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--- [16/02/2016 22:00]h CET [17/02/2016 06:00]h JST ---
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
Audio recording: Audiofile  

Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board

participating: Min (but it could be too late, it means we could not keep it is 4 o'clock in the early morning),cbj, pakki, Andrew
excused: Richard, Karla

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Nikolay, Koen


Meeting opened at 22:00 CET by Andrew
Meeting chaired by Andrew
Secretary for this meeting is everyone
Quorum established with 3 out of 7 board members present.
Streaming started: not possible
Recording started: 22:10 h
Postal votes: from Karla
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Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes approved

YES: Andrew,pakki,



Postponed until Richard is available


4.1 - Short report of the board members

  • Andrew:
I concentrated on getting the supporter membership system up a working with just the paypalpayments system and a post on the current web site. The fact that I cannot get full access to the system means the outcome is far from perfect. It is frustrating and time wasting to try and work an aged blogging system with no help or access from the previous admin. We need to get a new website up and running and find a structure that means that we are not dependent on previous board members for cooperation - the same problem we have had with the bank account.
I have enquired about setting up a bank account in New Zealand. My bank manager is on holiday but her assistant is not hopeful that it would be easy due to money laundering laws here. I am also working on a speech for the PPDE GA
Comment from ThomasG: regulations for money laundering laws are about the same everywhere atm. So it will difficult in each country worldwide.
  • Chems:
nothing to report atm. Got admin rights on the wiki.
  • Henrique: absent
  • Karla:
I have been stablishing communication with various women in the Piracy mov. to see if there's interst to join the (alternate) board so that there is more female representation and also looking for support/interest for the women's conference (concretly in Spain so far). So far I have only been able to set up video conferences to explain/discuss, no concrete answers yet. I was focusing on the women I knew or have heard about --and we women pirates made a list before so I have been working around that, but I enocurage anyone to send me more names to contact.
  • Min: Triton Party in Japan ( PPJ ) disappeared.

Triton party, socalled "Pirate Party Japan, PPJ", dissapeard last year.

Still on website you can see old website but after the GA there is nothing new.

Maybe you all might be able to remember the happening at the General Assembly of PPi in Warsaw on 5th of July, 2015 by Mr. Yotta, a japanese business person .

At that time Mr. Yotta came as a friend of socalled "Pirate Party of Japan, PPJ", we say "Triton's ( private ) party".

As Mr. Yotta said at that conference he could be "Triton's friend".

But in the end of last year Mr.Triton declared to change his position from Triton party to another party.

As a member of another new party Mr.Triton began to make big campagne for local election.

So the local election ended on 14th. February this year.

Mr. Triton got 872 votes of total 53,100. It means 1.6 percent.

He could not get any seat on the local government.

Since the election campagne in October or November last year, he DID NOT belonged to any kind of pirates movement but the new party,"Party agains NHK", in janapese "NHKから国民を守る党

So it means that since October Triton's party desappeared from any kind of the pirates movements in Japan.

Since last October Mr.Triton and his followers are active not in the wing of Pirates movement but only as a activist of the "Against NHK Party".

In Triton's election campagne we could not find any sentence of the pirates mind on campagne papers and fishes.

  • Patrick: I've put the proposal for into, where it was voted positively. I've filled out and sent the signed papers to Koen concerning the bank account via snail mail. I was on the Pirate Security Conference in Munich, where I had several talks with international pirates. Incredible talk with Birgitta Jonsdottir about PPI and PP Iceland. I've asked her, if she wants to support PPI and maybe could candidate for the upcoming GA for chairwoman and she agreed. She said, she will discuss this issue about with her members in Iceland. Hopefully they will agree to get back into PPI membership. In Munich I had also nice talks with czech pirates, switzerland pirates etc.
  • Richard: Nothing to report

== 5 - Proposal No. 1 Decide on which application for holding the GA will be accepted



with this e-mail I hand in the offer of the Pirate Party Germany Berlin for hosting the GA of the Pirate Party International.

