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--- 20/08/2013 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2013-08-20

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Vojtěch, Gregory, Azat, Thomas, Denis
excused: Marc, Nuno will attend with a bit delay

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at 20:01 CEST by Gregory
Meeting closed at 20:23 CEST by Gregory
Meeting chaired by Gregory
Secretary for this meeting is Vojtech
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: No - under preparation
Recording started: Yes
Postal votes: No


3.1 - Short report of the board members

Thomas: some minor administrative stuff, nothing else to report
Vojtěch: Nothing much, overwhelmed with own party administration, as the parlimentary elections are comming. Atended YPE Founding conference, provided minute keeper, acted as an chair aide, proposed some changes to its RoP and generally helped with it. (Not elected to any position and not planing to do so.)
Gregory: Answered to Journalist inquiries, upgraded and get it to work (but got the impression, that we need another solution for calendar syndication), installed ownCloud, worked with PP-UK on IT audit, set up a new mailing list for designers (ppi.designteam at and enrolled Immanuel Rohringer to administer it and to build up a designer network, has helped in preparation for the PP-EU event in Luxembourg on September 4th. (Also was involved a lot in national PP-DE campaign, spending a lot of time in the streets)
Denis: Called WIPO to ask for the status of our observer membership status. They couldn't give certain answer by phone so I wrote an eMail to the responsible person and now I am waiting for an answer.
Azat: Nothing much. (Vacation, activities in PP-RU)

4 Evaluation of PPI and support by national Parties

= 4.1 Membership to PPI by PP-UK

Results as of today:

Thomas: No contact in last two weeks. No results on the bank account either. Andy's phone doesn't seem to work atm..

Gregory: Andy was supposed to be there, is not. moving on.

5 Next PPI GA

Gregory: Result - Paris. We can decide on date, or let the PP-FR pick the most convinient date for them.

Proposed possibilities:

Possible dates for the conference:

  • April 5th & 6th <-- in favor
  • April 12th & 13th <-- backup
  • April 19th & 20th <-- Easter, so no
Does anyone know about any conficting events? - silence
Denis: On my FB groups (I am in many ;)) there doesn't seem to be any conflict
Gregory: the last weekend is Easter and Good Friday busy with central European Easter

Proposal: decide on April 5th & 6th as our frist preference and ask PP-FR to book the venue.

abstention: Thomas,
in favor: Denis, Gregory, Azat
(Vojtech lost internet connection)

Result: Proposal accepted by majority 3 to 0 (1 abstained).

TODO: Gregory to inform PP-FR

6 PRISM et al

Nuno asked for an "coordinator" - to our knowledge ...

-> postponed

7 CoA status

No news

8 account status

No news on the old bank account as there had been no answer
A new bank account in LUX might take longer than being expected.

9 PPI documentation

Gregory wrote down the IT stuff - where?
(Vojtech is back online)

10 YPE

Vojtech reports on the foundation meeting (with failing audio quality)
Voytech is asked to add his report in written to the minutes.

10.1 Report

The conference was wery wel organised. The equipment worked, there was enough volunteers to fill the reguired conference offices. The agenda, RoP and other proposals were prepared.

Despite short time and procedural deadlock during elections, the meeting found a way to resolve it, so all positions were democratically filled.

The young pirates present all seemed to be well focused, eager to do and help the movement. The organisation itself seems to know what to to, what it can do and where it can get its founding.

Gregory: we should send official greetings +1(Thomas)+1(Vojtech)
Voytech: Who will write that? Gregory et al. (Pad will be opened to the board)

TODO: Gregory pad:


Next Meeting: 2013-09-03 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 20:23 CEST by Gregory