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  • --- 08/02/2015 15:00h CET ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the extraordinary PPI Board meeting from 2015-02-08

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Thomas, Gregory, Bastian, Anders, Koen, Marco (acepted the board seat from 15:23)
excused: Stathis

1.2 - Others

Alternates: Marco
Guests: AlexVox (PP-RU), ZombB, RayJoha, schreibrephorm


Meeting opened at : 15:14 CET by Koen
Meeting closed at 17:34 CET by Koen
Meeting chaired by Koen
Secretary for this meeting is: all
Quorum established with 5 out of 6 board members present (7th seat was filled at the beginning of the meeting. )
Streaming started: Not possible
Recording started: yes/no
Postal votes: yes
Bastian: Objection regarding the minutes of last meeting ( ) .
Proposal from Koen: to decide again about decisions made after the quorum had not been established any longer. - Accepted, will be decided under Agenda item 8 Online General Assembly
Call for postal vote about Financial Statements
Hello again, After a conversation with Anders and Ule (sorry if I don't get the spelling correctly) from PPNO. I've added the debt in Euro’s to the 2014 Financial statements. So again the question to please verify the accuracy of the attached documents. Please refer to to find the source data. I would like to try to submit this paperwork next Monday and unfortunately we could not discuss the matter on today's board meeting. If you agree that these documents are ready to be submitted then please vote yes, otherwise please clarify what needs to be corrected.
2012 documents: Yes: No: Abstain:
2013 documents: Yes: No: Abstain:
2014 documents: Yes: No: Abstain:

3 Short Reports

Thomas: only minor administrative stuff, been sick most of the time
Gregory: have been to Prague attending International Coordination meeting PPDE, travelled a lot due to business issues, am writing a piece of paper for PirateTimes
Koen: Financial statements

4 Board issues

Filling up vacancies in the board

1. Alternate Board member Marco Confalonieri / PP-IT
Marco accepts the succession
for filling up the function of the Co-Chair the Court of Arbitration shall be asked for clarification if the board should fill it up the function of the vacant Co-Chair or not.
almost unanimously accepted :)
Thomas will take care of it, assisted by Bastian
Remark Bastian: The Board is composed of:

a) two Co-Chairmen,

b) five Board Members

(among which its elect a CAO and a Treasurer)

If one seat of the Board becomes vacant, one of the Alternate Members shall follow-up according to a list. The position of the Alternate Members on the list shall be determined by approval voting.
Remark Thomas: The remark will be taken into account while asking the Court
Anders left the meeting at 15:35

Communication among the board

Thomas: i figured out, we have some sort of miscomunication among the board members. Board Members have not been informed about the important matters, the official communication channels (i.e. mailing list) have not been utilized by all- The result is a growing atmospehre of mistrust. Each board member should communicate much more about his undertakings and what he (no more she's left, (minutes taker remark for the gender-neutral fans)) is up to.
Concrete proposal: comunicate more on official chanel, avoid side communication on FB, Skype, or wherever. The alternate members are included in the official mailing list, and this should be the way to look to comunicate.
Koen: mail is not effective comuniaction channel, so it will fail. Can we use Google hangout's with PPI Google app account?
Bastian: that would probably exclude me, as i am not logged in permanently into that account (for data retention reasons). Email would be enough for me.
Gregory: Then we should look into a way to set up a kind of a gateway that would mirror the comunication between email and chat services... I know about bots that can empty emails into IRC and Jabber, but what about vice versa?
Proposal from Koen: Marco shall evaluate other ways of communication among the board members until the next meeting
Requirements: The way of communication needs to be a) persistent b) traceable (especially by the people who where not present at the moment that communciation has taken place) c) available to the people who do not have a 24/7 data connection.
Marco will take care of it.

5 Financial Situation

  • Financial statements PPI HQ
Bastian: There are issues that needs to be talked about. 1) is the fiscal year - it has changed after the Paris GA, so it is now incostistant. Also there are issues about the statements about the second ThinkTwice conference in Istanbul.
Koen: The fiscal year has changed for PPI, but not for PPI HQ.
Bastian: the report for 2012 can be send out so far as I can see, if the triodos is taken out
for the so called Triodos bank account, it is unsure if the amount known belongs to PPI
Anders have rejoined the meeting.
2012 remove Triodos and PPCZ
2013 remove Triodos and PPCZ - office AA, check with Mab & Amelia
2014 postponed
  • Paypal
We have opened a Paypal account for the ThinkTwice - there is only 18 € on it. Koen have sent the login details to Bastian. Bastian have apparently not recieved them. Koen will send it again.
Bastian: Login works.
  • Account Paribas
Paperwork for the account was sent from Thomas to Bastian. Bastian have received it and have sent it to the bank. Some weeks, maybe months ago. Nobody have got a reply from Paribas.
Marco is leaving the meeting for 10 minutes.
Anders is back to the meeting.

