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--- [01/12/2015 22:00]h CEST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
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1.1 - Members of the PPI board 

participating: Richard,Andrew, cbj
excused: Karla , Patrick,Henrique

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members

Meeting is abandoned due to only two board members present.
Some decisions had been done electronically beforehand. See the minutes.

2 - PROCEEDINGS        

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Quorum not established with 2 out of 7 board members present. 
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Minutes of the last meeting Minutes approved

YES: Karla, Richard, cbj, Andrew NO:  ABSTENTIONS: 


4.1 - Short         report of the board members

  • Andrew: Cowrote and edited statement on terror attacks. Assisted in launching the women's conference project. Attended the "We need to talk" mumble conference. Looked at the PPIS idea of core policies.
  • Chems: 
  • Henrique: 
  • Karla: 
  • Min: 
  • Patrick:
  • Richard: Andrew has exchanged messages with the IPU. IPU came back with some questions, and Richard replied to them. Nothing else to report.

== 5 - Proposal No. 1 10 year birthday of the Pirate Party will be on the 1st January 2016 - not a good day to celebrate as the world is distracted. Should we combine a celebration with something esle? Like the GA, the women's conference or something else?

Put out a request for ideas from the public - use Pirate Times and Social media


==6 - Proposal No. 2 Publish the following Statement in regard to terrorism attacks around the world

    • Pirate Parties International condemns, without reservation, the Paris  Attacks instigated by the organisation known as Daesh, ISIL or ISIS. We  also condemn attacks made on civilians and civilian organisations by any  state and non-state agent in recent times, including assassinations by  drone strikes.
    • We are aware of the special poignancy the events in  Paris on the night of 13th November evoked in the world as Paris is a  cultural beacon and that young people were targeted. That has helped us  to decide to make this statement. We stand with our fellow Pirates in  France and their statement “If you Want Peace, Prepare for Peace” and we  call on Pirates and others to stand against the causes of terrorism,  namely the injustices perpetrated on populations for political,  strategic and economic gain. Central to Pirate Principles are Human  Rights and there can be no preference given in the granting of these by  gender, ethnicity, belief or place of birth.
    • We are saddened that the  world’s press reacted differently to the Paris attacks as to other  atrocities carried out in other countries. This indicates an appalling  attitude that some lives are worth more attention that others. In  November [,_2015]  political attacks in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Mali,  Palestine, Israel, Somalia, Niger, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Chad, Egypt and Colorado Springs USA attracted the media’s attention in  direct propor
    • tion to the number of western victims.
    • We  also warn citizens in every country to be vigilant and wary of  governments using these events to further degrade human, civil and  digital rights by encroaching on privacy and increasing mass  surveillance in the name of enhanced security.
    • In particular, we  oppose any laws intended to institute, continue, or expand current mass  surveillance practices which have proven to be ineffective and which  constitute violations of human rights. The perpetrators of the events in  Paris were on surveillance lists, so surveilling more people will not  help
    • In order to prevent such attacks in the future is more focused  police work. Funds expended on mass surveillance are counter-productive  as they reduce funds available for solid police investigations and for  targeted surveillance.
    • It is time to end the current misleading  rhetoric and to recognize that events such as those in Paris are crimes  that must be combated as would be other crimes, such as non-politically  motivated mass shootings and violent bank robberies. To equate such  crimes to war is to mischaracterise them, and this leads to  the wrong  methods being chosen to combat them, such as mass surveillance,  unjustified detentions, torture, and assassinations. We see this with  the house arrest of climate change activists by the French government  during the COP21 talks
    • Such means are ineffective and must not be used by democracies.
    •   · 

Passed in Loomio

==7 Proposal No.4: Discuss instead of adopting individual policies we follow PPIS and establishing a set of core principles that can be used to derive policy, stands and actions. see

Loomio thread for this purpose

==8 Hear a report on the Pirate Shop cooperation project

9 AOB - Any other business


Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2015-12-15 22:00 CET (21:00 GMT) Meeting Closed: 00:00 CEST (00:00 UTC) / 00:00 GMT  by 0