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Here you will find all the submitted information by the applicants for PPI Membership that will be voted on by the General Assembly in Kazan.

Ordinary membership applicants

Pirate Party of Latvia

Founding Date Officially founded 06.03.2012, not officially - october 2011, first meeting - 2009 year
Members 13 active members and more than 440 in the Facebook group
Board composition
  • Vitalijs Kravchinskis
  • Raimonds Mironovs

  • Generic "info" email:
  • Press contact:,
Comments The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Pirate Party of Slovakia

File:SPS logo.jpg

Founding Date Registration date: 23.12.2011
Members 15
Board composition
  • Milan Gvoth
  • Peter Blaščák
  • Martin Bibko
  • Robo Jankovich
  • Martin Tibenský
  • Martin Záhorský
Statutes / Bylaws


  • Coordinator: Paul Janik
  • Info email:
  • Press contact:
Comments The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Ukrainian Pirate Community (Українське піратське співтовариство)

Founding Date 10.01.11 (registered as NGO on 27.09.11)
Members currently we don't have member lists, so officially have only 5 members - founders of NGO, unofficially there are nearly 50 activists, who are involved in our work.
Board composition
  • Sergey Yarygin
  • Larisa Yarygina
  • Dmitry Hopta
  • Oleksii Ignachuk
  • Sergey Moshkutelo

(founders of NGO)

Statutes / Bylaws

Adoption of PPI Statutes
  1. Promoting usage of FLOSS and content under public licenses.
  2. Reform of copyright law (ban of DRM technologies, reduce copyright and patent terms of use)
  3. Promoting usage of open educational resources.
  4. Creating system for legislative feedback from.
  5. Register political party and take part in legislation.



Chairman: Sergey Yarygin

  • eMail:

International Coordinator: Oleksii Ignachuk

  • eMail:

Media, PR: Mitya Hopta

  • eMail:

Comments The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Pirate Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (

Founding Date We've spent the last two years (since 2010) in informal conversation and promotion of idea and values of PPInternational.

Eventually on the 28th of February this year we decided to go public and to start our member campaign.

Members On the 11th of March we had our general assembly and since then we count around one hundred active sympathizer and members from all over the country so far so well, at daily basis we are getting new applications and support.
Board composition

(initiator/board ad interim)

  • undisclosed
Statutes / Bylaws Statutes
Background Information

We are pirate party from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are entering now the phase of official registration as entity specifically as political party.

We've spent the last two years (since 2010) in informal conversation and promotion of idea and values of PPInternational.

Eventually as we prepared some infrastructure this year we will go for official registration.

In last year we already acted publicly and we have contacts and initiatives on regular basis with pirate parties in our neighbouring countries, PP Croatia and PP Serbia.

Few technical informations about us:

our official name is: we chose this to bypass Bosnian Herzegovinian ethno-politic centered politics, so .ba we prefer instead of Bosnia and Herzegovina

with reference to following informations please have in mind that we are in the constituent phase where each position is considered as interim.

We plan in the near future formal election, appointment of officers and positions and finalisation of all our official documents (statute, program)

Comments The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague and was updated since then.

Pirate Party of Estonia (Piraadipartei)

Founding Date June 26th 2009
Members 37
Board composition
  • Olev Vaher <>
  • Märt Põder <>
Statutes / Bylaws (in Estonian)
Program (in Estonian)
  • Coordinator: Märt Põder <>
  • Generic e-mail & press contact: <>
Comments I want to add that we are in the middle of the process of upgrading our organisation as well as statutes, program etc, present documents stem from the time our NGO was established in 2009 and are not up to date. If you need to have translations of the statutes, we suggest to rely on machine translation with basic corrections until we have new statutes that we can provide a real translation of, if needed.

The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Pirate Party of Belarus (Партыя піратаў Беларусі) [canceled]

Move to

Founding Date 2011
Members <50
Board composition
  • Rizhenkov, Artem
  • Ponosov, Andrei anuhidij (at)
  • Zmushko, Constantine
Statutes / Bylaws see the document in the application (in Russian)
Program see the document in the application (in Russian)
  • Generic e-mail:!/belpirat

Comments Dear pirate community! We are the group of pirates from Belarus, with a desire to join the Pirate International. Unfortunately, we have not yet registered as a party, but are moving in this direction, and yet without official registration we carry lofty ideals of piracy in our country. We hope for cooperation in the future.

