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  • --- 24/01/2015 09:00h CET ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-01-24

Record of the meeting

  • Audio recordings:


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Koen, Bastian, Anders
excused: Gregory, Stathis, Masa
Agenda note by Bastian: Masa is not excused, because the seat became vacant.
Agenda note by Thomas: I object the remark "your disputable position" made by the Chair.
Bastian left the meeting at 09.44 hrs. under protest.

1.2 - Others

Guests: AlexVox (PP-RU), Brendan Molloy (PP-AU)


Meeting opened at : 09:17 CET by Koen
Meeting closed at 10:23 CET by Koen
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all
Quorum established with 4 out of 6 board members present
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 Short Reports

Thomas: had been to Prague for a meeting of German Int. Team. Nothing else to report.
Bastian: has also participated in the meeting in Prague Cashbox shall be transferred to the bank account by Gregory.
Koen : Working on online GA, financial Statements PPI HQ, RoP
Anders: Stressed the TT214 e-book. Will, according to Arif, be published next week. I will folow up.

4 Future Meetings

  • Evaluation of the previous time schedule for board meetings
Proposal from Bastian: Change the beginning of the Saturday meetings to 10 am CET
Annotation from Brendan: 9 am and 10 am CET would be fitting as well for AU and Asia
Anders: still we have to time frame to cover the Americans etc.
Brendan: As they are about 3-4 h behind...
  • New time frame:
we meet every fortnight
three different times
Sa: alternate times: 10:00 CET / 18:00 CET
Tuesdays: 20:30 CET
decided with the majority of votes

5 Accusations against the board

  • From the last meeting:
We should give a reply to it. Koen will deliver a reply.
Will follow asap.
Several things are at stake.
Thomas has been upset with remarks made by AN
Thomas is committed to us as one of the international coordinators for the Pirate Party of Germany, therefore, he represents the party and its interests. This I ask you to respect accordingly.
Statutes article being breached
XII. (1) Pirate Parties International is managed by the Board, the executive organ. The members of the Board shall consider the interests of the Pirate movement as a whole and shall neither consider themselves, nor be considered, as representing any particular Member or non-member Organization or region.
Koen asks Thomas if he will resign immidiately: Thomas will not resign
  • Motion
The board will write a complain to the Court of Arbitration to clarify the position of Thomas Gaul and Gregory Engels within the board according to XII (1) of the Statutes being International Coordinators for PP-DE, as well as PP-DE's consideration that the Party is being represented by Thomas Gaul.
In favour: Thomas, Anders, Koen
Motion passed
Responsible: Koen
Bastian: This meeting is like kindergarten. I will leave the meeting now. - Bastian leaves the meeting at 09:44 CET
Thomas leaves the meeting at 09:57 CET and hopes the CoA will rule fast and he is in favour for an online GA.

6 Online General Assembly

  • Proposed motion 1:
The PPI Board agrees to undertake an online General Assembly as per the provided timeline; agrees to create the General Assembly Team as per the given Rules of Procedure; and agrees to accept the proposed draft Rules of Procedure for the online General Assembly to the extent that members may still propose amendments to the Rules of Procedure as if they were any other formal motion.
Any necessary powers that the PPI board must delegate for the General Assembly Team in order to meet the requirements of the timeline are agreed to.
The online General Assembly is hereby agreed to occur, for the purposes of the statutes, at 12:00 UTC on 14 March, 2015.
An email address, accessible only to the GA Team,, shall be created at the conclusion of this meeting and prior to the announcement. The deadline for adding members to the GA Team shall be by the conclusion of the next scheduled PPI board meeting.
An announcement shall be made in accordance with the statutes at the conclusion of this meeting including the relevant documentation.
  • Votes:
in favour: Thomas, Koen, Anders
Motion passed
  • Proposed motion 2:
The PPI Board agrees to appoint Fletcher Boyd, the Deputy Secretary of Pirate Party Australia, to the GA Team. He has no conflicts of interest, as he is a new addition to the National Council (since July 2014) and has otherwise not been involved in the international affairs of the Party.
He is technologically adept and can assist users in dealing with PGP, and can assist with the publication of the relevant documentation to the wiki. He also has experience with Mumble configuration issues and would be an asset to the organisation.
  • Votes:
in favour: Thomas, Anders, Koen
Motion passed

7 Second and Next ThinkTwice conference

  • Financial Report: Figures are sent to Sebastian abt. 2 months ago. Still waiting for the final statement from Sebastian.

There will be no additional costs added from the costs covered by PP-NO that is not reported to the PPI board in the final report from Anders will be covered by PP-NO and will not be added to the agreed upon loans from different PP-NO and Young Pirate organisations in Norway.

8 Regions - Define Ideas about Regional/Continental Responsibilities w/in PPI

  • From the last meeting:
Koen will write down some ideas about it.
Not started yet, will make suggestions for online GA


10 Financial Situation

  • PPI HQ - financial Statements - WIP
  • cash box / Paris
    • Dates for transactions concerning Think Twice 1 are wrong
    • There were cash donations and propably other transactions at the Paris GA they are not yet reported
  • Paribas
    • Progress on paperwork?

11 AOB (being urgent)

Brendan : Proposed to the board that PP-AU will motion during the online GA that a report regarding the last three years of financial history will be required to be provided to the members by the PPI board. PP-AU clarifies that it is not fundamentally against paying fees, but that the security of the finances of the organisation must be assured, and procedures must be properly followed, prior to any funding.
Next Meeting: Tuesday 2015/02/03 20:30 CET
Meeting Closed: 10:23 CET by Koen