6 Rules of Procedure

  • Original:

Marco is back.
  • Proposed changes by Koen:
    • Introduction of paragraph 5 "Decisions", renumbering the following paragraphs.
  • Votes:
in favour:
against: Gregory, Bastian,
remarks: as there is a typo in §5.1 alternative1 is taken as the version to be used
Remark from Gregory for his vote: (I do not like that it should not be possible to make decisions with only 3 people voting).
Koen: the main intention is to introduce the possibility to make decisions after the meeting.
    • Additions to §6.2, modifications to §6.3
  • Votes:
in favour:
    • Addad §6.4
  • Votes:
in favour:
    • Added §7.4, removed last part §7.1
  • Votes:
in favour:
consider serveral Alternative1 proposed by Brendan
Agenda item is postponed until the next board meeting. Email-discussion are welcome beforehand

7 Accusations against the board

  • From the previous meetings:
We should give a reply to it. Koen will deliver a reply.
Will follow asap.
  • Accusations from the PPI board against Thomas & Gregory
Thomas: German Lawyer will provide an answer to the court
Gregory: I was very surprised and find it disturbed, that the letter of Koen to CoA for clarification of status of Thomas and me, that other board memebers who have similar jobs and offices in their pirate parties (like Anders, who is international coordinator, and also on the board of PPEU, Stathis, who is vice chairman of PPGR, infact everybody inside the PPI Board at nearly any time have filled some other posts and offices, sometime with multiple pirate parties)
Koen: there is no point any more to reply to the original complaint. Let wait for the CoA reply.
Thomas: so, to rephrase it, if there will be again any accusation against the board and its members again, you will not take any defending actions. That's says it out clear.

8 Online General Assembly

  • (Taken over from the last meeting, that was ruled to be invalid, due to missing quorum)
  • Proposed motion 1:
The PPI Board agrees to undertake an online General Assembly as per the provided timeline; agrees to create the General Assembly Team as per the given Rules of Procedure; and agrees to accept the proposed draft Rules of Procedure for the online General Assembly to the extent that members may still propose amendments to the Rules of Procedure as if they were any other formal motion.
Any necessary powers that the PPI board must delegate for the General Assembly Team in order to meet the requirements of the timeline are agreed to.
The online General Assembly is hereby agreed to occur, for the purposes of the statutes, at 12:00 UTC on 14 March, 2015.
An email address, accessible only to the GA Team,, shall be created at the conclusion of this meeting and prior to the announcement. The deadline for adding members to the GA Team shall be by the conclusion of the next scheduled PPI board meeting.
An announcement shall be made in accordance with the statutes at the conclusion of this meeting including the relevant documentation.
  • Votes:
in favour: Koen, Anders,
against: Bastian, Gregory
abstain: Thomas, Marco
Tied (not passed)
  • Remark: "Decisions are taken by a simple majority of board members present at the meeting."
Statement Thomas: "as I am a disputable Person and being a matter at CoA I will abstain on any matter until further notice"
  • Proposed motion 2:
The PPI Board agrees to appoint Fletcher Boyd, the Deputy Secretary of Pirate Party Australia, to the GA Team. He has no conflicts of interest, as he is a new addition to the National Council (since July 2014) and has otherwise not been involved in the international affairs of the Party.
He is technologically adept and can assist users in dealing with PGP, and can assist with the publication of the relevant documentation to the wiki. He also has experience with Mumble configuration issues and would be an asset to the organisation.
  • Votes:
in favour: Koen, Anders, Gregory,
abstain: Bastian, Thomas, Marco
Tied (according to a definition of simple majority)
  • Remark: "Decisions are taken by a simple majority of board members present at the meeting."
  • As we had decided to push the online GA first of all concerning the finances we ought to provide an idea about membership fees.
Gregory: as we thought we had made a decision in Paris, it is our obligation to provide the than accepted proposal
unanimously accepted

9 Second and Next ThinkTwice conference




11 AOB (being urgent)

Anders: will write his statement after the meeting to the minutes.
no other AOBs
Next Meeting: Saturday 2015/02/21 18:00 CET
Meeting Closed: 17:35 CET by Koen