The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Pirate Party of Tunisia


Founding Date 2010
Members 426
Board composition
  • Oussema Shelbi
  • Aymen Amri
  • Bayrem Jrad
  • Jalel Tounsi
  • Khaled Amami
  • Slim Amamou
  • Chams Eddine Ben Jemaa
  • Ali Hentati
  • Mohamed Amin Ghrabi
  • Mohamed Amor Ben Azouz
  • Mahdi Hajri
  • Wassim Ben Ayed
  • Wadhah Brahmi
  • Raed Chammem
Statutes / Bylaws
Adoption of PPI Statutes

Slim & Jalel saying Hi on video for PPI AG 2013

Program There's no written program at the moment.
  • named coordinator  : Jalel Tounsi,
  • generic "info" email :
  • press contact: Slim Amamou,

The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague, and updated since then.'

Pirate Party of Israel (מפלגת הפיראטים ישראל)

File:PP-IL - logo.png

Founding Date
  • Pirate Party Israel (“PIRATIM”) is a registered political party, protected by the Parties Law.

The Party’s registration number is 59-900092-4. ● A registration request was submitted to the Parties Registrar Authority on July 9th, 2012. ● The Party received an officially registered status on September 9th, 2012.

  • here are 120 initial party members. An open census will be held in January 2013.
Board composition

The party's board consist of ten members:

  • Dan Birron, born 1939, A musician, worked in Radio since 1960 and as producer and director of many Israeli “Classics”in the Israel Broadcasting Authority since it’s establishment in 1967. Candidate to the Mayor of Jerusalem in 2008 on behalf of the Green Leaf Party and bar owner in the center of Jerusalem.
  • Guy Briller, born 1970, an artist-activist, founder of the Self Broadcast Authority.
  • Sharon Kantor, born 1971, a television writer, director, journalist, actress, musician and former host of various television shows.
  • Reinhardt Sato, born 1972, an all-around artist, consultant, strategic planner and organizer of cultural performances and events.
  • Rafram Chaddad, born 1976, an artist, writer and photographer, coordinator of the Slow Food movement in Israel. In March 2012 was kidnapped in Libya by Gaddafi's forces and was subjected to torture for five months, his memoirs published as a story-cookbook recently.
  • Lidia Maletin, born 1978, Producer, Administrative and General Manager of various cultural events, associations and a social activist.
  • Moran Gutman, born 1978, a multi-disciplinary artist, founder of the “No Coast” group - a collective of artists and musicians in Jerusalem.
  • Ohad Shem-Tov, born 1979, Computer and Political Scientist, Former head of the “Green Leaf” party and the “Holocaust Survivors and the Grown-Up Green Leaf” Party. Candidate to the Prime Minister of Israel in 2009.
  • Noam Kuzar, born 1981, Producer, Cameraman and Cultural entrepreneur. Former spokesman for the Green Leaf Party.
  • Narkis Tepler, born 1986, a DJ, actress and model, LGBT activist and producer of independent documentaries.
Statutes / Bylaws The party’s initial statutes and by-laws were mostly copied from various sources, and are subject to dynamic change according to Israeli law and the binding procedures derived from the initial statute.

Attached please find the initial statutes & by-laws. (in Hebrew)

Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • received by the PPI Board
  • none
  • named coordinator  : Our coordinator is the party’s chair, Ohad Shem-Tov, chair @
  • Press contact: Noam Kuzar, spox @
  • Generic info: contact @
    • Phone: +972-72-2113949
    • Fax: +972-2-6234285
    • P.O.Box 2901
    • Jerusalem 91028
Background Information
Additional attachments

Pirate Party of Hungary (Kalozpart)

Founding Date 2012/10/10
Members Around 50 registered members on the 3rd of March 2013
Board composition
  • Laszlo Zoltan
  • Szabados Levente
  • Bognar Attila
  • Meszaros Balazs
Statutes / Bylaws At the moment we only have a Hungarian version available
Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • Budapest
  • Győr
  • Debrecen
  • Békés Megye
  • named coordinator  : Meszaros Balazs +36306886189
  • Contact staff at:
  • Press contact:

Pirate Party of Iceland (Píratar)

