicks Thomas Bruderer
Sponsor PP-CZ, PP-CH?
member of Pirate Party Pirate Party of Switzerland
  • Master in Computerscience
  • I was president of the Pirate Party Switzerland for the last year
  • Currently I work as Software Architect in Switzerland
  • I worked on big parts of the swiss pirate statutes and I have gained quite some knowledge on how law works.
  • I wrote at least 2 issues to the CoA myself in the name of the Pirate Party of Switzerland. And I think I have a very good understanding of the Statutes and Rules in the PPI.
language(s) I am fluent in German and English and understand most French but don't speak it very well.
motivation and political background The motivation is primarily to make things better I critizised in the past. I am aware that we do not have many lawyers in our party which can make this job. And I think I could be the next best thing to a lawyer because I devouted quite some time into the legislation and law.

I will adhere to the laws to the letter impartial and without any current ties to any executive in any pirate party. I am only member of the swiss pirate party at the moment, and I think it is important to have the independance of the juristiction.

I will push for a clean process, and the first thing I will try to do is make procedures which everyone can understand and which define the whole process between the issuing a case until the case is done. This shall include rules on who is allowed to talk about what, who must abstain, who shall be included into the process and exactly how a judgment must be issued.

Contact data Email:

Lay auditors (3 positions)