Please send all further questions concerning this offer to the board of the PP Germany Berlin via: vorstand at berlin dot piratenpartei dot de




  • Subproposal that we postpone the deadline again
NO: Andrew, pakki,
Proposal not passed
  • Main decision:
YES: Richard, pakki, Karla(postal), Andrew
NO: cbj
PP-Berlin would be happy if other PP part of PP-DE would sponsor the GA in addition for paying the conference room being paid by PP-Berlin.
Motion passed
Jez from Pirate Party Berlin came into the meeting to introduce the proposal
  • Decision on the date of the GA if the main decision is a positive for Berlin.
04./05. June 2016:
11./12. June 2016:
18./19. June 2016:
30./31 July 2016:
The winner is Berlin (Germany), the weekend of: yet unknown.
PP-Berlin will tell PPI which weekend it will be. They will decide tomorrow. The board of PPI will receive the decision by Saturday this very weekend.
  • Discussion about prolonging deadline:
Note: it is with regret that we did not invite Berlin Pirate Party to make a presentation - This was due to a lack of organisational memory. We will endevour to put processes in place to correct this. (pakki: i think, we were too busy with other tasks, so we forgot it).
Min and PPJp: If we dont have any other candate, then we want to say yes. But we heard something about Praha and Reykjavík. We hope to be explained.
cbj : Sorry but i can't vote when there is only one candidate, it's like a dictature :p

It is just a shame that we not have more candidature and especially outside europe to change. I'm myself disappointed that Tunisia did not propose our candidacy when we have the necessary infrastructure. The political climate requires more solidarity and that would be symbolic. But I can not do it for them, there would be conflict of interest :/

pakki likes the proposal and knows the location & the berlin pirates
Bastian says, we need a longer deadline to get more proposals because there is only one proposal
Thomas agrees to Bastian, because there is no rush at the moment and likes to see an alternative to chose from. Bringing up the issues about the DE being the focus again.
Both pakki and Andrew think, that the deadline was already prolonged and it's unfair for the berlin pirates, because they send in their proposal on time.

6 - Discussion point

Birgitta Jónsdóttir has indicated an interest in joining the board of PPI and to bring PPIS back into membership. There is little doubt that she will be elected at the next GA but how can we involve her up to then? One idea that could work is to appoint her as a special advisor to the board and or spokesperson for PPI.
Richard: I would support her being named as special advisor to the Board.
Min and PPJp: What does it mean if somebody be chosen special advisor to the Board?
Did PPi have any special advisor to the Board in its history? If yes then who?
What is the role of special advisor?
Does she intend to work as a ppi’s special advisor?
Andrew: The board can appoint people to any role it chooses as long as it is within the statutes and the statutes do not forbid it.
The role of a special advisor would be to advise PPI on subjects that the advisor has exert knowledge for example what actions of PPIS that led to its current success could be adopted by other parties.
Min:I understand. Then is it not enough to become as a member of PPi again?

No the candiates for positions on the board must be sponsered by a PPI full member but they do not have to be a member of a PPI Party

Karla: I support R & A on this one.
pakki: Good idea. And I support her candidature for the board. The GA is going to decide.
Bastian: should we mix up advisors with non-members? Please discuss it.
pakki: how about asking Birgitta, if she wants to be advisory and invite her to one of the next board meetings. So please postpone this decision to after talking with her.
Andrew already wrote an email to Birgitta about joining a PPI board meeting. He will be in touch with her about it and announce, when she will attend to our meeting.

6 Report of BastianBB about the DiEM25 Event in Berlin

We asked BastianBB to observe the event concerning the initiative of Yanis Varoufakis, called DiEM25 on 9th february 2016.
Bastian wants to postpone it to next meeting due to the lateness of the hour

7 AOB - Any other business

  • PPJP : We could not find any discussion on Mumble now just like last meeting.
For your interest: at 2016-02-17 04:00 JST the meeting had not yet started.
Andrew will try and contact them
  • campaign "antonymous"
Support and participation in campaign "antonymous"
PPDE asks for supporting the initiative "antonymous" as PPI. The letter for support was read to the board in the last meeting. If you have questions, please ask and pakki will explain.
CI ought to be implemented if PPI gives its logo.
YES: pakki, Andrew, Nikolay, Chems
Motion passed

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2016-03-01 22:00 CET (20:00 GMT) (2016-03-02 06:00 JST)

Meeting Closed: 23:32 CET / 00:00 GMT by Andrew