Founding Date 2012-11-24
Members >300
Board composition
  • Birgitta Jónsdóttir
  • Herbert Snorrason
  • Einar Valur Ingimundarson
  • Björn Þór Jóhannesson
  • Halldóra Mogensen
  • Jason Scott
  • Stefán Vignir Skarphéðinsson
Statutes / Bylaws (in Icelandic)
Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • received by PPI Board
Program (in Icelandic)
Subsidiaries none at the moment
Background Information

The Pirate Party Iceland was formally established on the 24th of November 2012. Its board - formally titled 'executive council' - consists of seven members, five of whom are elected by single transferable vote and two drawn by lot. The Condorcet winner of the election is chairman of the board. Other roles, if needed, are assigned by the board itself. Membership of the party is highly open with extreme ease of registering: We currently have over 300 registered members, including a couple dozen registrations in the last week. There are currently no subsidiary organs with distinct legal personas, but there are provisions for groupings on the basis of electoral districts.

Pirate Party of Turkey (Korsan Parti)

Founding Date January 2012
Members approximately 200 (1186 follower on Twitter & 1,475 likes · 177 talking about this on Facebook)
Board composition there is no legal registered board but here are the names as follows
  • Serhat Koç
  • Şevket Uyanık
  • Yasin Aydın
Statutes / Bylaws
Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • named coordinator: Serhat Koç & Şevket Uyanık
  • generic "info" email : [1]
  • press contact: serhatkoc @ , sevketuyanik @
Background Information

The Pirate Party of Turkey (PPTR) supports freedom of expression on Internet.

PPTR favors the civil right to information privacy and reforms of copyright, education, computer science and genetic patents. PPTR promotes in particular an enhanced transparency of government. PPTR is a community existed to defend the internet as a realm unrestricted and free of phishing. For global, free and open internet, The PPTR will keep on organizing and supporting protests against the mechanisms of censor, and mechanisms which help to control and trace online privacy.

The Pirate Party Turkey (PPTR) (in Turkish: Korsan Parti Türkiye) is a not yet officially formed political party movement in Turkey. PPTR is not supported neither financially nor physically by any form of institutions, foundations.

PPTR’s actions performed by single persons who are not “satisfied” with the announcements and explanations of BTK and TIB (the instituions operating the censor mechanisms) and also who tries to tell the world their positions against censorship.

According to PPTR, civil disobediance movements located on the internet, tries to attract the attention about the concerns and priorities about the fundamental rights and freedoms.

The PPTR supports freedom of expression with regard to the to basic ideas, arguments and intellectual viewpoints are motivated by the concept of freedom of information. PPTR is impartial, independent and does not include any form of hierarchy and existed through the motive of “defending freedoms”.

We hope that our action will not deviate from its existence motives and will be performed for spreading the message of “Turkiye without censorship”. The 22 August regulations planned by BTK and TIB, is totally in contradiction with the internet’s basic titles “unresticted” and “anonymous”, hence, the PPTR will not be silent and watching these regulations to come into force. In order to defend online freedom and secrecy, the PPTR announces that it supports all other web-based protests those motivated by the same concepts with the PPTR.

The party opposes the dismantlement of civil rights especially on the Internet and other means of communication. The Party also oppeses Turkey's view on Internet censorship and various measures of surveillance of citizens.

Additional attachments

Pirate Party of Poland (Polska Partia Piratów (P3))

Founding Date 23.07.2012 (registered on 21.01.2013)
Members 3 official members - only the board members (in Poland we can register people after finishin all formalities, what took in Poland 8 months, so we started at the mid March, so within 1 week we should have first 100 people, and after grow fast - and for now we have couple hounded of active people, not offciail members, but there will be soon)
Board composition
  • President: Radoslaw Pietron
  • Vice-President: Piotr Roszatycki   
  • Financial Officer:  Szymon Kubisiak
Statutes / Bylaws
Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • "As the Board of Polish Pirate Party we declare that all necessary rules coming from the Status of PPI will be implement to ours statues at the first General Assembly at the beginning of May 2013. We also declare to obey all the rules form PPI Statues  and comply with the PPI statues."
Subsidiaries none
  • named coordinator  : Radosław Pietroń (radek.pietron @ radek.pietron @
  • GENERIC INFO E-MAIL: biuro @ biuro @
    • Radek Pietron (radek.pietron @ +48 888 650 247)
    • Blazej Kaczorowski (blazej.kaczorowski @ +48 691 460 120)
Polska Partia Piratów
Marszałkowska 84/92 lok. 117
00-514 Warszawa
Background Information
  • REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY - legal registration documents (attachment)
Additional attachments

