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--- 29/04/2014 20:00h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-04-29

Record of the meeting

Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Anders, Gregory, Koen (until 21:30 due to tec reasons), Thomas, Stathis, Maša, Bastian (from 20:28)

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Marco, cbj
Guests: Alios, Matic


Meeting opened at 20:25 CEST by Koen
Meeting closed at 22:15 CEST by Maša
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all
Quorum established with 6 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none (not really, there was a call for votes, that will be handled in the AI#11)

3 Reports

Thomas: Attended the press team meeting, check for the minutes as we are going a way forward. Administration mailing lists, such as CoA etc.
Gregory: attended the press team meeting, created the accounts for owncloud, did some upgrades on the server, compiled the table of flight options for the real life board meeting, finished the call for hosts for the #tt14.2 conference. Attended the PP-EU board meeting. Besides of that quite busy with campaigning for the #ep14 elections.
Stathis: I'm running as a candidate MEP for the coalition of PP-GR and the Ecologists Greens ( also as a candidate Municipal Councillor in Chalkis, so I must meet all my obligations. I participate in the contact and cooperation team with the Greens. In this period of time, my free time is less than ever, until the euroelections, 25th of May, but I read all the discussions made in our mailing list and wait tonight to listen to the update, in order to have a clearer point of view on the issues that concern us.
Koen: Looked into the Triodos Bank and visited the acount manager. Read into the statutes of HQ and PPI. More will be handled in the separate AI
Maša: Most activity was collaborating with Koen, looked into financial issues.
Bastian: Ćontacted UK on the bank account, did some summaries on the past, been in contact with several people concerning bank account in Brussels etc.
Anders: contact with Arif on the 2TT14. Had some issues regards to PPEU, but spread on international lists. PP-PL and the PP-SE support video for a political opponent. PP-JP has not given any feedback on meeting times, but has asked for transparency in the mailing lists that are hidden from public view (reasons).

Have had meetings with NSE on TT15, no agreement for now.

4 General Assembly 2014

  • Second aftermath:
    • Financial overview waiting for info from Maxime, Gregory will send reminder mail to Maxime (done)
    • Open space conference: results still need to be scanned

5 Transfer process

leave the former Board members in board@ untill 1st of June 2014
If there are any question concerning old stuff, ask the board (old) via board@

6 Press work / Social Media

Report: see 21 April 2014

only for the meeting

else: Next meeting 1st May

7 Second ThinkTwice conference

  1. pls check for a last time so it can be send out, deadline: 2014-05-01 0:00 CEST
We should call for sponsors for the conference. general agreement.
Arif: "Running out of time and need to call for paper can't wait anymore... I told those 6 scientist that they can start to write but still I couldn't make it official... Anyway I hope I will get the answers... I have to prepare myself to tomorrow's trip for a 1100 kms... And also please make it happen about the PDF file for thinktwice in Istanbul I will have an appointment with the vice rector next week..."

Arif:I need especially Germany immediately for solving host university problem...

Anders is responsible for contacting Arif and sending out an official document. Thomas will provide the blanc offical document. Will be done 1st of May.

8 Next PPI GA

  • Call for hosts:
Proposal: Sebastian and Thomas prepare the call for hosts within a fortnight to be sent out when finished (due to administrative and financial issues).
take into account "GA once a year".
Maša is in lead, CAO and Treasurer are on the team preparing the call for hosts
Board will check the applications with the requirements.Members will have to decide upon the venue.

9 Financial Situation

3 signatures needed for access to the accounts.
Money in Belgium suspected to be at about 7,200.- EUR according to the last paper PPI: got hold on and about 2,000.- EUR in Czech Rep.
There is a formal agreement PPI/PP-CZ on what to do with the money and how to deal with it to be transparent. Gregory will seek for it and provide the information asap
Koen responsible to get the accounts going after all the needed info is available.

10 PPI Headquarter =

any news on last meetings result?: not by now
proposal if no result by now: to be discussed at real life meeting, in the meantime to be checked by qualified lawyers.

11 Real life meeting

Gregory: The geographical center of gravity of all the board members is near Warsaw. (Carlsbad without the alternates memebers, so Prague is the closest airport). I also checked LON, because of all the no-frills airlines that are flying there. But given the Hotel prices, WAW is probably the most affordable option.

  • Where: (1) London (2) Warsaw (3) Prague (4) Berlin
  • Decision (approval voting):
a) Board present (Decisionmakers)
London:Maša, Stathis, Koen, Thomas, Anders (5)
Warsaw:Maša, Gregory, Stathis, Koen, Anders (5)
Prague / Carlsbad: Gregory, Anders, Thomas (3)
Berlin: Bastian, Thomas, Anders (3)
Rijeka: Gregory,Maša, Anders (3)
b) alternate Board present: (taken into account, not counted)
London: Chemseddine, Marco (2)
Warsaw: Marco(1)
Prague: Marco (1)
Berlin: Marco (1)
Riijeka: Chemeddine (1)
London: 5+2 votes
Warsaw: 5+1 votes
Prague: 3+1 votes
Berlin:3 + 1votes
Rijeka: 3 votes
  • Final decision (simple majority board)
London:Maša, Stathis, Thomas, Koen,
Abstention: Bastian, Anders
  • London it is!
  • When:
Doodle link:
4-6th July 2014 Maša, Anders, Stathis, Bastian, Thomas, Gregory, cbj, Marco
11-13th July 2014 Maša, Anders, Stathis, Bastian, Thomas, Gregory, cbj, Marco
  • Gregory will check for the best solutions regarding conference venue and accomodation (If somebody is insisting to couchsurf or something like that, please, drop an e-mail to Gregory)
He'll look in the range of 3* hotels :)

14 AOB (being urgent)

  • Transparency: Mailing lists, reason why some lists are hidden?
Security reasons
Avoid trolling
Technical reasons
Gregory: Suggestion - to document the pp-leaders list in the wiki, including the information about the proccess of it, and also the list of people (without personal details) on the wiki, so we can create a better way of transparency.
Next Meeting: Ordinary Meeting 2014/05/14 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 22:15 CEST by Maša