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  • --- 23/05/2015 10:00h CEST ---
  • Mumble:
  • Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"

Minutes of the PPI Board meeting from 2015-05-23

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Bastian, Thomas, Marco, Gregory
excused: Stathis,
unexcused: Koen, Anders

1.2 - Others



Meeting opened at : 10:32 CEST by Thomas
Meeting closed at 10:52 CEST by Thomas
Meeting chaired by Thomas
Secretary for this meeting is: all of us
Quorum established with 4 out of 7 board members present
Recording started: yes
Postal votes: none

3 GA 2015

  • From the previous meeting
Location in Poland, Warsaw is no longer available. Plan B had been visited by Bastian and Thomas.
Plan B: Łódź has been the proposal - (a University) - the place is usable. Got a quick Internet connection. Multimedia is available.
Bastian: we should ask Milano pirates first, if their offer is still standing.
Gregory: we also could cancel the whole GA and reopen the tender proccess.
Bastian: it is not really a problem to go to Lodz for those who already have booked their flight to WAW. We should wait, if Milan is available, but we could also find some other location in WAW (but it would not be easy).

  • Options:
Milano (even on a different date, but same location)
Lodz (same date, but different location)
Open call for hosting again with a new date (reopen)
Accept the additional cost for Warsaw as a location and raise the money (i.e. with the help of our members and sponsoring opportunities)
See below #PS15
estimated costs for Lodz 2-3,000 €
mentioned costs for Milano up to 2,000 €
additional costs for Warsaw ~1000€ (making it 2000€ total)
Strawpoll (approval)
Opt1 Milano: Thomas, Marco, Gregory
Opt2 Lodz:Marco, Bastian, Thomas
Opt3 reopen: Gregory, Stathis, Thomas
Opt4 Warsaw: Gregory, Marco, Bastian
Opt 5 --> see #PS15
Marco will check for the availability of the location in Milano
Remarks by Bastian:
We scouted Lodz and find out that scouting is mandatory.
Lodz is a good location, but a 2 hrs ride with train from Warsaw.
Lodz costs about 1,000 – 2,000 EUR more than the original offer.
  • Marco leaves at 21:24 CEST
Motion from Gregory:
Postpone the decision until this Saturday and ask our members in the meantime, in fact everybody on pp-leaders list, since our members would be the ones to travel to whereever the GA will be, so their opinion is relevant.
Yes: Gregory, Stathis, Thomas
Abstain: Bastian
The motion has passed.
Responsable person: Thomas
  • Continued after questioning the members
  • discussion and news
Poland is to be seen as the only option
reopening is out of the options
#PS15 might be difficult to reach and it is on a different date and different Airport (Wroclaw)
#PS15 withdrawn as an option
the train from WAW to Lodz is a straight line and
  • voting part
Opt1 Milano: withdrawn
Opt2 Lodz:
Opt3 reopen:
Opt4 Warsaw:
Opt 5 --> see #PS15
  • actual vote
Opt2 Lodz (same date):
Opt4 Warsaw (new location, same date):

Approval voting

Opt 2: Gregory,Thomas, Marco, Bastian
Opt 4: Gregory, Marco
Opt 2 is leading.
To confirm the majority:
The GA will be moved to Lodz on the same date:
in favour: Gregory, Thomas, Bastian
against: Marco
  • Motion has passed.
Next ordinary Meeting: Saturday 2015/06/06 10:00 CEST
Meeting after the next: Tuesday, 2015/06/16 20:30 CEST
Meeting Closed:10:52 CEST by Thomas