Pirates Party (Japan)

File:Sail-signet (white fill).svg

Founding Date 2012
Members 100
Board composition
  • Jyuki Aki
  • Tom J.K.
  • Nao Maria K.
Statutes / Bylaws tdb
Adoption of PPI Statutes not yet received
Program Basic democracy
Subsidiaries Many local parties
  • Named Coordinator: Uki Aki
Background Information

PPI Board have received the application from PP-JP via email before the deadline, but up to this date however it is lacking any background details

Pirate Party of Korea

File:Sail-signet (white fill).svg

Founding Date october 2011
Members "Our members are 120 students( Doc.) and 16 Professors from whole Korea."
Board composition
  • G.Chan Lee 이경찬
Statutes / Bylaws none?
Adoption of PPI Statutes not yet received
Subsidiaries none
  • Named Coordinator: G.Chan Lee 이경찬 gchanlee @
Background Information

"Our biggest trouble was/is the name of Pirate. It's very negative from our culture and history. It could be same for Japanese/Chinese ordinary people.

I wish a very successful conference in Kazan and will say Ahoys to all Pirates from Seoul. I send you all our PPK's song.


Democracy like Liquid, Basic Income like Air, 
Edu./Culture for All, Freedom and Justice for All, 
Right to Jobs for All, let's live together with our only Planet! 
So, we're Pirates Korea (International~!)
So, we're young Souls for Freedom and Justice~!" 


PPI Board have received the application from PP-KR via email before the deadline, but up to this date it is lacking some background details

Observer membership applicants

Pirate Party of Berlin (Piratenpartei Berlin)

File:Logo Piraten Berlin.svg.png

Founding Date 30 December 2006
Members ~ 2800
Board composition
Statutes (German)
Political program Program (other than for the federal german Piratparty):

Electionprogram 2011:

Contact Piratenpartei Berlin

Pflugstraße 9a
10115 Berlin


Twitter: @PiratenBerlin

Press contact: Ben de Biel,

Comments Since 18.9.2011 with 15 delegates member of the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin

Last election 18.9.2011: 8,9%, ~ 130.000 voters

Application document

The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Young Pirates Sweden (Ung Pirat)

Founding Date 2008-11-26
Members 93
Board composition
  • Anders Grandt
  • Klas Forsell
  • Klara Tovhult
  • Simeon Jonasson
Statutes Statutes (Swedish)
By-laws By-Laws (Swedish)
Political program Program

Gustav Wetter:


The application was received before 2012 conference in Prague.

Best Party of Iceland (Besti Flokurinn)

Founding Date 2009
Members 1200 (according to website)
Board composition
  • Chairman:
    • Jón Gnarr
  • Other Members of the Board:
    • Einar Örn Benediktsson
    • Heiða Kristín Helgadóttir
    • Óttarr Proppé
    • Björn Blöndal
Statutes / Bylaws Quote from the application email:

"Statutes we have none. We have no manifesto whatsoever. But we have four "pillars:" Humanity, nature, culture, peace. We are a perfectly legal political party in Iceland. We are the major political party in Reykjavik with 6 out of 15 city council representatives. The Best party was formed in late 2009 as an "anarcho-surrealist party." We ran for municipal elections in Reykjavik 2010 and formed a majority after elections with the Social democrats. There is very little structure of organization. But we have a board. We have no registered members or membership. We have weekly meetings but most discussions take place through google groups."

Adoption of PPI Statutes * received.
Program * see statutes
Subsidiaries Quote from the application email:

"Subsidiaries we have none. We have no links to any other political parties. We are though somewhat involved in the making of a new national party. It is called Björt Framtíð (Bright Future). This party is to run in next parliamentary elections in 2013 so it is still in the making."


