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--- [05/01/2016 22:00]h CET ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
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1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Andrew,Richard, Pakki, cbj

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Nikolay, Koen
ThomasG, Bastian


Meeting opened at 22:05 CET by Andrew
Meeting chaired by Andrew
Secretary for this meeting is Everyone
Quorum established with 3 out of 7 board members present.
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Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes approved

YES: Richard,Andrew,Pakki




4.1 - Short report of the board members

  • Andrew: Delivered the documents that Koen requires for reopening the bank account. Recieved ideas that relate to the 10 year anniversary including: Setting up an academic journal, awards for people who have promoted Pirate Principles over the last 10 years , the womans conference. Started a donation page for PPI using the paypal account - need a link from front page - does anyone know how this is done
  • Chems:
  • Henrique:
  • Karla:
  • Min:
  • Patrick: Had phone calls with Thomas Gordon from german Pirateshop and Thomas Gaul. Situation concerning PPI Shop has changed a little, because we need to invest a minimal amount of 5.000€ for products to start. First idea is to build up a crowdfunding campaign and ask our members for membership fees, too. Before we can start the whole process, we have to write it all down and publish it in the next board meeting. So we need an oversight, how much money is on our bank account (as soon as possible) and then ask our members to pay outstanding fees.
  • Richard: Nothing special to report

5 - Proposal No. 1 - Support the Pirate Security Conference

On behalf of the German Pirate Party and the non-profit association 42 e.V., we would like to invite you to our annual conference on International Security Politics. The Pirate Security Conference will take place alongside our partner, the Munich Security Conference between the 11th and 13th of February 2016 in Munich. The upcoming theme will be ‘New Horizons in Security Politics’ and covers the following main topics:

Cybersecurity – Clashes in the civil, military and diplomatic triangle

Critical infrastructures and how we protect these

A century of instability? The domino effect of failed states


Conference information:

I hereby demand the PPI board to support the member of the orga-team of Pirate Security Conference by spreading the invitation and all information available to increase awareness around this very interesting and important issue of Security Politics.

YES: Andrew, pakki, Richard



Motion Passed

6 - Proposal No. 2 - Support of Yannis Varoufakis DiEM25

Mail from Matthijs Pontier on PPI Mailing List:

Dear pirates.

I just read that Yannis Varoufakis is launching the pan-European activist network DiEM25 for more democracy in Europe on 9 feb 2016 in Berlin:

I think it makes sense to look for collaboration with this activist network. I see a lot of similarities in the goals of DiEM25 and our foundation of empowerment, and goal for more democracy:

- DiEM25 wants more democracy in Europe (which is one of our key issues too)

- DiEM25 wants less fragmentation in Europe (which is quite comparable to 'Europa Grenzenlos'

- DiEM25 / Varoufakis seem to focus on decentralization of power, which I think can be seen as the foundation behind our principles: empowerment is practically the same as empowerment (see Rick Falkvinge's piratewheel: ) and my personal view on this:

- Varoufakis is more an activist than a politician, and now explicitly calls DiEM25 an activist network (which is quite comparable to 'we are activists running for office')

Please let me know how you think about this.


kind regards,

Dr. Matthijs Pontier

  • Discussion:

Andrew: Fits our principles especially in Europe

pakki: Interview with Varoufakis for Pirate Times? Contact via PPEU should be better than PPI. +1

Matthijs: wants to be in the loop about this and is going to stay in touch with Bastian.

PPI board is going to search a person, who is going to get in touch with this activist network. We found one: Bastian.

YES: Andrew, Richard, pakki



7- Proposal No. 4 - Bank Account Restoration

Those Board Members who have not supplied Koen with the required documentation pleas supply it as soon as possible.

8 Individual membership

From the statutes:

V. a. Supporting Member

(1) Individuals and other organizations who care to actively support Pirate Parties International can become Supporting Member.

  • Discussion: how do we anounce that possibility and who is responsible in the board?

(2) Supporting Members shall be entitled to attend the General Assembly as non-voting participant. They shall not be entitled to vote unless they are appointed as delegates by a member organization.

  • Discussion: do we publish the list of supporting members? Shall we ask, if supporting members want their names to be published?

(3) The minimum annual subscription for Supporting Members shall be fixed by the Board.

  • One annual subscription or more than one? How much?

(4) No Supporting Member shall be accepted against the objections of an Ordinary Member of the country of applicants residence or of the Board of Pirate Parties International. In the case that no Ordinary Member exists in the country of applicants residence, admission is decided directly by the Board of Pirate Parties International. Details of the application and admission process shall be regulated in the Rules of Procedures of the Board.

(5) Member Parties are encouraged to solicit PPI supporting membership during their own regular campaigns.

  • Who is going to do this?

Andrew: let's copy those questions into loomio to get more participation

pakki is going to put the questions into the loomio group for discussion

9 Concept for crowdfunding the PPI Shop

Andrew: we already had some discussion about crowdfunding with Sunstone and had already some crowdfunding platforms, which may be capable for transferring the funds later.

pakki: gather designs in Loomio, gather informations for products...

Andrew: we need crowdfunding for several things, are we going to do it seperately or in one thing?

pakki: the whole PPI Shop thing is big. So in my opinion we need one exclusive crowdfunding campaign herefor. And for the rest we need also one crowdfunding campaign, too.

Koen: What about the PPLU account for PPI?

pakki: I've already tried to contact Sven Clement, but he didn't reacted. I will try harder. Next question after getting into our bank account is, contacting pirate parties for membership fees and transferring money to PPI.


1. Ask pirate community for sending in ideas for PPI products for the future shop

2. Choose best ideas & build screenshots of future shop with chosen designs/products

3. Organizational stuff for getting a campaign/crowdfunding going

4. Build crowdfunding website

5. Marketing/spreading the news

6. Earning money!

7. If there is enough money, then get the products, build up the shop and publish it

8. Earn even more money! :)


Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2015-01-19 22:00 CET (21:00 GMT)

Meeting Closed: 23:04 CET (22:04 UTC) / 00:00 GMT by Andrew