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--- [19/04/2016 22:00]h CEST ---
Berlin Tuesday, 19 April 2016 at 22:00:00
Wellington Wednesday, 20 April at 08:00 
Tokyo Wednesday, 20 April at 05:00 a.m.
São Paulo Tuesday, 19 April 2016 at 05:00 p.m
Room: "/international/pirate parties international/board meeting"
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Record of the meeting


1.1 - Members of the PPI board 

participating: Andrew, pakki, Chems, Richard

1.2 - Others

Alternate Board Members
participating: Nikolay

2 - PROCEEDINGS        

Meeting opened at22:03 CEST by Andrew
Meeting chaired by Andrew
Secretary for this meeting is everyone
Quorum established with 4 out of 7 board members present. 
Streaming started: 
Recording started: 22:03 - 22:49
Postal votes: Two for proposal 2 Andrew and Pakki voted yes

Notes on meeting process
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) entered the meeting [=> Quorum not established with X out         of Y board members]
  • [HH:MM] CEST: (name) left the meeting [=> Quorum established with X out of Y         board members]
  • [HH:MM] x-minute break by initiated by (name)
Meeting closed at HH:MM CEST by (name)


Minutes of the last meeting Minutes approved

YES: Richard,Andrew, cbj, pakki NO:  ABSTENTIONS: 



4.1 - Short report of the board members

  • Andrew: I introduced Guy Standing (BIEN) to Richard and he will take over negotiations. I have been engaged in promoting the IMMI crowd funding campaign in conjunction with PPIS I arranged for Revolution News to contact PPIS for the same purpose. I supported the Serbian Internet Party's election camaign. I also restarted activity in online Pirate groups to make a combined effort to support IMMI, address the PPIS need for programmers and get ready for any online help we can offer as elections approach. Plans for meetings with Koen and Karla posponed due to my having a heavy cold for much of the last two weeks.
  • Chems: I think we need a network infrastucture more etical without bank account or business like this one where i whrite to you all without loomio, gmail or failbook :/ And our social networks are they used for personnal promotion ?

  • Henrique: 
  • Karla: 
  • Min: 
  • Patrick: i was in talks with the administration of PPDE online shop and we figured out, which products are affordable to include in the PPI shop system. I tried to fix PPI website, because it was down and started to begin with setting up a new website. Gregory helped me to get old website back on working. Good thing is, in the meantime i worked out to set up a relaunch server, where i can develop the new website. Supported Internet Party Serbia with a selfie :) Did some social media work as well.
  • Richard: I have submitted the agreed paper to ITU. I have established contact with BIEN.

5 - Proposal No. 1

Until the end of September 2015, the current GA mandates the newly elected board to write at least one regulation for the internal board regulations and consider an additional statute proposal in order to avoid a financially desastrous situation as has occurred with the ThinkTwice 2015 conference   - 

I propose we set a rule of procedure that the treasurer and the Chief Financial officer can veto any proposed expenditure if it deemed to be of a nature to make PPI financially insecure. 

The proposal reads: "Any decision to do with finance cannot be made in the absence of the Treasurer or their deputy (Chief Financial Officer) should the Treasurer be absent. The Treasurer may veto any finance related decision that they find may be financially injurious to PPI."

YES:Richard,Andrew,Pakki, cbj NO:  ABSTENTIONS:


== 6 - Proposal No. 2 Removing the Pirate Party of Serbia from the list of member parties carried over from last meeting - motion to terminate Pirate Party of Serbia as a member of PPI from Jelena, former international coordinator to PP-Serbia==

  • From the Statutes:
VII. Termination of Membership
  (3) A Member’s affiliation ceases automatically upon dissolution,  disqualification, liquidation or in cases of temporary administration,  court-ordered settlement or insolvency. The Membership also ends  automatically when this Member does no longer fulfill the criteria that  were necessary for its preliminary recognition as a Member.

 Yes:  NO:  ABSTENTIONS: cbj    Postponed PPDE (Thomas as int. coord.) would like to ask Jelena if there is any way to restart, rescue PPSR rather than delete it.  Bastian suggested Jelena acting as a place holder    == 7 Discussion: The future of the website ==  We lost the website for a few days we need to get a solution that is not reliant on one person.

the chain of command to reach server administrator too long. New website needs some help regarding structure and redesign. Meeting of Pirate Times on thursday will be choosen to talk about it (21th april, 8pm Berlin time)

8 PPI online shop

Possible t-shirt design for PPI (only logo)

Bastian points out we have already EUR 1.500 in unsold t-shirts - Gordon Thomas will contact Bastian about this. Andrew these could be sold at the GA as well as online

How we will handle the money needs to be decided over contract negotiations (with P-shop part of commercial arm of PPDE (Thomas as lay auditor PPDE))  as there will be a need to be ok with (belgian?) german law. A lawyer will need to be engaged.

Bastian obects to money being paid up front to the P-shop  EUR 5,000 Pakki - for the articles mentioned there are no upfront costs there is a possibility of investment in the future  Thomas asked if products are produced on demand - Pakki - yes

Custom designs are possible if in vector graphic format.

9 AOB - Any other business

And our social networks are they used for personnal promotion ? Yes MPs candidates and people in prominent positions 


Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2016-05-03 22:00 CEST (00:00 GMT) Meeting Closed: 22:49 CEST (00:00 UTC) / 00:00 GMT  by Andrew