Besti Flokkurinn
Pósthólf 344
121 Reykjavík
kt. 611209-1340

  • named coordinator  : Jon Gnarr
  • general contact: heida @

Pirate Party of Sweden (Piratpartiet)

File:Sail-signet (white fill).svg

Founding Date 2006-01-01

As of 2013-03-19: 16197 members

Board composition
  • Party leader: Anna Troberg

  • Mandate up until 2013-12-31
    • Mattias Bjärnemalm
    • Rick Falkvinge
    • Torbjörn Wester
    • Anders S Lindbäck
  • Mandate up until 2014-12-31
    • JP Anderson
    • Fredrik Holmbom
    • Andreas Larsson
    • Nathalie Ylitalo
    • Stella Papasotiriou
  • Mandate up until 2015-12-31
    • Plux Stahre
    • Anton Nordenfur
    • Isabelle Danielsson
    • Troed Sångberg
    • C Magnus Berglund
Statutes / Bylaws Statutes in Swedish
Adoption of PPI Statutes * received by PPI board
Program *

  • Subsidiaries in the county regions
    • Stockholms län
    • Värmland
    • Västmanland
    • Östergötland
  • Subsidiaries in the municipal regions
    • Helsingborg
    • Karlstad
    • Linköping
    • Malmö
    • Norrköping
    • Uppsala
    • Västerås
  • Subsidiaries in start-up
    • Norrbotten
    • Skåne
    • Södertälje
    • Värmdö
    • Västra Götaland
    • Örebro
  • named coordinator  : Josef Collentine josef.collentine @
  • generic contact:
  • Press contact:
Comment The compiled information is contained in the File:PP-SE application for PPI 2013.pdf

Pirate Party of Tyrol (Piraten Partei Tirol)

Founding Date 2011-11-19 (Minutes of the founding assembly)
  • 28 (by November 2012)
  • Membership fee: 24 EUR per year
Board composition

The coordinator-team was elected on our latest assembly on the 17th of November 2012:

  • Dietmar Smolle
  • Irene Labner
  • Wolfgang Samsinger
  • Axel Flatter
  • Thomas Kribel
Statutes / Bylaws
Adoption of PPI Statutes

youth group for young people from 16-20 years old (Junge Piraten Tirol) (members of the youth group don ́t have to be regular members of the party)

Piraten Partei Tirol
Obexerstraße 5a
A- 6080 Igls
Background Information

On the 9th of December 2012 we chose the first 5 candidates for our election-team for the state election of Tyrol (on the 28th of April 2013):
Irene Labner, Armin Tuscher, Daniel Hunger, Markus Monitzer, Verena Meran

We are very busy for the local elections here in Tyrol in April, so we can´t send somebody of our small group to the general assembly in Kazan.
But we send some video greetings to you, you can view them on our You tube channel. I hope it´s possible to present them to all the other Pirates on your assembly.
We´re just testing our talents on making videos, so please don´t mind if it´s not that professional.

Additional attachments

Pirate Party of La Rioja (Piratas de La Rioja)

Founding Date June 2012
Members 6 members (as of december 2012)
Board composition
  • Víctor Manuel Clavijo Jaén
  • Germán Arnaiz San Pedro
  • Daniel Abadía Prieto
Statutes / Bylaws Our statutes are basically a copy of those of Pirates of Catalonia (who are already members of PPI)
Adoption of PPI Statutes
  • received by the PPI Board
Subsidiaries NA
  • named coordinator  : Arturo Martinez Arturo.martinez @
  • generic info: piratasrioja @
  • Press contact: piratasrioja @
Background Information

La Rioja is an autonomous region in northern Spain similar to a German Lander. We had our first meeting back in June 2012. Open source enthusiast, local human rights activists and 2 members of the Spanish Pirate party attended. There was debate as to what was the best course of action in order to promote the pirate movement in La Rioja. There was then voting as to whether to join the Spanish Pirate Party or to follow the path of Pirates of Catalonia. The late was agreed unanimously. Recently we have voted in favour of founding the Spanish Pirate Confederation (together with other Spanish pirate parties) We strive for cooperation and good relationships with all pirate parties inside and outside Spain

Our party was founded in September 2012 and in November 2012 the Spanish government officially recognised us as a regional political party and as such we are present in the register of political parties

Additional attachments

Pirate’s Center of Belarus

Founding Date 2012-09-14
Members 23
Board composition
  • Mikhail Volchek
  • Svetlana Ermakovich
  • Marina Kostylianchenko
  • Sergey Evmenov
Statutes / Bylaws unregistered organization
Adoption of PPI Statutes
Subsidiaries none
  • Coordinator: Mikhail Volchak @
  • Press contact: @
  • Mob. Phone: +375 29 5030892
Additional attachments