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  • --- 24/06/2014 20:00h CEST ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2014-06-24

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Maša Čorak, Koen De Voegt, Anders Kleppe, Stathis Leivaditis, Gregory Engels
excused: Bastian (Head of the election of candidates for Parliament), Thomas (sick)

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at 20:05 CEST by Koen
Meeting closed at 21:45 CEST by Maša
Meeting chaired by Koen De Voegt
Secretary for this meeting is: All of us
Quorum established with 5 out of 7 board members present
Streaming started:
Recording started: 20:05 - Link:
Postal votes:

3 Short Reports

Bastian:Bad news for our bank account. I'm looking for an alternative (Thomas knows more).Perhaps I will get some results on the weekend.Data collection of the members continues. Consuming job.
Gregory: I had a phone conversation with the lead of the legal department of WIPO regarding our application and clarified open questions. Installed some security critical updates on PPI servers.
Stathis: I participated in a working meeting with Masa, Koen, Anders and Arif, for the Think Twice 2nd Conference. Also, participated in PP-GR’s organising team for a protest event about Peter Sunde's arrest outside of the Embassy of Sweden in Greece: Due to personal reasons, I don’t know yet if I will be able to be physically present in our real life meeting in London – I will know it at the end of the week. I’m writing a suggestion for London’s rl meeting.
Koen: Meeting on TT2, waiting on forms to unlock bankaccount
Anders: TT214 last details in cooperation with Arif and the PPI board. For details see and this and previous minutes. Gathered information about the registration process on the new PPI board. Had contact with PP-SE briefly to discuss the PPI statutes.
Maša: Apologies for not participating in the last couple of Board meetings, I had to much to do besides the pirates. I have contacted a number of international NGOs asking them to submit an abstract for #TT14.2, but no responses so far.

4 Real life meeting in London

Agenda: still under preparation
Gregory: PWB Chair will attend the meeting.
Thomas: Rick Falkvinge will join us as well.
Gregory: where are you staying: Anders, Koen and Maša are staying in a hostel. The Londonears Hostel: No.1 Barkston Gardens, London, London SW5 0ER, England
Anders: Amelia responded that she do not see a point in meeting the PPI board in London.
Maša: Paul Bossu may be also be joining. (And of cause Anders is from PPEU Board as well)

Place for the second day? (Thomas may know)

  • Koen have audio problems, so Maša take over the chair

5 General Assembly 2014

  • Fifth aftermath
Gregory: Financial Statement arrived. Will be send out to the board as of tomorrow.
Gregory: Have sent out the report to Bastian, had some mail exchange about it with him.
Anders will contact Maxime and urge him to sent the receipts to Bastian.

6 Press work / Social Media

From last meeting:
  • Thomas: Nothing to report tonight on press. Refering to last meeting: More needs to be discussed in RL in London. SM-strategy is supposed to be developed till then.
Thomas: Same for social media - to be discussed in London may be a survey ought to set up to see how our current presence is reflected by our members and maybe others
Masa and Anders are still on working out the strateqy for social media, Jelena will be in it as well.
Anders: There have been a press meeting with only one person present.
Maša: there have been discussion on social media strategy between the meetings.

7 Second ThinkTwice conference

Anders: Suggestion to rename the PPI board members in the Org. Comm. to PPI Org. Comm. This will fulfill the agreements Arif has done, in cooperation with me, with Istanbul Commerce University.

Update Mail:

Hello board members,

We just had a little meeting with Arif about the Think Twice conference. Since Arif has done the large majority of the work on TT2 so far, he has our fullest support. It is the most logical and practical that Arif is the lead organiser of the event. His work so far has been exemplary and flawless often without enough support from our side. He has the final word on the content of the site. Off course everyone is free to contribute.

The organising committee has been split up in a general Committee and a PPI Committee. Both are coordinated by a group of directors. This group is comprised of Arif as lead organiser, Anders on behave of PPI and Prof. Dr. Can BİLGİLİ on behave of Ticaret University. All other involved members of PPI are grouped in the PPI committee.

We know this is not entirely according to the decisions made on the last board meeting. But we are confident that this is the best solution to maintain good relationships with the other parties involved in the organisation. We believe all miscommunication has been cleared out now.

We will also request an ISSN number for an on-line publication of the abstracts or papers submitted for the conference.

Best regards,

Maša Čorak and Koen De Voegt


Comments on the discussion in the Mumble chat.
As of today we do not know how many people we will have to pay for the public holiday in Turkey.
Something has to be wrong with the googlemail PPI use, as some board members has received emails about the TT214 and others not.
Arranging an international conference in cooperation with a university of this size requires ineraction on other medias than email when needed. Skype, Mumble and such.
Anders thanks everyone in the board for not including him as a part in actually organising TT214 ;)
The vision is: A conference where academia, NGOs and pirates meet to discuss new ideas. - Which includes involving a cooperative university as host and co-decide with PPI.
Anders have had daily contact with Arif on which professors to include in the organisation of the conference and not.

It is the organising committee who actually decide who to accept and not. The conference board is there to secure a conference according to academic standards and the standards of how an international conference is conducted according to the standards of Istanbul Commerce University.

Masa: Ask Arif to put information on the site (easy reachable) - that after the submission deadline the PPI and the academic board will jointly create the program. (To clarify that PPI representatives will have the same power of control over the program as the academic board).
Gregory: I had
Anders: We need the definition of the sponsor packages.

For the sponsors: we need to draft a short text in which we'll describe the conference, it's goals etc in order to actually gain them as sponsors (something short, just to give them an idea about what we're doing and why we need their money)----> or we can just scrap the text from the web site home page? +

Anders will send out an invitation for the meeting with Arif on that topic.

8 Financial Situation

Bastian: It's a disaster, I'm preparing the quarterly report in the near future.

21:31 (Channel) koendevoegt: I'm waiting for the froms from Masa, for the TRIODOS bank...

21:31 (Channel) koendevoegt: not much more to mention from my side

9 PPI Headquarter

Anders. If the registration of PPI is not in order by this meeting the suggestion is to move responsibility to other members of the board.
Gregory: We are waiting of the ministry.
Koen is handling the registration process in Belgium.


Gregory: We should invite Richard Hill to report. -> Gregory do this.

11 AOB (being urgent)

  • IGC Istanbul directly after TT214
Registration is open:
Next Meeting: Ordinary Meeting Tuesday 2014/08/06 20:00 CEST
Meeting Closed: 21:45 CEST by Maša